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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sea Nomads of Malaysia

A recent documentary of them left a deep impression on me. For centuries they conduct a simple, happy lifestyle not paying attention to the rubbish of the so called civilized western world . These people do not care about damned stocks, do not cheer for a bloody sports team, do not need f... Facebook, do not worry about their pension, never heard of Botox or a burn- out- syndrome, do not stand in line all night long for a daft iPhone 5 or 6 or need the latest BMW or Mercedes sports car. I can imagine their life gets a little tedious from time to time, but i wish them well - the world needs a counterbalance.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Need a billion ? Ask Mario ...

This friendly chap is Mario Draghi, boss of The European Central Bank and soon of the still to be proclaimed EUDSSR as well. Mario is in a spending mood and prints billions of Euros to purchase bonds from less than fluid Southern Europe countries. He has no mandate to do it, but for the sake of saving the Euro  that's fine, while regs and rules in context with the Euro in general are not worth the paper they are written on. Saving the Euro ? In an earlier post i mentioned, that Draghi is an former associate from Goldman Sachs ( I recentley saw an excellent documentary about them and there is no room for doubts - they are the worst scumbags prowling  the surface of this planet ) and so in my humble opinion he tries to save Greece from bankruptcy so that American banks are spared from huge payouts because of their CDS's. Mess about with somebody else, Mario !
In Germany the constitutional court waved through the European Stability Mechanism ( ESM ). Germany pays right up 22 billion Euros and guarantees for further 168 billion Euros for countries which cannot obtain a credit somewhere else. Remarkable for a country, which sits on debts of around 2106 billion Euros.But that's it. Not a cent more without asking the parliament for permission ! Forget it, the finance mafia keeps on pushing and shifts more money out of Germany until the last Euro has been drained. Nobody knows how all this lunacy will end, maybe with a hyper inflation. I think it is safe to assume that some folks accumulate obscene wealth, while others have to move into a barrel - enjoying a Huckleberry Finn lifestyle. Disgusting.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Paralympics 2012 in London

 I have seen some swimming competitions and there is no denying. How these athletes handle their physical handicaps and triumph over adversity demands utmost respect. I don't bother watching that Adonis Michael Phelps swimming one world record after the other - people like Zheng Tao ( CHN ) or Britains Ellie Simmonds ( left ) are the real heroes.