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Friday, March 24, 2017

El Niño Hits Peru

Due to unusual warm pacific waters El Niño dumped unprecedented masses of rain
on parts of Peru with devastating consequences. So far in its wake 84 people perished
with 209 injured, countless lost homes and enormous damage to the infrastructure.
Peruvian Pres. Kuczynski, being from the chosen tribe and a former IMF associate
under suspicion to work mainly for the capital, immediately declared to release
720 million Euros as swift aid. The government sends out messages promising to do
their level best to improve the situation. Meanwhile the international help is over-
whelming and here in Cusco music festivals take place with the possibility to chip in
and make donations in kind.

The coastal strip of Peru rarely gets any rain and is mostly barren area without trees
to hold back rainwater. Furthermore a rural exodus is going on with plenty of folks
building their shacks in dried out riverbeds or steep hills out of necessity and that
is why the desastre was waiting to happen with mudwaves washing everything away.

In May 2016 the German state of Baden-Würtemberg as well had to deal with massive
floods. Although one of the richest states in Germany Ministerpres. Kretschmann from
the Green Party, who perceives himself as a Christian said we don´t live in imperators
times any more and he would not be able to hand out financial help, consindering the
people as enemy not worthy of support. On the other hand German folks are the most
good-natured folks anywhere donating huge amounts of money to mitigate cata -
strophes happening worldwide. They even fall over each other to donate for illegal
migrants trying to assault and oust them. Call it stupidity or implanted guilt complex,
the jury is out, though of course it is always a good idea to help those in need.

I am coming to Peru for many years now and developed a deep sympathy for the
country and its people. I wish them well and a speedy recovery, carajo !

Friday, March 17, 2017

Europe And The Globalists

The beauty about Europe is, that it is a small continent with a huge cultural and
culinary variety. Within a couple of hours drive, it is possible to delve into a
complete different scenery and that makes Europe  interesting and fascinating
throughout. YouTube has a channel named "wokomoCOOK", who presents a
series named " Zu Tisch ... "(links below), what translates into "To be guest at ..."
and to me it is just marvellous to watch regular folks doing their traditional work
and preparing their traditional meals.

All this is under fire now, since some geezers equipped with enormous power and
wealth decided, Europe needed a makeover with the abolishment of borders and
the migration of millions of mostly useless young men from Africa and the Middle
East, whose task is to mate with local women thus creating a new dark skinned
population,less intelligent and easy to control under the tradename New World Order.

You would think, there have been psychopaths always around trying to impose their
plans on others, however it is impossible to find enough treasonous, opportunistic
people to realize them - well, you never stop learning. In Germany there are battal-
ions of that breed headed by NWO-floozie Merkel and her lickspittles being afraid
of having a deviating opinion, thus harming their miserable professional careers.
In the mainstream media you find this bloke, Kai Gniffke, who as the boss of the
German Tv´s ARD news section, is responsable for spreading propaganda and mani-
pulations through his presenters day after day and the list goes ahead over the 
justice, the police until bus drivers transporting illegals into the country.

Meanwhile a huge asylum industrie has been established and big profits are made
by shady people demanding a higher influx from migrants thus raising there gains
and giving a bloody whit about their homeland. It is that alarming low level of soli-
darity common within the German population, why the downfall of the Federal-
Republic of Germany seems to be unavoidable - we will know more after the next
general elections in autumn, whether the Germans are stupid enough to put their fate
for further four years in Merkel´s hands or perhaps even worse in those from SPD
bugger Schulz given the elections are not rigged.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Cheltenham Festival 2017

Next Tuesday starts the biggest show on turf with four days of mouthwatering jumps
racing. As usual i scanned through stats, listened to trainers, jockeys, pundits and
also let my modest personal expertise flow in trying to make my bets successful,
which are as follows. It is better to have a short-odds winner, than a long odds
loser or so they say, so i have put the hottest favs in a treble ...

ALTIOR (foto) to win the Arkle / DOUVAN to win the Champion Chase and
UKNOWWHATIMEANHARRY to win the Stayers Hurdle  @ 3.5

All three are top-class performers and bar a jumping error should make short work
with the opposition.

At higher odds i like the looks of DIAMOND KING (IRE) @ 6 to win the Brown
Plate and STARCHITECT to win the Grand Annual @ 9

Finally i assembled a yankee with runners from Gigginstown House Stud, an oper-
ation owned by Ryanair-CEO Michael O´Leary, whose runners usually win their
fair share of races during the festival.
A GENIE IN ABOTTLE  - National Hunt Chase @ 5.50 / ALPHA DES OBEAUX
to win the RSA @ 7 / TOMBSTONE to win the Coral Cup @ 5.50 and PETIT
MOUCHOIR to win the Champion Hurdle @ 6.5

Win or lose, i can´t wait until the action unfolds.

Friday, March 3, 2017

The Oscars 2017

To me Hollywood represents the rotten morality of the western community of values
being a hotbed of sins with its pedophiles, satanists and zionists. During the ceremony
the Illuminati let hand over sculptures to their puppets, which used to be impressive
actors and actrizes a few decades ago,but nowadays look like ordinary people strutting
their stuff on the red carpet surrounded by fotographers, who seems to have entered
a contest, who behaves as the biggest jerk.

And now even a documentary about the "White Helmets" received an Oscar, although
it is common knowledge, that this organisation is sponsored by the CIA, operated only
on terrorist teritory in Aleppo and staged many of their rescue actions. Pretty much
the same from German television,where the worst liars and deceivers receive awards,
as if their critics shall be mocked. So the Oscars are not only a society event, where
the glitterati celebrates themselves, but also has a political component, made evident
when some buffoons were trying to please their masters by bashing Pres. D. Trump.
That an award was given to a wrong movie can only be perceived as a marginalia.

All in all the Oscars, Hollywood and their products should be avoided like the plague.