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Friday, January 8, 2016

The Flat Earth

" Those, who know nothing, must believe everything ", which was certainly the case
centuries ago, when old Copernicus proclaimed the earth would be ball-shaped. His
view was taken as gospel until not too long ago, though meanwhile there is a heated
debate going on, whether this is true or not.

The ball-shaped fraction argues, that if the earth would be flat, water would spill over
the edge and they also point at pictures made by astronauts. The flat earth society
has no problems to rebut these arguments hinting to the ring of ice surrounding the
earth and holding the water at bay. Also images from space could be shot with a 
fisheye lens giving a falsely curved impression. Many pictures from the earth are
indeed created graphics by someone with the name Matthew Boylan further weaken-
ing the case for the ball-shape supporters.

In 1961 British lady Andrea Barnes set off to a journey with a snow mobile trying
to break through the ring of ice and thus proving the flat shape of the earth. Un-
fortunately she perished and could not provide clues about her allegations, though
there are meanwhile plenty of videos, who really make sense and are worth watching.

My observation is, that when i fly from West to East it takes less flight time than
flying from east to west for the same trip. How is this possible, when the earth shall
rotate eastwards with the speed of 1675 km/h. The explanation of strong winds
simply doesn´t cut apart from that it must be incredible hard to land a plane at that
rotation velocity with some runways even pointing from North to South on a would
be ball-shaped earth.
If the earth is flat, who has an interest to keep it secret and why ? Dang, it´s them again !

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