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Friday, March 24, 2017

El Niño Hits Peru

Due to unusual warm pacific waters El Niño dumped unprecedented masses of rain
on parts of Peru with devastating consequences. So far in its wake 84 people perished
with 209 injured, countless lost homes and enormous damage to the infrastructure.
Peruvian Pres. Kuczynski, being from the chosen tribe and a former IMF associate
under suspicion to work mainly for the capital, immediately declared to release
720 million Euros as swift aid. The government sends out messages promising to do
their level best to improve the situation. Meanwhile the international help is over-
whelming and here in Cusco music festivals take place with the possibility to chip in
and make donations in kind.

The coastal strip of Peru rarely gets any rain and is mostly barren area without trees
to hold back rainwater. Furthermore a rural exodus is going on with plenty of folks
building their shacks in dried out riverbeds or steep hills out of necessity and that
is why the desastre was waiting to happen with mudwaves washing everything away.

In May 2016 the German state of Baden-Würtemberg as well had to deal with massive
floods. Although one of the richest states in Germany Ministerpres. Kretschmann from
the Green Party, who perceives himself as a Christian said we don´t live in imperators
times any more and he would not be able to hand out financial help, consindering the
people as enemy not worthy of support. On the other hand German folks are the most
good-natured folks anywhere donating huge amounts of money to mitigate cata -
strophes happening worldwide. They even fall over each other to donate for illegal
migrants trying to assault and oust them. Call it stupidity or implanted guilt complex,
the jury is out, though of course it is always a good idea to help those in need.

I am coming to Peru for many years now and developed a deep sympathy for the
country and its people. I wish them well and a speedy recovery, carajo !

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