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Friday, January 29, 2016

The Holocaust - Monstrous Atrocity Or Lie

In the Federal Republic in Germany voicing doubts of the existence of the holocaust
is prohibited by law and as a law-abiding citizen i am not doing it. Though the story
got a whole new twist after the release of a book called " Tell the Truth & Shame the
Devil " written by Gerard Menuhin, son of world renowned violinist Jehudi Menuhin.
I haven´t read the book yet, perhaps never will, because its sale is restricted in many
areas unlining the dynamite content. Mr Menuhin seems to be an integer person and
deserves applause for the courage by writing his book as a Jew, which maybe re-
quires the history  to be rewritten.

History is written by the victors and these victors after WW2 are the USA, who still
occupy the FRiD and control governments, mainstream media and the content of
schoolbooks. This means, Germans are for over seventy years exposed to propaganda
and lies from a nation, which in return is controlled from Zionists through AIPAC or
PNAC and thus i take note about what we are told about WW2, but believing it ? Uhuh.
Last year the "Spiegel" received some award for the cover picture, which showed 19
holocaust survivors telling their story. I am not a contemporary witness nor a histor-
ian so can´t judge their remarks, but one thing is for sure. They keep planting  this
theme in the peoples minds to keep the guilt complex intact.

Norman Finkelstein and Lilian Rosengarten are others worth mentioning in the context.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ever Heard Of " Taharrush Gamea " ?

This is a notion used for a flashmob of males with the intention to sexually harrass
girls and women and is allegedly common in Arab nations and used as an explanation
for what happened in Cologne and other German cities during the night of New Year´s
Eve, when hundreds of females were massively molested or raped.

Utter nonsense and nothing but smoke and mirrors. The stampede of invaders was
orchestrated by the Globalist Sect including the notorious George Soros and comprises
cohorts of thugs from North-African countries, who received the instructions to rape
and impregnate white woman to reach the target of creating a mixed race of simple-
minded easy to control people, so that within the FRiG in a couple of decades nobody
lives without a migration background.

What sounds outrageous and carries the denotation Agenda 21 is backed up by the
behaviour of German authorities. On videos shown from Cologne one could see a lone
policecar cruising helplessly around. Later we were told, that there was nothing they 
could do because of the reduced number of policemen, while others were occupied in
Bavaria. However when a couple of days later the PEGIDA movement marched peace-
fully through Cologne there were all of a sudden hundreds of policemen equipped with
water guns treating the marchers with immense brutality. Needless to say the main- 
stream media tried to keep the incidents under the rug to protect the invaders.

While it is perfectly okay to run through the streets with a megaphone and shout 
" Germany bite the dust " or " Bomber Harris do it again " referring to the  bombard-
ment of Dresden ordered by British commander Artur Harris during WW 2, when 
thousands of mostly women and children were killed, those who criticize the influx  
of unregistered foreigners face hefty consequences along with those organised in  
militias. By now it should have been understood, that the government, the police, the
mainstream media and of course Pres. Gauck, who had nothing better to do, than to
visit Jordanien refugee camps trying to lure more poor souls up North, are willing
helper of the above mentioned Globalist Sect and will do nothing in favor of the

To be continued.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Presstitute Of The Year 2015

The blog " " conducts a survey every year asking its readers to vote for the worst media propagandist. And the winner for the last year is - please step forward - Claus D. Kleber.
Now there are silly prizes and awards handed over on a weekly base, because some goofballs want to bring some glamour in the house, however this one is more significant, although there is no money or nice sculpture involved, but rather mockery and disdain from people, who are fed up with the bollocks served by the mainstream media.
Claus D. Kleber is the news anchorman from the " heute-journal ", broadcasted by the German public broadcasting station ZDF and a member of the lobbyist group " Atlantik Bridge " . He rakes in 50000 Euros a month paid from stolen money and instead of delivering unbiased information he does his level best to put his U.S American friends into a good light and bashes those, who thwart their strategies.
He too is responsible, that the Federal Republic in Germany more and more turns towards a dictatorship, where journalists writing inconvenient articles all of a sudden lose their jobs endangering their professional existence with investigative jounalist Gerhard Wisnewski the latest victim.
Fortunately some publishers stem the tide and one of them is Jochen Kopp. His published books and the content of his webpage don´t mince words and tell the truth of the matter and are recommended.

Friday, January 8, 2016

The Flat Earth

" Those, who know nothing, must believe everything ", which was certainly the case
centuries ago, when old Copernicus proclaimed the earth would be ball-shaped. His
view was taken as gospel until not too long ago, though meanwhile there is a heated
debate going on, whether this is true or not.

The ball-shaped fraction argues, that if the earth would be flat, water would spill over
the edge and they also point at pictures made by astronauts. The flat earth society
has no problems to rebut these arguments hinting to the ring of ice surrounding the
earth and holding the water at bay. Also images from space could be shot with a 
fisheye lens giving a falsely curved impression. Many pictures from the earth are
indeed created graphics by someone with the name Matthew Boylan further weaken-
ing the case for the ball-shape supporters.

In 1961 British lady Andrea Barnes set off to a journey with a snow mobile trying
to break through the ring of ice and thus proving the flat shape of the earth. Un-
fortunately she perished and could not provide clues about her allegations, though
there are meanwhile plenty of videos, who really make sense and are worth watching.

My observation is, that when i fly from West to East it takes less flight time than
flying from east to west for the same trip. How is this possible, when the earth shall
rotate eastwards with the speed of 1675 km/h. The explanation of strong winds
simply doesn´t cut apart from that it must be incredible hard to land a plane at that
rotation velocity with some runways even pointing from North to South on a would
be ball-shaped earth.
If the earth is flat, who has an interest to keep it secret and why ? Dang, it´s them again !