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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Introducing Arno Dübel ...

... of " Germanys' laziest bloke " fame. For some 30 years now Arno stubbornly rejects any job offer and rather spends his days sitting on a couch with a can of beer and a smoke. He made ideal fodder for talk shows, where people poked fun at him and called him names without noticing the true value this man posesses. He figured out a long time ago, when he ( imho ) thought : " Wait a minute ! If i enter the daily grind i support a system, that ...

- makes sure considerable funds are shifted from the hard-working to the rich &
   useless to through taxation and interest.
  - protects bankster and other criminals with the likes of chancellora Angela Merkel.
    Merkel was recently reported to the prosecution for high treason and smuggling
    in human beings, but of course to no avail. I can' t stress enough, that the Fed.
    Rep. in Germany is registered as a company and thus Merkel quasi acts as a
    manager, who anytime can hire millions of migrants without asking the staff, us
    citizens, until a point of self-defence has been reached. Furthermore the federal
    prosecutor is bound by instructions to the justice minister, who in turn is a mem-
    ber of the government and shielding Merkel. This charade is called democracy
    German style, oh dear, oh dear ...
- embarasses nearly every German presenting a passport at a foreign immigration,
   marking him as a drudge without rights.
 - makes sure not the best and honest make it to the top, but those, who are ruthless
   and savvy or bootlickers.
- manipulates the people constantly starting with the school education followed up
   by the mass media.
 - drums into our heads, we are the culprits for last centuries world wars and must
   hang our heads in shame for many more generations to come. History is written by
   victors, who try to hide the emerging truth that many powers played a hand behind
   the scenes ochestrating the wars.Who again are the biggest war profiteers ?
- constucts a building like this one for the secret service. They will tell us, it's
   associates will be used to fight terrorism, when in reality moves from each and
   everyone of us will be monitored.
Clearly Mr. Dübel is not (only) about laziness, but about attitude - he is not feeding
the system, the system feeds him. Personally i prefer making money with my own
hands, but perhaps all concerned should show the extended middle finger to the
system perhaps for a week or so to force fundamental changes with the installment
of a constitutional legality and without sinnister foreign influences as it was echoed by
Evo Morales. Me thinks after 70 years it is about time for fucks' sake.

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