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Thursday, September 21, 2017

German Federal Elections

Sometimes politicians tell us the truth, so chancellora Merkel let us know she will
not accept a migration cap. In other words she will continue to exchange Germans
with foreign ethnities, though many of those are concerned can't be bothered and
in a suicidal mood will cast their ballot in favor of Merkel.

Another example is foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel. He made a remarkable state-
ment by saying "We don't have a Federal Government. We have Merkel as a
manager of a non-governmental organisation."So their we go, the BRiD is not
a state, but a trusteeship of our U.S.-American occupiers and we are called to
elect their manager - great ! It doesn't matter, who wins the race, they all have to
obey to the same master, who nowadays is Donald Trump. Parties not complying
to U.S.-American interests don't receive a permission to participate, while parties
in general are meant to divide societies.

In my humble opinion the outcome of the election is determined in Washington,
thus a complete farce. While not casting a ballot i signal, that i oppose the system,
which is a disgusting cartel of lies and deceptions comprising politics, justice and
the mainstream media. Here in Hamburg trash cans are used as ballot boxes and
that is all we need to know - more disdain and ignorance towards us citizens is
hardly possible.

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