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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Some gossip

If there is a woman i cannot stand aside from the obvious one, it must be Heidi Klum. Besides her unbearable voice she is wrong as it gets, activating her phony smile every time she detects a camera. Now she pronounced her divorce from Seal and it probably needs a crooner like him to endure someone like her for six years. In that period they renewed their marriage five times and i just hope the advertising industry spares us from her in the future. Deliberately no foto.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Felt like picking a John Hurt song

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18.01.12 Another take on the " El Classico "

We all know both sides can play exciting football, but this is the first leg of the Copa del Rey and i assume a game with more focus on defense. So i will back the 0:0 at 15.5 with Betfair , trying to trade out at halftime, with a saver in the under 2.5 goals market @2.12 .HT 1:0/FT 1:2

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A lawyer named Wulff

As a follower of this blog you know there is a certain group of people i have very little appreciation for, yep, lawyers. Unfortunately Germanys highest representative is such a specimen and confirms every prejudice i have about the majority of them. Behind his friendly manners and a crooked smile the words honour and integrity seem to be completely unknown to him as the list of misconduct grows longer by the day, he just can´t tell right from wrong. Instead of taking consequences he keeps beating around the bush and tries to sit out his term. To make matters worse chancellora Merkel still backs him due to tactical reasons. She and that mollycoddle are a major disgrace for the country - a major disgrace .

Monday, January 2, 2012

Stumbled in this joint a while ago for a quick beer ...

..., but received such a warm welcome, it was overwhelming. Friendly folks, the band played hot local music and unlike  those touristic places in the center i didn´t have to pay obnoxious prices for beer. I decided to spend New Years night there and thoroughly enjoyed it or as football great Kevin Keegan said it with this last two words click here .