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Thursday, October 31, 2019

11/8 Ursula Haverbeck's Birthday

Isn't the above image amazing ? A friendly old lady, fully in peace with herself,
guarded by two regime bums. Now what did she do ? The worst thing a German
can probably commit and that is scratching a dogma concerning the holocaust.
The holocaust was examined many times by acknowledged authors like Fred
Leuchter or Jürgen Graf, who came to a completely different conclusion than the
official narrative. No German judge would listen, he rather bows down to judaism
and throws a 90 year old lady behind bars for voicing her opinion, while at the
same time rolls out a red carpet for an evil war criminal like Henry Kissinger.

Here are three facts about the holocaust ...

-   Auschwitz was a labour camp operated by IG Farben, a huge conglomerat es -
    ablished and financed with Wall Street money.

-   The holocaust is a tremendous money spinner and no wonder countless Ausch-
    witz committees unleash their bloodhounds trying to silence anyone daring to
    doubt its existence.

-   Through the holocaust, Jews have nearly every politician, journalist and judge
     in their pocket. ( Angela Merkel just added another Jewish award to her tally
     for her loyal services. )
Two of their beta-males are Jörg Meuthen, boss of the right wing AfD party and Andy
Grote ( SPD and Hamburgs senator for the interior).After the recent Halle hoax, when
the shooter was allegedly influenced by the AfD, Meuthen rushed to the mikro de-
claring his sympathy for Israel, while Grote immediately wants to install an agent
against antisemitism. To both gentlemen i recommend the YouTube-channel "Blood
letters & Badmen" about the mafia, where bullett riddled bodies can be seen lying
in a puddle of blood with arms and legs stretched out. The dude in the Halle kebab
restaurant was shot four times and yet was lying sideways and covered his ears with
his hands. The government wants to tighten up gun laws and measures against hate
speech on the internet, so i better write all this, while they let me. All too obvious ...

After the Halle smoke has settled, right after it a trial in Hamburg began accusing a
93 year old man of functioning as a guard in the concentration camp in Stutthof as
a 17 year old. He back then did not breach the prevailing law, though it does not
matter, the shoah show must drag on and hammered in German minds. The Volks-
lehrer covered the trial, his report can be seen here

For those, who want to send Ursula flowers or a letter, please refer to

Blumen Polz in Bielefeld (0521) 45 04 97

and this webpage

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Seattle 11/3 - Something Is Brewing

I don't mean to peddle fear mongering videos here, though this is definitely some-
thing to take note of. During the built up to 9/11 there were plenty of coded messa-
ges pointing to that crime of monstrous magnitude. Meanwhile it has been confirmed,
that WTC  7 has been brought down by explosives, though to my knowledge no
efforts are made to make the culprits pay for it. These perhaps took aim at a new
target this time located in Seattle , November 3 .

The location in question is the CenturyLink Field, where at 11/3 the Seahawks will
encounter in a NFL-game  the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and again there are strong
patterns something will happen for instance a major explosion. I wouldn't take any
chances and certainly don't want to be in Seattle on that particular date, though let's
hope for the best.

Video by "kochen mit Willi" in German ...

... and English

Another interesting one by Savier

Image showing players whose jersey numbers display 11/3/19

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Halle Hoax And Something I Want To Get Off My Chest

You would think after Berlin, Munich or Christchurch we eventually have to deal
with a genuine terrorist attack in Halle / Saale. Well, no, just more of the same.
Read on ...

First a few words about the legal situation in the Federal Republic in Germany. It
should be common knowledge, that we are occupied by allied forces and since we
still have no peace treaty at a state of war. This in turn means the Hague Land War-
fare Convention is in force , which contains the Article 24 - war ruse is permitted.
So this explains, why for example our Basic Law is completely irrelevant. We are
tricked in believing we would have certain rights, when we have none, zilch, zero.
It also explains the constant lying,deceiving and manipulating in which unfortunately
my countrymen play a major role by collaborating with foreign powers in politics,
MSM and justice.

The go pro video from the alleged terrorist is still online, though probably not for
very long. Here is an in-depht analysis ...

6:30 min  The shooter, whose optical appearance fits every cliche of a Nazi, arrived
at the scene and shuffles his stuff.
(The licence plate says EU-AI-4642, what in simple gematria equals 36 = 666 )

7:04 min  He checks the doors only to find out they are locked. Starts to swear.

7:45 min  He sticks an explosive device with the appearance and firepower of a
heavy duty fire cracker under a feeble looking door, while a swift kick could open
her probably easily. That thing blasts off , no avail ...

8:50 min  The woman named Jana L approaches him. Cool as a cucumber and not
intimidated because of the blokes antics she marches by saying with a scruffy voice
"Clear the way while i am passing, man, ey."

9:04 min  He points his artefact at her and pulls the trigger. After a loud bang the wo-
man goes on her knees and falls forward. Looks like a trained fall to this writer. After
the smoke has cleared, no blood or damage to her clothes can be detected.

9:33 min  Shoots three more times at her, calling her a name. Still no blood can be

9:45 min  Circles his car again and mumbles, he shot his cars tire. A later inspection
shows, the tire is fully intact. Guess he wanted to let us believe, he used real ammo.

10:00 min  Enters a neighborhood door. The whole area inside looks a bit shabby, but
newly laid black & white tiles can be seen in checkerboard pattern - a masonic symbol.

10:45 min  Goes back on the street and encounters some people there, who remain
calm. Perhaps they saw him before at a drill.

11:30 min  Starts shooting at the front door. The door shows some damage. Maybe he
swapped his rifle, though i believe the door was primed as at the movies.

14:20 min  Leaves the scene with a bout of self pity. So 8 minutes later no police, no
siren !

16:00 min  Arrives at the kebab restaurant. Walks around with two people looking for
shelter behind a fridge. Eventually fires in the dark  with no evidence whatsoever,
that someone has been killed.

16:21 min  After running and firing around on the street he returns to the kebab joint
and fired three times at his victim. Again no blood, no harmed dress and no body
movement unless a twitch from the scare of the bang. A journalist from the filthy tab-
loid BILD sits next door. Unusual the victim cover his ears with his hands.

16:58 min  Reenters his car and said something interesting "At least i proved how
useless improvised weapons are." Drives a few meters, left the car and shoots around
randomly. I suppose there he was filmed from above by a well known film maker.

22:00 min  The road was blocked far away in one direction by a (police ?) car. Bloke
escapes in the other direction.

Ok, i leave it there. Obviouly this chumps actions are as foolish as it gets and make ab-
solutely no sense. As i wrote in my previuos post the next police station is not even 2
miles away, though nothing happened for a period of around 15 minutes. That and all
the inconsistencies mentioned above leave no room for error - everything was staged.

The reactions in politics and the mainstream media happened as predicted. Merkel,
still suffering from backpain for bowing down to a Swedish teenager, wasted no time
to visit a  synagogue,from were the Jewish worshippers have left afterwards all smiles.
Newspaper headlines said "Nazi chases Jews ", so the self-chastising could begin fuel-
ing the guilt complex and no one asked a critical question, but for solidarity with Jews.
Here in hamburg we have a "Liberal Jewish" community, who now says, they feel un-
safe and wish a new building including a strong door, surveillence cameras and secu-
rity service. How unsafe feel all the Muslims in the Middle East through Zionist wars?

To me this incident is just another example, that for me as a truthseeker the FRiG be-
comes more and more of a hellhole. The whole republic was built on lies and it gets
worse. With the majority of the people not very well informed every nonsense falls on
fruitful ground. I dare to say, if it is not possible to revive the German Empire with a
peace treaty, constitution and integer folks occupying the important positions, i have
no desire to continue living within this construct without pride and dignity. Let the
FRiG melt and disappear witin the EU. Perhaps prosperity will be diminished and the
structures of power will be more obstrusive, though then again we know what we are
up to. Nobody talks about Auschwitz any longer , the guilt complex will disappear
along with the propaganda, we still have to pay for. Perhaps then Germans will finally
get off there knees ...

Can't go on like this ...

Friday, October 11, 2019

Halle/Saale Syngogue Attack

I watched the whole 35 minutes long video and the acting of the alleged mass
killer is nothing short but pathetic. I just want to give a single clue about the
authenticity here. The synagogue in Halle is located at the Humboldstreet
towards the Rathenow Platz. The next police station is the police district station
Halle/Saale near the road Waisenhausring. From there to the Humboldstreet it
is only a short ride about 3 kilometers though nobody has been bothered to attend.

Go figure ...

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Greta And The Green Prosperity Khmer

The late great William Shakespeare already said it in his old adage.

"All the world is a stage and we are merely players."

No matter, whether we take Lenin, Hitler, Churchill, Mao, Putin, Merkel, Trump
or more recently Ocasio-Cortez and Greta Thunberg, most if not all are casted
and schooled actors playing their role in the world theater. The star of the latter
is now rapidly sinking, as her background and  handlers have been revealed. Her
perhaps genuine idealistic assumptions were abused for sinnister intentions by
unscrupulous villains, who wanted to use her somewhat demonic face expression,
caused by disease, to their advantage.

However, what worries most is the number of adolescents and kids she could
mobilize. In a jiffy hundreds of thousands of them took it to the streets leaving
behind heaps of garbage. I guess none of them could answer the question, what
CO² is and how it could effect the climate. Though it seemed they finally found
something they can identify with, something not as meaningless as caressing a

We must remember, Mao's (a Yale graduate !) revolution started when kids were
set up against the elderly and had the permission not to attend school. Also the
cruelest of the Red Khmer were indoctrinated kids, who showed absolutedly no
mercy with there victims. Some might say, don't worry, nowadays youth are cissies
through there mollycoddled lifestyle, but i would not underestimate it. Sport
utility car drivers have so far only found leaflets behind the wipers, questioning
the drivers environmental attitude, though that could change for the worse and i
am afraid behind the scenes they are already searching for more Gretas to start
a violent rebellion.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Weekend Sports

It's Arc De Triomphe weekend in Paris-Longchamp with two ugely exiting jollies
going to post. First in the Arc it is ENABLE, trying to win this race for the third
successive year and afterwards it is BATTAASH (IRE) in the Prix De L' Abbaye.
Enable's trainer John Gosden is pretty bullish about her well being as she is in
full bloom now at age 5. She is simply a banker bet with her odds accordingly
low. An win- and place alternative is GHAIYYATH (IRE), who has won the Prix
de Baden-Baden  in impressive style beating German hope Laccario out of sight
with an hands and heels ride. His trainer Charly Appleby said already a while ago
this will be his runner to win the Arc with, though the wide draw is not in his favor.

Arc De Triomphe     ENABLE to win @ odds around 1.80 *** 2nd

                                GHAIYYATH (foto) win and place @ 8 *** UP

Prix De L' Abbaye    BAATTASH to win @ odds around 1.80 ***UP

As usual here is the classic video about Japanese racing fans in agony.

___Football Treble *** LOST

                                 German Wst. (Fri)        Verl to beat Sportfreunde Lotte
                                               Bundesliga      Schalke to beat Cologne

                                                                     Gladbach to beat Augsburg