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Thursday, September 28, 2017

German Federal Election - Judgement Of A Fools Game

Those who are familiar of freemasonic symbolism know, they have a knack for the
number "33" and the color "orange". The former has probably to do with the death
age of Jesus Christ, the latter is the only color matching "33" in their numerology.
Applied to the elections , it starts with the date - the 24.9., numbers when added up
result in "33". Then the CDU, which uses "orange" in their logo as well as the ZDF
public broadcasting station received exactly 33.0 % of the votes and made it along
with the FDP and the Green Party just over the 50 % mark, barely enough to establish
a coalition , altough they are still fussin' about it. Free masons are peacocky folks and
have subtle ways to let the public know, who rules, so my conclusion is, this election
is rigged from start to finnish, otherwise we wouldn't live in the FRiGermany.

Other observations include polling stations with garbage cans used as ballot box, no
identity checks and lead pencils laid out. They are laughing straight in our faces and
still people will pilgrimage to the polling stations, thinking their vote will count in this
German style democracy farce - oh dear, oh dear. So you see, if there is a country
needing election watchdogs, it is this one. The sad thing is, writer like myself and
other commentators have to report these deeds, hoping to cause an outcry and turning
things for the better, since the mainstream media is a complete failure. If this outcry
will ever happen within a nation full of sheeple, who will vote for Merkel, even when
she let them know "I will islamize and replace you with migrants" as headline on the
filthy tabloid BILD is somewhat doubtful, though i for my part will keep on pushing
for what it's worth.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

German Federal Elections

Sometimes politicians tell us the truth, so chancellora Merkel let us know she will
not accept a migration cap. In other words she will continue to exchange Germans
with foreign ethnities, though many of those are concerned can't be bothered and
in a suicidal mood will cast their ballot in favor of Merkel.

Another example is foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel. He made a remarkable state-
ment by saying "We don't have a Federal Government. We have Merkel as a
manager of a non-governmental organisation."So their we go, the BRiD is not
a state, but a trusteeship of our U.S.-American occupiers and we are called to
elect their manager - great ! It doesn't matter, who wins the race, they all have to
obey to the same master, who nowadays is Donald Trump. Parties not complying
to U.S.-American interests don't receive a permission to participate, while parties
in general are meant to divide societies.

In my humble opinion the outcome of the election is determined in Washington,
thus a complete farce. While not casting a ballot i signal, that i oppose the system,
which is a disgusting cartel of lies and deceptions comprising politics, justice and
the mainstream media. Here in Hamburg trash cans are used as ballot boxes and
that is all we need to know - more disdain and ignorance towards us citizens is
hardly possible.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Merkel And A Half Skinned Banana

Chancelette Angela Merkel visits my hometown Hamburg next Wednesday, while
campaigning for the Federal Elections September, 24. So far during her campaign
she wasn't engulfed with love and affection, but got booed and even became a target
for tomatoes hurled at her. It seems, more and more folks stop snoozing and recog -
nize with whom we are dealing here.

Ain't it peculiar, that when i join the event with a FRiG flag sporting a half skinned
banana, what i will do, i could get in trouble with the police for reviling a national
symbol, while at the same time the police protects Merkel, who has caused enormous
damage to the nation as a servant for the high finance and the globalists ? To call the
BRiG a banana republic , where those get the rights, who carry arms and own loads
of money is more than justified, but i will more elaborate on that next week.

When i look at German politics, i am swinging between disgust and ridiculousness,
though i reckon there will be a good party next week. I will bring along my guitar
and play that ole appropriate Harry Belafonte  song ...

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Weekend Sports

Next Saturday one of my favourite races of the season  takes place in Haydock,
the Sprint Cup. This race goes usually  to the best sprinter of the season, who
without a doubt is HARRY ANGEL. This speedball is trained by Clive Cox,
acts on soft ground and has with Adam Kirby the right man in the saddle, so
everything looks in place for a big run. I backed him with maximum stakes @
2.37, yet got on too early with the price drifting meanwhile.***WON

German Bundesleague Matchday 3. After two matchdays being played it seems
15 out 18 teams could be in the mix for relegation trouble, so low on quality is
the league this season. Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund certainly don't
belong to that group and i expect them to win their away matches with Gladbach
confirming their good home record. Here is my treble ...

Bayern Munich to beat Hoffenheim, Dortmund to beat Freiburg and Gladbach
to beat Frankfurt @ 3.86 ***LOST