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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ever Heard Of " Taharrush Gamea " ?

This is a notion used for a flashmob of males with the intention to sexually harrass
girls and women and is allegedly common in Arab nations and used as an explanation
for what happened in Cologne and other German cities during the night of New Year´s
Eve, when hundreds of females were massively molested or raped.

Utter nonsense and nothing but smoke and mirrors. The stampede of invaders was
orchestrated by the Globalist Sect including the notorious George Soros and comprises
cohorts of thugs from North-African countries, who received the instructions to rape
and impregnate white woman to reach the target of creating a mixed race of simple-
minded easy to control people, so that within the FRiG in a couple of decades nobody
lives without a migration background.

What sounds outrageous and carries the denotation Agenda 21 is backed up by the
behaviour of German authorities. On videos shown from Cologne one could see a lone
policecar cruising helplessly around. Later we were told, that there was nothing they 
could do because of the reduced number of policemen, while others were occupied in
Bavaria. However when a couple of days later the PEGIDA movement marched peace-
fully through Cologne there were all of a sudden hundreds of policemen equipped with
water guns treating the marchers with immense brutality. Needless to say the main- 
stream media tried to keep the incidents under the rug to protect the invaders.

While it is perfectly okay to run through the streets with a megaphone and shout 
" Germany bite the dust " or " Bomber Harris do it again " referring to the  bombard-
ment of Dresden ordered by British commander Artur Harris during WW 2, when 
thousands of mostly women and children were killed, those who criticize the influx  
of unregistered foreigners face hefty consequences along with those organised in  
militias. By now it should have been understood, that the government, the police, the
mainstream media and of course Pres. Gauck, who had nothing better to do, than to
visit Jordanien refugee camps trying to lure more poor souls up North, are willing
helper of the above mentioned Globalist Sect and will do nothing in favor of the

To be continued.

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