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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Lara's Theme - Oilcan Guitar Tremolo Exercise

I found this little excercise quite useful for building up strength and dexterity in
the right hand. You start by holding the pick with the thumb and index, than
thumb with middle, ring fingers and finally with the thumb and pinky, what is
pretty nasty and should not be overdone to avoid straining to the tendons.

The left hand fingering starts with the A-string, second fret and goes from there.

 __A-Part     A2 - D0 - G3 - G4 - D4 - G2 - G0 - D0 - A4 - A3 - D0 - D2 - D4

                    D2 - D0 - D4 - D0 - B1 - B0

__B-Part     D2 - G0 - G2 - G0 - D4 - G0 - D2 - D0 - D3- D4 - G0 - D4 -  G0 -

                   G2 - G3 - B1

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Die Express-Zeitung / The Express Gazette

I was already contemplating to buy the Gazette for awhile and now it eventually
happened, so i just received the latest issue with the headline "100 Years of War
against Germany". The uninitiated will argue, that with the publication some
nationalists try to whitewash German atrocities committed during the years 1918-
1945. Far from it, editor Tilman Knechtel has written highly acclaimed books
about the Rothschild's and Rockefeller's and runs a well known YouTube-channel,
proving he has a  seriously sound knowledge about what he is writing about. One
of his staff-writers is Gerhard Wisnewski, Germany's premier investigative jour -
nalist. So there is no doubt, these guys try to get the word out about the truth to
counter the mainstream-media in a country sticking knee deep in a swamp of lies.

The Gazette narrates with plenty of historic facts and quotations, who is really be-
hind the wars, namely the Anglo-Saxons and the Round Table club, who were
afraid of losing the status as superpower to the German Empire, thus went on to
pull it into a war to destroy it with arms or in other ways, i will read about in the
next issue.

Personally i once spoke with an U.S.-veteran, who told me, that German soldiers
were regarded as the best and bravest. When they marched swiftly into the
Sovjetunion in what was probably a preemptive attack they carried a booklet with
a code of honour and any misconduct was harshly punished. This of course does
not fit the official narrative depicting the Germans as beasts in unprecedented
propaganda, though massacres committed by Germans can't be denied. The jury
is out, wether these are rather less gruesome, than those committed against Ger-
mans by the Allied Forces with the Rheinwiesenlager and their bombing cam-
paigns or the Polish, Chechs and Russians in the eastern territories trying to
annihilate the German population. Also in my view Hitler's role in all this is very
sketchy and needs a nonbiased closer inspection.

The Express Gazette is not your usual tabloid, but a magnificent source of infor -

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Crowfoot - Blackfoot Chief

>> Your money is not as good as our land. The wind will blow it away, the fire
will burn it, the water will rot it. Though nothing can destroy our land. <<

These were Crowfoot's words spoken to a white negotiator, making it clear,
that the concept of selling land was completely unknown to him as it was to
any Indian, oozing pride from every pore of his body.

Once in a while i study Native Americans, as there were many fascinating per -
sonalities among them with Crowfoot a leading figure. He earned his merits
at an very early age in warfare against other tribes, while in later years he quit
fighting, acknowledging the superiority of the colonists. Something other chiefs
like Tecumseh, Metacom or Osceola never did and never gave in an inch.

Instead he used his negotiating and rhetoric skills to gain the most for his people
and thus secured their survival. It was his humanity, that he didn't pull his toma-
hawk to cleave the Whites skulls, after they killed nearly all buffalos and took
away the Native's livelihood, not to mention the blankets infested with smallpox
they have send to them among other dirty deeds.

The Blackfoot were freedom loving and lived in unison with nature. So understand-
ibly especially young warriors would rather die in combat than living in a reservation
depending on supply deliveries. Again it was Crowfoot's commanding respect, also
reputed by Whites, who prevented further bloodshed. Crowfoot reached an relative
high age and passed peacefully after having smoked a pipe.

Canadian singer-/songwriter Willie Dunn wrote a marvellous ballad about him
accompanied by haunting pictures in this video.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Weekend Sports

On Saturday the Betfair Sprint Cup Stakes takes place in Haydock. Head of the
market is Martyn Meade's stable star ADVERTISE. He is a model of consistency
and in great form at present after winning the Group 1 Maurice de Geest Stakes
in Deauville a fortnight ago. He has already beaten some of his rivals in this race,
though has yet to race on the softish ground, he will encounter at the weekend.
Nonetheless i will back him as he again enjoys the expert steering of Frankie
Dettori @ odds around 3.75. *** NON RUNNER

For the case he does not act, i will also back DREAM OF DREAMS (IRE) as an
alternative @ odds around 9.

Football Euro 2020 Qualifier tomorrow

Germany - Netherlands                  > 3.5 cards / 4

Scotland - Russia                           Both to score  / 1:2  double @ 3.75 *** WON