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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Stonehenge - Not Really A Mystical Place

"Stop it, no more conspiracy theories, we can't take it any longer " i can hear you
shouting. Hey, don't shoot me, i am only the messenger. The point is, the puppet
masters will play us for fools, if we keep believing everything, they publish in
their controlled media. Once we stop that and question anything, they will even-
tually respect us instead giving us the full dupes treatment. I do reckon nearly
every so called terrorist attack in the Western society of values is staged and a hoax
as the most blatant one in Berlin. It requires a five minute research on the internet
to find that out, yet the people rather buy into the mainstream media and their guff,
so the big wigs feel encouraged to play us for instance with the following example.

We learned Stonehenge was erected in the Bronze Age, though nobody can tell for
shure who built it for which purpose. Nonetheless folks keep pilgrimaging to that
location to pick up the alleged mystical atmosphere. And then Russianvids came
around the corner with the following revelations ... (reupload)

So what do we have ? They smacked some concrete on a steel core, took a crane and
brought the whole enchilada to the middle of nowhere in Southern England. And who
is prancing around in that video,grinning from ear to ear and knowing about the scam ?
The Fallen Messiah Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama ... I assume there are many more
artificial places like Stonehenge in the world to lure tourists into the country. Has
someone checked the Egyptian pyramids yet ?

Off to The Crimea tomorrow ...

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