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Friday, January 29, 2016

The Holocaust - Monstrous Atrocity Or Lie

In the Federal Republic in Germany voicing doubts of the existence of the holocaust
is prohibited by law and as a law-abiding citizen i am not doing it. Though the story
got a whole new twist after the release of a book called " Tell the Truth & Shame the
Devil " written by Gerard Menuhin, son of world renowned violinist Jehudi Menuhin.
I haven´t read the book yet, perhaps never will, because its sale is restricted in many
areas unlining the dynamite content. Mr Menuhin seems to be an integer person and
deserves applause for the courage by writing his book as a Jew, which maybe re-
quires the history  to be rewritten.

History is written by the victors and these victors after WW2 are the USA, who still
occupy the FRiD and control governments, mainstream media and the content of
schoolbooks. This means, Germans are for over seventy years exposed to propaganda
and lies from a nation, which in return is controlled from Zionists through AIPAC or
PNAC and thus i take note about what we are told about WW2, but believing it ? Uhuh.
Last year the "Spiegel" received some award for the cover picture, which showed 19
holocaust survivors telling their story. I am not a contemporary witness nor a histor-
ian so can´t judge their remarks, but one thing is for sure. They keep planting  this
theme in the peoples minds to keep the guilt complex intact.

Norman Finkelstein and Lilian Rosengarten are others worth mentioning in the context.

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