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Thursday, September 28, 2017

German Federal Election - Judgement Of A Fools Game

Those who are familiar of freemasonic symbolism know, they have a knack for the
number "33" and the color "orange". The former has probably to do with the death
age of Jesus Christ, the latter is the only color matching "33" in their numerology.
Applied to the elections , it starts with the date - the 24.9., numbers when added up
result in "33". Then the CDU, which uses "orange" in their logo as well as the ZDF
public broadcasting station received exactly 33.0 % of the votes and made it along
with the FDP and the Green Party just over the 50 % mark, barely enough to establish
a coalition , altough they are still fussin' about it. Free masons are peacocky folks and
have subtle ways to let the public know, who rules, so my conclusion is, this election
is rigged from start to finnish, otherwise we wouldn't live in the FRiGermany.

Other observations include polling stations with garbage cans used as ballot box, no
identity checks and lead pencils laid out. They are laughing straight in our faces and
still people will pilgrimage to the polling stations, thinking their vote will count in this
German style democracy farce - oh dear, oh dear. So you see, if there is a country
needing election watchdogs, it is this one. The sad thing is, writer like myself and
other commentators have to report these deeds, hoping to cause an outcry and turning
things for the better, since the mainstream media is a complete failure. If this outcry
will ever happen within a nation full of sheeple, who will vote for Merkel, even when
she let them know "I will islamize and replace you with migrants" as headline on the
filthy tabloid BILD is somewhat doubtful, though i for my part will keep on pushing
for what it's worth.

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