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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Paris Attacks Update

Nearly two weeks after the attacks several film maker released their videos and the 
general tenor is, that we are dealing with another false flagged psy-op. Some affirm
the French government knew, what would happen, but didn't act, some say Gladio or 
another secret service is responsible while others see the event as a complete hoax
with crisis actors and nobody hurt.

I don't want to stick my neck out and leave it open for debate, however can not
ignore a couple of inconsistencies.
- On the same day emergency drills were conducted in Paris as were before the att-
  acks in London and Madrid.
- A girl was identified in Paris, who participated in the Sandy Hook and Boston 
  Marathon hoaxes as well.
- Another actor(?) apparently became bored playing dead and started to twiddle
  with his handy (3:50)
- An alleged terrorist wanted to get in the Stade de France with a valid ticket, when
   a guard told him: " Sorry dude, you can't enter the premises with a suicide belt."
   So he left and blew himself up somewhere else ? Hmmm ...
- This lucky guy said he was standing next to a exploding bomb, but was only hit by
   a single piece of shrapnel, which was deflected by his friggin' smartphone. Yeah,
   right !
- Take a look at this picture from the Bataclan ballroom. I would think, victims were
   carried out on a stretcher, but here it seems blood drenched bodies were dragged
   around until the shape of Lucifer's all-seeing eye was formed. Strange stuff.
- This footage apparently stems from an amateur filmer showing some dead bodies,
   but was released on AFP. Who controls AFP again ?

When the famous question "Who benefits ?" would be asked, French president F.
Hollande would make it to the top of the list. He had to go to the basement to see
for his approval rate, but now gained some popularity. He used exactly the same
rhetoric as George W. Bush after the 9/11 attacks and finally had a legitimation for
bombing Syria, which is what he did full throttle.

My point is, that all the world is a stage and before believing the bollocks from the
mainstream media and rushing to the French embassy with a bunch of flowers i
strongly suggest to check the internet for more background information.

Then in the Federal Republic in Germany a friendly football match with The Nether-
lands should have taken place in Hanover. The government wanted to attend to
demonstrate they are not willing to give in to terrorism and stand as one, when ...
the game was canceled half a hour prior to kickoff - damn ! My take on that is, that
someone tapped on chancellora Merkels' shoulder and reminded her, that a football 
stadium is not a TV studio, which easily can be filled with claqueurs. It simply doesn't 
bode well, when thousands of people see Merkels' phony face on a big screen and 
chant "Merkel, get lost" - so she cancelled the game. Her Interior Minister stuttered
around afterwards, but could not come up with credible reasons, though thankfully
Merkels' good friend and tribal sister Friede Springer, who owns the filthy tabloid BILD
helped out the next day with headlines of supposed bomb threats. Calling Europe a
madhouse would be the understatement of the year.

Rest my case.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Terrorist Attacks In Paris

Prelude: The military-industrial complex  in the U.S.A. demands orders and to get
them an enemy is required. Is there for once no one available the C.I.A. goes to
work and creates one as they did with AQ functioning as a scapegoat after the
9/11  attacks or more contemporary the IS, who practically arrived at the scene
overnight sporting brand new Toyota pick-up trucks and weaponry. Meanwhile
the U.S. Airforce flew thousands of airstrikes allegedly to annihilate them, but left
them mostly unscathed, so they are able to execute their main task ousting Syrian
president al-Assad, who still refuses to hand over his central bank to Rothschild.
So every time a rocket plows into the Syrian desert some fat cats rub their hands
as they did during the Vietnam war, when 400000 $ were spent to kill a Vietcong,
but that is another story.
Then the attacks happened last Friday in Paris claiming the lifes of many innocent
people and I am still trying to get to grips with why that happened. Is the IS now
biting the western hand, which feeds them or do we look at another false flag attack ?
The trademark left behind passport and the killed assassins with the exception
of one , who were (deliberately ?) got off the hook to avoid inconvenient questions
are pointers in that direction. Also that the Bataclan ballroom, where the majority
of the victims were killed, was sold prior to the attacks by the Jewish owners
raises eyebrows.
The exodus of refugees and intruders into Europe began shortly after the Bilder-
berger meeting held in June. Their plan is, what the free masons call " Ordo ab
chao ", meaning to introduce a new order after Europe was ushered into a com-
lete status of chaos and anxiety through the human invasion and terrorist attacks.
So you see, the completely degenerated Western world of values leaves plenty of
room for interpretations. The biggest lunatics might be gun slewing Islamists, how-
ever the most dangerous terrorists are white and wear a necktie.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Garden Impressions

I feel fortunate to have a garden at my disposal as
he is a santuary of tranquility in the surrounding
madness at least, if nobody operates garden mach-
inery.The harvest was alright and it gives great
satisfaction to pick the ingredients for a meal after
some efforts made earlier in the year. In general
i have great admiration for those, who are able to
live a self-supporting lifestyle and this book is a
 great read for those willing to give it a try. The
           pictures show a duck family, my favorite berry
           (physallis peruviana or Andean berry), an insect
           hotel, which can be very entertaining and the sky
           over Hamburg - even on a Sunday these bastards
           are spraying.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Introducing Arno Dübel ...

... of " Germanys' laziest bloke " fame. For some 30 years now Arno stubbornly rejects any job offer and rather spends his days sitting on a couch with a can of beer and a smoke. He made ideal fodder for talk shows, where people poked fun at him and called him names without noticing the true value this man posesses. He figured out a long time ago, when he ( imho ) thought : " Wait a minute ! If i enter the daily grind i support a system, that ...

- makes sure considerable funds are shifted from the hard-working to the rich &
   useless to through taxation and interest.
  - protects bankster and other criminals with the likes of chancellora Angela Merkel.
    Merkel was recently reported to the prosecution for high treason and smuggling
    in human beings, but of course to no avail. I can' t stress enough, that the Fed.
    Rep. in Germany is registered as a company and thus Merkel quasi acts as a
    manager, who anytime can hire millions of migrants without asking the staff, us
    citizens, until a point of self-defence has been reached. Furthermore the federal
    prosecutor is bound by instructions to the justice minister, who in turn is a mem-
    ber of the government and shielding Merkel. This charade is called democracy
    German style, oh dear, oh dear ...
- embarasses nearly every German presenting a passport at a foreign immigration,
   marking him as a drudge without rights.
 - makes sure not the best and honest make it to the top, but those, who are ruthless
   and savvy or bootlickers.
- manipulates the people constantly starting with the school education followed up
   by the mass media.
 - drums into our heads, we are the culprits for last centuries world wars and must
   hang our heads in shame for many more generations to come. History is written by
   victors, who try to hide the emerging truth that many powers played a hand behind
   the scenes ochestrating the wars.Who again are the biggest war profiteers ?
- constucts a building like this one for the secret service. They will tell us, it's
   associates will be used to fight terrorism, when in reality moves from each and
   everyone of us will be monitored.
Clearly Mr. Dübel is not (only) about laziness, but about attitude - he is not feeding
the system, the system feeds him. Personally i prefer making money with my own
hands, but perhaps all concerned should show the extended middle finger to the
system perhaps for a week or so to force fundamental changes with the installment
of a constitutional legality and without sinnister foreign influences as it was echoed by
Evo Morales. Me thinks after 70 years it is about time for fucks' sake.