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Thursday, May 9, 2019

EDEKA And The Degredation Of The White Man

Perhaps you have heard of the infamous Gillette - commercial depicting men more
or less as horny, burping, farting and grunting Neandertals. Their response came
promptly and Gillette sales dropped sharply since , what happens when you insult
your sole clientele - i of course do not touch their products either.

Now German supermarket giant EDEKA came up with a similar disgusting spot in-
cubated by their agency Jung von Matt. This 78 second opus shows a father perfor-
ming something like an rub up on his daughter, being too clumsy to handle a blender,
hurting his daughter while combing her hair, surprising his son during a wank job,
trying in vain to have a conversation with the daughter, falling asleep instead of
reading something for the toddler, throwing a basketball in his daughters face, being
ugly, not able to feed his child and eating like a pig. To top it off a girls voice says
from the off "Thanks mom, that you are not daddy" - oh dear, oh dear.

So what to make of it. We must remember a functioning family is the strongest bastion
against communism, which shall be established by the power elites worldwide by ab-
olishing borders and mixing cultures and races under one bankers government.
This is called the New World Order and not only the mainstream media, most adverti-
sing agencies are full of left/green wimps promoting that development by trying to
drive a wedge between the father and his family. When succeesful the mother need to
hand over her child to a kindergarten, where loads of indoctrination are awaiting her.

No doubt for a good and healthy development, a child needs a father. He not only
teaches kids how to ride a bicycle and attends football games or fun parks with them,
but (hopefully) personifies a certain manliness, kids should become acquainted with
instead of just a rather one-dimensional female education, which could easily confuse
a youngsters mind over time.

EDEKA must have known, that such a vicious spot brings plenty of bad publicity, thus
the loss of many customers like myself - they published him regardless. One can
suppose, they did it, because they are full in line with an agenda of the German gov't
, who (nothing is unthinkable in this country) will reimburse them. A government with
members from whom nobody is a parent, but a transgender (yes, Ursula von der Leyen
too) not giving a bloody wit about the peoples wellbeing and thus pushing now for wide
spread vaccinatons containing aluminium, mercury or cells from a aborted foetus.

I don't know, where this in many ways sick society will end up, but i still can decide
where to shop and so i scratched EDEKA .

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