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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Oliver Flesch, the SA and the Truth

Oliver Flesch runs a YouTube-channel, is a self proclaimed patriot, coke head,
sex maniac and current Mallorca resident. During a recent Berlin visit he came
up with the plot while visiting the Antifa lions den in the Rigaer Street a bunch
of Antifa members laid in ambush for him. He barely made it into a house,but his
chasers unfortunately kicked in two doors and around ten blokes gave him some
stick, so he says. I could pick many holes in that story unmask her as plain lie,
but my intention for this post is something different.

Shortly afterwards commentators from the so called "Free Media" and alternative
right voiced their opinion, that the Antifa applied Nazi and SA (SA = Sturmabtei-
lung = assault division ) methods to punch someone with an undesired political
opinion. Generally the SA is viewed as gang of primitive, brutal thugs, admittedly
by myself too until yesterday, when i saw an interesting video by Rustag Netzwerk,
the guy behind that channel is excellent and knows his stuff. He explains by showing
various documents, that the SA was founded as counterpart to communist bullies,
which makes sense since communists always had a knack for violence. So instead of
shouting "The Antifa behaves like the SA " the term like "communists back in the
day " would be more appropriate".

It is amazing, the further back the Nationalsocialists era lies, the more crazy the
people in this country get about them and hardly a single day passes by without
a Nazi-comparison. In this respect that beforementioned video (see below) does
a great job to set this part of history straight and perhaps it is a stepstone to un-
cover the greatest lie of them all.

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