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Thursday, July 9, 2020

" Black Lives Matter " Debunked

When a hard nosed Brit as Sean Dyche loses his cool over a harmless slogan ,
we know the racism frenzy is about to climax. Dyche is the manager of the EPL
club Burnley, who recently had an match versus Manchester United. During the
game a small plane flew over the stadium towing a banner, which said " White
Lives Matter Burnley ". Afterwards they fell over each other with apologies,knee-
ling and firing the organizers from their jobs - plain ridiculous. And why all that ?
Because they either don't have the required ten functioning brain cells to call the
George Floyd incident that what it is or just not have the cojones to adress it,
namely another friggin' hoax.

By now it is well known, that " Black Lives Matter " is funded by the Rothschild
agent Soros as well as the Ford-Foundation, thus it is clear they are functioning
as a divide & conquer tool to establish Marxism. It seems there time has come
now with manifestations popping up everywhere. To make matters worth also
an armed black militia has been founded and perhaps we are looking at South-
African conditions in the USA pretty soon, where blacks massacre whites. In the
wake of the Minnesota riots the retired black policeman David Dorn was shot and
killed by a black thug. Does a single "Black Lives Matter" - member gives a friggin
whit about him or that blacks kill each other in droves in cities like Chicago or Balti-
more ? Certainly not, they are more focused on a race war against whites.

Now i have been denied entrance in a disco, i have been rejected when i applied for
a job and i have been stopped by the police for no apparent reason. Though since i
couldn't play the race card i moved on. The black community once did pretty well
until the Democratic Party implemented the Jim Crow segragation laws. From then
on everything went downhill for them with the civil rights movement accumulating in
the Affirmative Action programm,which is more or less an euphemism for free stuff.
Race hustlers as Jesse Jackson and the notorious Al Sharpton took center stage,
permanently pushing blacks into victimhood and continously instigating hatred.
And that is why many blacks hang out on skid row full of self pity emulating false
idols, mostly rappers. I am convinced despite existing racism, it is mostly about the
right attitude and presentation. I have seen and met many great colored people and
now half of the squad of my hometown football team consists of blacks, all along
great guys and now they even hired a black coach. I guess that alone proves my

Mike Krüger - The Latest CORONA Sellout

I used to like him and his goofy songs back in the 70's. But aging with dignity is
not to everyone' liking or was Bill Gates dough too enticing ?

Friday, July 3, 2020

Weekend Sports

It is derby weekend in Epsom Downs on Saturday with the fillies Oaks and the
great race itself. Love (IRE) heads the market of the former  having won the
1000 Guineas and these have an outstanding record in this one. However
i recently burnt my fingers with short priced runners and thus side with
FRANKLY DARLING trained by John Gosden. As a daughter of Frankel she
won't have any trouble with the distance and also Frankie Dettori on board -
everything is set for a great run.

Derby fav is ENGLISH KING (FR) from the small stable of handler Ed Walker.
Would be something if his guy could beat the big lads representatives. Again
Franki in the saddle and a double on his rides will be very popular.

FRANKLY DARLING (foto) to win the Oaks @ 3 *** 3rd

ENGLISH KING to win the Derby @ 3.75  UP  Odds for the first three
                                                                    26 / 51 / 67 Argghhh !
Two singles and an e/w double                   

My footie system provides two selections in the "Both to score market"

Portugal Primeira   Benfica Lissabon - Boavista Porto  3:1

EPL                        Manchester United - Bournemouth  5:2

                              Double @ 5.40  *** WON

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Still Afraid Of The CORONA - Virus ?

No worries, folks, help is underway. Tal Zaks is the Chief Medical Officer of the
BioTech company Moderna and just annouced successful early test results for a
vaccine against the CORONA - Virus. Company stocks went through the roof
and Tal wasted no time to cash in big time. Being greedy lies in his genes, though
otherwise he is a fine bloke concerned about our health. So when he asks you to
drop down your pants and bend over for a vaccine shot with the good stuff it is in
your best interest ...

                                                                             ( Caution satire )

Thursday, June 25, 2020


Just when you thought you have heard it all played on a guitar, there appear new
kids on the blog with stunning abilities. Where others need a lifespan to get things
under their belt they are naturals, pick up a guitar and rip through a tune.

Presented here are ...

Billy Strings playing a set on such a marvelous place in Colorado, it is breath taking.

Marcus King, blues great

Max Ostro, at home at every style

A headscratcher is that at least two of them are sporting masonery symbolism.
Billy Strings, whose real name is William Apostol, has meanwhile tattooed a 33
on his forearm and another one engraved in a tailpiece on one of his guitars.
Ostro wears an orange jacket and uses a strap with a checkerboard design. Is it
thinkable they sold their souls to the devil in exchange for outstanding abilities
like blues man Robert Johnson once did on a crossroad ? At least Ostro seems
to be completely soulless ...

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

YouTube Favs # 2

First and foremost i salute the return of MrE. His channel was shut down twice,
but you just can't keep a good man down. His findings about transgenderism,
cabal and mystic themes are second to none.

Shaking Head Productions deals with similar genres.

The unabashed Adam Green makes no prisoners concerning Jewry. Where others
flinch he goes forward. Demonetized, yet stunningly still tolerated by YT.

For chess geeks there is a great variety of channels. For the German speaking
community i recommend "The Big Greek" Georgios Soleidis. Nice bloke, who
explains very well the ropes of chess.

And finally there is reknowned Swedish metalero Ola Englund. His channel is a
chock full of interviews, gear tests or tour reports. Though i am apart from the
occasional shredding not a big metal fan, his channel is very entertaining, especi-
ally if you like hand claps and don't mind burps and the occasional s-word.

Monday, June 8, 2020

The George Floyd Case - A Closer Inspection

Here is, what happened in a nutshell. Floyd went into a store and tried to pay with
a counterfeit 20 $ bill. The alert salesperson got aware of that and called the cops.
When they arrived Floyd hit the deck after some argy-bargy with the policeman's
knee on his neck pinning him to the ground. After 9 minutes the ambulance arrived
and brought him to a hospital where he was declared dead later on.

So let's dissect this. In my second homeland Peru hangs a sign in nearly every shop
telling customers that any counterfeit bills will be ripped on the spot. I guess nobody
there would call the police since most folks are not able to identify them.So why did
the store guy called them for a alleged faked 20 $ bill, which must have been a rarity
since most fakery ought concern 100 $ bills. Next question is, why didn't Floyd leave
the scene, but kept hanging around there. The policemen could have stuck him in
their car and leave, but for whatever reason Floyd became unruly and resisted his
detention. So he was smacked down and nailed to the ground through a cops knee.
Now having a knee on someones neck is certainly unpleasant, but wont't do any
lethal harm to a strong dude like Floyd and also won't leave him breathless. Thus
when he muttered, he can't breath i must assume he did it to add something to the
whole drama. The police officer named Derek Chauvin, who by the way worked in
the same night joint as Floyd as security guy, positioned him right at the rear of his
car and looked in the camera as he wanted to make shure the desired pictures were

Are there any masonic activities to spot ? Of course, though mostly vague. First most
of Floyd's body is covered with tattoos, among them a sketchy double headed eagle
and a 33 with 33 being the highest degree in the Scottish Rite and the alleged age of
Jesus when he was killed. The police car had the word "POLICE" on his plate, which
in numerology accumulates  to 33. Then there are 6es placed on the sides of the trash-
can standing by possibly for the 666 mark of the beast. More of the number stuff can
be seen here.

However the most important question to me is,who where the guys who carried Floyd
away. Do paramedics nowadays whear bulletproof vests and guns ? Also any me-
dical examination was not conducted, they just shoved Floyd on a stretcher and
pushed him in their vehicle. The mainstream media did their level best to distribute
the footage and thus the riots could begin with paid instigators and pallets with bricks
placed in many inner cities.

The conclusion has to be, this is just another divide & conquer / ordo ab chao maneuver.

Alleged paramedics at  minute 8:56

Here is Martin Weissgerber known from the Bernie Sander campaign paying instigators.

The mysterious umbrella man smashing windows

Pallets of bricks located in downtown areas

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Weekend Sports

The UK flat racing season got finally under way and goes straight down to
business with the 2000 Guineas at Newmarket on Saturday. Hot fav is
PINATUBO (IRE), unbeaten in six races and a rating miles ahead of the
competition. He is impossible to oppose even without a prep race since he
is trained by Charlie Appleby thus in best hands. His odds are accordingly
low and i hope to get price around 2 come raceday.*** 3rd

                             German Bundesleague Matchday 30

Union Berlin - Schalke 04

Both teams have lost the plot lately with long losing runs. Though i feel
Schalke's squad possesses more class and playing without their supporters
is a major disadvantage for Union.

Schalke to beat Union Berlin @ 2.90 *** 1:1

The Plandemic According To Ben Garrison

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Judaism - A Humanity Despising Ideology

The intrepid Tilman Knechtel just released another explosive video, which puts
his channel on the line since Jootube does not apprciate any so called antisemitic
content. The video is full with outrageous quotes and statements made by members
of the chosen tribe. Nonetheless it is forbidden by law in many countries to
criticize them and of course doing any research of the 6 million occurence.

Unlike the bootlickers in politics, mainstream media and the justice system Tilman
is not pussyfooting around and gets to the heart of the matter, which certainly
leaves some doubts about the character and trustability of the folks described here
, controlling most of the mainstream media and the narrative concerning historic

In that perspective Tilman's work is very important and perhaps another stepstone
towards the truth. Watch the video while you can and see what you can make of it.
I for my part secured the video for reference and honored his effort with a donation.

Tilman Knechtel also is an editor for the excellent Express Gazette. Their latest
issue deals with the Corona virus bollocks. I ordered my copy already and so
should you. Here is the link

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Operation Warp Speed

Alright, the cat is out of the bag. POTUS Trump, the best president Israel ever
had, just announced to start the program "Operation Warp Speed " as soon as
possible. This means nearly all of the 300 million U.S. inhabitants shall let their
pants down and bend over to receive an injection containing an cocktail of vicious

Now not too long ago Trump was rather hesitant about the alleged COVID 19 virus
playing down his menace only to make an U-turn shortly afterwards. Perhaps he
discovered the "virus" is an welcomed distraction from other nuisances or is some-
one still talking about the wall to Mexico ? Possible, though i suppose it has some-
thing to do with his demonic wingman Anthony Fauci, the pharmaceutical- indust-
rial complex, his zionist prompters or all of them. Whatever it is, perpetuating the
road means asking for a full blown civil war. The FEMA camps are waiting to get
finally occupied ...

According to the webpage the U.S. population will be down by 2/3 as
will be Germanys in a not to distant future.What do they know, what we don't?Intel
about the biological weapon that son of a b**ch Bill Gates is talking about ? Here
in Hamburg the UKE hospital looks for probands to test a vaccination available in
September. The mainstream media made shure many folks will be scared enough
to line up, all others more illuminated are in for a major confontation.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

9.5. Review Of The Manifestation Against The Corona Tyranny Berlin 9.5.

Upon arrival at Berlin central train station i took the 245 bus to the Alexander -
Square located in the Eastern section, where later on protesters clashed with the
police, who brought dogs along. I walked over to the Rosa-Luxemburg-Square,
where the heaviest action took place over the last weekends. I strolled through
the whole area, though it was still early times with few people showing up. So
i bought a couple of beers and observed the scene. I supposed a toilet would be
nearby in the subway station, which was not the case and now  i had a problem
since no resstaurant would let me in. Eventually an Asian restaurant showed
some pity and let me relieve myself.

Around 15.30 the place became crowded, though the atmosphere was always
peaceful with folks from all walks of life, the mainstream media would later
call conspiracy theorists, knuckleheads, Na...s and what not. I had a nice chat
with an elderly woman, who from judging from her appearance had nothing in
common with me, but nonetheless we had a good conversation.She even showed
some interest in my guitar and i complied to her bidding and picked a little bit.
Common sense and politeness can go a long way ...

That is basically all i have to report. Those, who hoped for police brutality and
brute force against harmless protesters might be disappointed, though i enjoyed
the whole get together in perfect weather. Manifestations rarely bring some suc-
cess unless huge masses show up and this one will be no exception.

Berlin and Deutsche Bahn have a rather bad reputation for a variety of reasons. I
certainly did not travel to Berlin for the first time and again this time i can't con-
firm, that is a dirty city run over with migrants - I enjoyed my stay there. The
Deutsche Bahn had a half hour delay on my way back home, though too i must
say it was a nice experience using their service.

App. 2
There was a bloke running around, warning there would be antisemites among the
protesters. So he warned me quasi from myself. If there would be folks, who dis-
like the Portuguese or Cameroonians, nobody would be bothered, but please do not
dare to criticize the tribe with the superior DNA. How the relationship with them
could ever be improved, i dunno and it is certainly not wanted from their side.

App. 3
Virus, what virus ? Yesterday i listened to another scientist, who claimed there would
be no viruses at all. Then there are virologists, people dealing allegedly with viruses
as professionals. Next we hear viruses mutate, thus vaccines will have no effect.
The jury is out, what to believe ...

VIRUSES do not exist ...

Stefan Lanka          

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Rüdiger Nehberg †

Already on April, 1 Rüdiger Nehberg passed away at the age of 84. Nicknamed
" Sir Vival" after long distance marches through wilderness without supplies he
must be considered a truly remarkable personality leaving behind plenty of
achievements and a tremendous legacy concerning humanity.

When still at an very young age he was drawn into the wide world, yet finnished
an education as a baker and established a successful bakery afterwards. When he
became aware of the struggle of the Yanomami indians he decided to give his
life more spiritual depth and profoundness. So he sold his bakery and devoted
the next twenty years to support the Yanomami in their tussle against the ever
marauding gold diggers. To draw attention to a wider public he even crossed  the
Atlantic Ocean with a pedal boat. When the Yanomami finally gained their peace
and a territory free of gold diggers, Nehberg organized the construction of a small
hospital in the rain forrest and then figured it is time to move on.

His next encouragement was devoted for a campaign against the female circum -
cision, an archaic and gruesome practice popular in many Muslim states in Africa
and the Middle East to strip females of their sexual lust leaving them as physical,
psychologic wrecks afterwards. Nehberg and his partner had a mountain to climb
to convince the locals to drop that cruel habbit by convincing religious leaders to
abbolish the practice executed mostly by elderly women. After some tireless work
a Fatwa (legal jurisdiction ) has been proclaimed and the practice forbidden by law
in most Muslim countries. This means many thousand girls were spared from
enormous torture.

I just finnished reading Nehberg's biography " Courage Has Grown No Danger "
and it is an enthralling read. Rüdiger Nehberg was truly one of the greats.

Here is the webpage for TARGET, the organisation he founded to help collecting

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

May, 2 Meet And Greet In Berlin

As things stand i will travel to Berlin next Saturday to join a manifestation with
folks opposing the CORONA swindle and the accompanying oppressive mea-
sures. Meeting point at 15.30 will be the Rosa-Luxemburg-Square and the
surrounding streets. Of course social distancing will be respected to avoid any
aggravation with the Federal Republic in Germany plant security, called police.
I am not shure about masks with the ever changing rules, though my silky
Cambodian scarf is just fine anyways. I hope we get enough boots on the street
to leave a lasting impression for the big wigs.

Ken Jebsen and the KenFM team did a fabolous job lately covering the CORO
NA frenzy. However JooTube had a difference of opinion and deleted some
of his videos. He only uses YT now for teasers and will publish his content on
his own webpage after being fed up following several disputes.

Pictures from Berlin last weekend ...

"The Mask Ritual Is Mind Control On A Mass Scale"

Gerhard Wisnewski believing we are in for something bigger ...

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

CORONA = 6 6 6

                                                 C  O  R  O  N  A
The letters positions in the 
alphabet are                            3+15+18+15+14+1 = 66 plus 6 letters = 666

The devils number, the Number of the Beast or the Anti-Christs number - you
name it. We were told the term Corona (spanish for crown) stems from the
shape of the alleged virus, i would rather say, the "elites" are playing their
games right in our faces, while the sheeple are sitting at home, shivering and
busy washing their hands.

By the way, here is the adress from the lab in Wuhan   666 Gaoxan Road

Personally that bloody virus did not scare me for a split second, knowing
the numbers are vastly blown up and he is not nearly as dangerous as they
want us to believe. Fortunately more and more people come to the same con-
clusion and the resistance is growing for instance in Berlin or Michigan,
mostly locations governed by leftists. In Berlin the police once again showed
their role in society by acting partly brutal against harmless folks. Nothing
but mercenarys, who never in history sided with the people but protected the
big wigs. The social life came to a stillstand, someone was punished for read-
ing a book on a parkbench, bullets were shot at a group for standing too close
together. Measures during the bombing nights during WW II were not as harsh
as they are now.

So there is a tiny group of friggin' old blokes, who are not able to leave others
alone with Bill Gates being one of them. Gates recently gave an interview in
German public television, where he talked 9:42 minutes about his plans, which
made grim listening. Moderator Zamperoni did not find it necessary to ask a
single critical question and both agreed vaccines are the only solution to fight
the pandemic. Zamperoni sure enough was educated in Washington, while
Gates is not the computer nerd, but is rather linked to the "elites" from early
on according to Derrick Broze talking to Adam Green.

The virus might pass, though what's next ? I am afraid the "New Normality"
with partially taken away liberties, G5, ID 2020, tracking app and more
rubbish putting ole George Orwell's predictions in the shade.