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Thursday, May 30, 2019

EU-Election 2019 Analysis

The election determined, which party receives how many seats in the EU-parlia-
ment. Since that parliament is pretty powerless i would rather consider the
meaning of it to check the political attitude of the people within the EU. While
meanwhile many folks try to take back their nation out of Brussels claws, us
Germans remain firmly on a suicidal path with the Green Party doubling their
percentage of ballots casted. Even if granted that German elections are manipu-
lated left, right and center, that does not serve as a full explanation. Perhaps the
Greta Thunberg CO²-swindle hype or the recent frenzy about a YT bloke named
Renzo have its share, though i prefer to believe, that the old saying " Democracy
is the dictatorship of the stupid " comes into play here. We must not forget, the
Greens are all about wars, prohibition, higher taxes, pedophilia, migrant resettle-
ment and environmental nonsense with their leader and talkshow darling Robert
Habeck, who fortunately wasn't invited to this years Bilderberger meeting in
Monteaux, though i feel the puppet masters try to make him the next chancellor.

Personally i would abolish all parties right away just to prevent, that complete
jackasses are handed the most important positions in the country. Parties were
established to divide societies and prevent unification, so consequently i did not
cast a ballot, but went to the polling station to take a picture of the ballot box,
which in my hometown Hamburg is ... drum roll please ... a garbage can (foto).

I rest my case ...

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