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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Skip The ESC, Get On The Tiger

Next Saturday once again the European Song Contest takes place in Israel. As
usual i scanned the leading market contenders for a betting opportunity, though
came up blank. Fav is an androgyne Dutch crooner, whose caterwauling didn't
enter my ears fluidly, but rather tiresome. From then on things went from bad to
worse to unbearable and after ten contenders i quit. In general the music in this
contest seems to be of minor interest and the hullabaloo surrounding it of more
importance as proven by the Australian contribution, so i decided to spend my
money more wisely ... - on golf.

Tiger Woods arrived back on the scene with a bang by winning the Masters in
Augusta a couple of days ago and being in flying form i expect him to follow
up at the PGA Championships starting already tomorrow in Farmingdale, NY.

Tiger to win @ 13 *** Flopped

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