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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Ivan Provorov ...


... is a Russian NHL - hockey player for the Philadelphia Flyers. He did some re-

markable recently by refusing to wear a LGBQ+ warmup shirt sporting the rain-

bow colours. He cited some religious reasons and of course it didn't take long

until he got a lot of stick from the leftist media. Though it is good to see his shirt

meanwhile became a bestseller and i just hope other sport pros follow suit, since

the LGBQ+ movement is a part of a satanic agenda aiming to depopulate and

destroy families, the backbone of a functioning society.

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

The Truth Fears No Investigation, The Lie Does

Recently i had an argument with someone on YouTube because of my Auschwitz views.

He called me a nutter for scratching on a dogma, though i left it there since it makes 

no sense to discuss something with someone under mindcontrol and intimidated by 

the guilt cult.

Accidentally the intrepid Jim Rizoli just released a video with should give people 

something to think about. Watch it and perhaps reconsider your opinion ...

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Football World Championchips 2022 in Qatar


Not discussing the argy-bargy surrounding this tournament, but trying to come up

with some quality tips.

Brazil waltzed through their qualification group and are heading the favs market

followed by Argentina with a Lionel Messi back in splendid form. Leaving both

out of the equation would be foolish, although teams from South America have

not lifted the trophy in 20 years.

I suppose most teams rely on their strong defense, so we won't see many goals. So

i guess the top scorer will be a striker, who also takes the penalty shots and that

leads us to Harry Kane. His English team has a rather weak group he should take

advantage of. Here is my rota of bets ...

Brazil to lift the trophy @ 4.50

Argentina to lift the trophy with Messi as top scorer @ 25

Harry Kane (ENG) top scorer @ 8

To reach the round of sixteen    Denmark, Mexico and Senegal @ 4.70

Opening game     Quatar vs Ecuador 0:0  @ 6.50

*** No luck whatsoever

Friday, November 11, 2022

Retracting Driving Licenses From Boosted Folks !?

Yesterday i got stuck in another traffic jam on highway A1 in Hamburg. Reason for 

that was a gruesome accident, where a car flew over a guard rail landing in the bushes

totally wrecked. Later on i learned the driver collapsed behind the wheel. Now al-

ready last week a fuel truck crashed only a mile further south, when he all of a 

sudden veered to the left, broke through a concrete barriere and and stopped 

apparently unbraked at the further end after crossing all lanes. Then reports are 

piling up with cars colliding with oncoming traffic on straight roads.

Is this only a coincidence or are we looking at incidents caused by people fully vac-

cinated ? I opt for the latter and perhaps it is time to scutinize there role in these

accidents ...

Here it is the report about yesterdays crash ...


Thursday, October 6, 2022

Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Leaks - My 2 Cents

We were told last week several explosions destroyed these pipes, whose purpose is

to carry gas from Russia to Germany. The Nord Stream 2 pipe was not running yet

due to the sanctions theater, but according to the Russians filled up with gas for 

technical reasons under pressure of about 105 bar.

Now, what i wondered about first was, if such a pipe receives a leakage, the pressure

escapes right away in a jiffy and not within five days. Still images of bubbling water

were shown 5 days later. To underline that view, at September, 26 a leak has been 

detected at Nord Stream 2, leading to a pressure dip from 105 bar to just 7. The pipes

are located down to 90 meters below sea level and there a pressure about 10 bar is

prevailing. With that difference the gas could hardly escape with that force to the

surface. You could furthermore ask, whether no bulkheads were installed ...

Meanwhile the Swedes reported 4 leaks in total due to explosions and while most

point to the Yankees as culprits with a fleet cruising in the Baltic Sea i suspect

just another scam with some sort of underwater gear to generate the bubbles.

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Weekend Sports


It's Arc De Triomphe day come Sunday with a wide open looking contest ahead of us.

Originally i sided with German raider and defending champion Torquator Tasso to

defend his crown, though he was handed a terrible draw and i need to reconsider an

alternative. The other German contender MENDOCINO will be my main pick at juicy

odds with Torquator's jockey from last year, Rene Piechulek, on board. He has beaten

Torquator this campaign and doesn't mind softish ground.

Main pick   MENDOCINO      @ around 26  UP

Next best    Onesto (IRE)         @ around 12  UP

and finally a tickle on Torquator @ 8 to comply grandma's rule # 1 to never change the

initial opinion.  * 3rd

And of course once again the video with suffering Japanese raing fans

--- Football Treble ---

Few bookies still offer bets on Russian football for obvious reasons and bet-at-home is

one of them. Russian teams have the reputation of low scoring, though that has 

changed somewhat recently and i will place a bet in the Both To Score market for the 

following games ...

Fakel Voronez - Torpedo Moskau        2:2

Zenit St. Petersburg - Fk Rostov         3:1

Nishny Novgorod - Spartak Moskau    2:2    @  6.7  * WON

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

The Latest NASA Scam

In for a good laugh ? Then check out the latest episode out of the NASA theater

in the video below. Even in a dumbed down society i can' believe anyone is

buying the rubbish ...

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Ramsey Lewis

 On Sep. 12 th one of my favoutite musicians passed away.

RIP Ramsey and thanks for the music ...


Friday, June 24, 2022

Energy Transition

 This year the last nuclear power plant will be shut down in Germany with the

remaining coal-fired power plants following in a couple of years. And then ...

"Blackout, baby "

So an industrialized nation as the Federal Republic of Germany wants to rely on

power, generated by wind and solar panels - utter and complete madness. The

May issue of the excellent Express Gazette deals with that topic and started its 

issue with this simpy put example ...

" Now there are around 57 million fuel operated vehicles in Germany. Once they 

are all converted into electromobiles and only a quarter of them is recharging their

batteries overnight, 1300 nuclear power plants a' 1,4 gigawatts are necessary to

accomodate them or around 593000 wind wheels."

Currently there are 31000 wind wheels operating in Germany and the damage they

do to human beings as well as nature and animals is mind boggling. But since they

are conceived as sustainable energy, politicians generously overlook their huge


No doubt most politicians of the Green party are communists disguising as environ-

mentalists and here comes the long term plan into play. Because they know the

nation will run out of power they want to herd people into cities so they do not need

a car anymore following the agenda 2030, where they also can be controlled more 


Right after WW II plans were made by our Jewish "friends" to turn Germany into

an agricultural state and someone like Morgenthau would have tears in his eyes

observing what is now going on in Germany.

The energy transition was triggered by the Fukushima incident, where an Tsunami

hit  a power plant. Now did it really happen or was it just another hoax, Merkel

and her handlers needed to destroy the Germany economy. I looked at some 

pictures showing Japanese dudes in white jumpsuits standing next to barrels

with the radiation sign on ... hmmm. They could have easily blown up the plant

with explosives and the colorful images showing the radiation of the Pacific

Ocean seem to be more than fishy.

Anyway grab your issue of the Exprexx Gazette and get a clue ..

Friday, June 10, 2022

Please Watch, Read and Share

 I am currently reading the latest book from one of my favourite authors by the name 

of Michael Morris and of course it is a great read. I t contains a snippet of an interview

with Germany's secretary of health, Mr. Karl Lauterbach. In better times you would 

find someone like him only in nuthouses, though nowadays he is a member of the 

German government responsible for the economical destruction, countless suicides

or traumatic children jabbed and masked ( Did you watch the video, where some

mother holds her baby, allowing to jab her four times ? ). This fellow can't wait until

Octobre to start the Corona circusall over again and is things stand, no one will stop 

him. Not any kind of opposition, nor the people. 

To get an idea of his menatal state here is what he said in that interview ...

Also please watch and share this video ...

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Lawrow Speaks Out !

 Readers of this blog know, that i and and (Khasarian) Jews won't become friends

anymore in this life. So one reason i steadfast refuse to take the so called vaccination 

is the Jewish control of the pharmaceutical industry and knowing, how they perceive 

non-jews or gentiles, namely as cattle. Hence accepting the jab is hands down foolish.

"Now wait a minute ..." i hear you saying " Why then has Israel the highest world-

wide vaccintion rate ? ". There comes Russia's state secretary Lawrow's recent quote

into play. He said the worst antisemites are Jews themselves and when he added

Hitler had Jewish blood in his blood vessels the Jewish outcry was fierce (chuckle).

Those being at the helm do not care about people and their nationalities. They did

not care, when thousands of Jewish paupers perished in labor camps during WW II

and they do not care, when thousands of Israelis die because of some strange brew,

especially not in an area where water becomes scarce.

Anyway i deeply appreciate Lawrow for stepping up, his remark could confirm rumors,

that Hitler was an agent of the cabal ...

MrE released a video presenting another Jew evil to the bone by the name of Hariri,

who is WEF Schwab's wingman.

Lawow  speking out can be heard here


Saturday, April 9, 2022

Grand National in Aintree Today


The big race is on today, though through my limited time i cannot conduct a more

in-depht analysis, but briefly scanned through the 40-runner field. I rate last years

third  ANY SECOND NOW (IRE) to win it this year with a clear run. At higher odds

i will have a dabble on MIGHTY THUNDER, trained by Lucinda Russell with this 

race in mind. As usual this contest will be highly exiting and lets hope everyone

involved makes it home in good health ...

ANY SECOND NOW (foto) to win @ 10 *** 2nd

MIGHTY THUNDER to win @ 34 *** PU

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Games The Khazarian Kikes like To Play ?

 Interesting quote from Ukrainian President Zelensky in the Jerusalem Post, who 

said : " We will definitely become a big Israel with its own face."

This statement fuels speculations, that the sole purpose of the war is, to oust local

Ukrainian citizens to provide living space for Jews from Israel. If so, it means

Russian Pres. Putin is in cahoots with Zelensky, who both serve surpreme powers

and don't give a whit about Ukrainian people. Putins connections to the Chabad

Lubawitsch sect are well documented as well as to Rabbi Lazar, who is considered

to be Putins main advisor - he is an tribesman and as such cannot be trusted.

Then there is of course the German government with shabbos goy Olaf Scholz and

his state secretary, the Jew Annalena Baerbock. The former wants to renovate the

German army with 100 billion Euros, rest assured most of the money will disappear

in obscure channels, while the latter wants to import 8-10 million Ukrainians to

Germany, what is roundabout one quarter of the Ukrainian population, so we can

understand now, why the war drags on and on ...

... with an massacre in the city of Butscha. The timeline says, the Russians left the

area around March, 30th, then Butscha's mayor celebrated victory never mentioning

corpses lying on the street and on April,3 suddenly accused the Russians for having

committed atrocities. Videos meanwhile went viral showing dead folks suddenly

came back to life, when flinching from approaching vehicles or could be seen in

a rearview mirror sitting up, when thinking their time of acting was over. Other

probably real victims wore white ribbons marking them as supporter Russias.

Nonetheless the Coup de Etat 2014 as well as the Odessa massacre demonstrated

there are evil and brutal elements active in the Ukraine, who have no problems to

assassinate there own countymen, if it serves the cause . Terrible for the Ukrainian

people, who are nothing but pawns in this geological, power political game ...

*** UPDATE ***

In this article former Putin advisor Karaganow talks about a divided Ukraine, thus

substantiating above theory ...