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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Outlook For 2016

This is the 50 th and final post this year. Not bad for someone, who usually has a hard
time writing a postcard and always finnished first authoring an essay at school.

Anyway, this is the current status of the Western community of values : Governments
are corrupt and dishonest, the mainstream media is corrupt and dishonest, the finan-
cial system is criminal and destructive and that driving schools in The Netherlands
accept now a blowjob as a payment is further proof for the demise.

 Next year the European Football Championships take place with full fiftyone games being played giving politicians ample time to plot something unnoticed, for instance to turn the West in a bankster / enterprise dominated dictatorship through TTIP. Furthermore Russia's president Putin plans to terminate Rothschild's bondage on Russia's central bank and along with China to break the U.S. American hegemony, though both of course can be part of a greater game the philosopher Hegel called " Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis ". If successful, the Zionists probably won't take it lightly and if you psychos want to start the endgame, please get the nukes out and don't mess around with tanks, grenades and shite, right ? Thank you ...

A smart man once said, that " When injustice becomes justice, resistance becomes an obligation. " and that is the case here in the Federal Republic in Germany. What we have is a government following an agenda to abolish this country and its population alltogether through the migration weapon with the establishment of Islam and no one without a migration background the final target ( Perhaps it is a good idea to stay away from pork meat, if you want to keep your virility ).What sounds dramatic is not a secret, but are well known plans by Henry Morgenthau and Thomas Barnett to name just a few without empathy for this nation. What is required now are not do-gooders rushing to the train station with a "refugee welcome " sign, but men with cojones. Unfortunately there number is dwindling, since a growing quantity of lads has been conditioned to change diapers, prance at the "Christopher Street Day"- parade or wear pink football shoes. Lenin already knew, that a revolution in Germany is impossible since " stepping on the lawn is prohibited ", but who knows what happens, if they keep on pushing. All this makes grim reading and is strainous to a degree, though i am confident more and more people awake and turn things for the better. At the end you can't keep a good man down ...

As usual thank you very much for visiting this site and the very best for 2016.

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