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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Record Sale

For many years now my records are sitting in a shelf unattended, so i decided

to sell them. There are very rare items among them, be it Blues, Bluegrass, Jazz-

rock or Soul. In case you are interested head over to Ebay and check what is on 

offer from   harald6252

Link 1


Thursday, October 7, 2021

Jürgen Klopp - Cringer Extraordinaire

Jürgen Klopp is the coach of Premier League football club FC Liverpool. He

recently made a bizarre comparison by saying something like Anti-Vaxxers are

like drunk drivers - both put themselves and others in danger. His Jewish boss

will be delighted about this statement, while those still able to think for them-

selves will be reassured, that professional sportsmen are nothing but muppets

whose job is it to entertain and distract the masses as well as cash-in big money

for their handlers.

While it is certainly foolish to drive under the influence, a characteristic trait of

being drunk is , that the ability of clear thinking is impeded. On the other hand

Anti-vaxxers smelled a rat and conducted an in-depth inspection on the subject

named Corona. They came to several conclusions and decided it would be wiser

not to touch any of the so called vaccines. And because these are steadfast folks

a prominent person as Klopp tries to mount pressure on them.

Not too long ago former Tottenham Hotspurs and Danish International Christian

Eriksen collapsed on the pitch, later diagnosed with Myocarditis, one of the most

common side effects of these vaccines, after having received the jab. I am con -

vinced, even if 5 of Klopp's players hit the deck due to the same reason Klopp still

would promote the jab underlining his role in the whole charade. What a sorry

figure ...

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Weekend Sports

 It is Prix de l' Arc de Triomphe weekend in Paris and it is going to be a thriller with

many of the equine superstars going to post. None of them get my pulse going with

prices too short for my liking and so i will side  with an rank outsider mopping

up the field on softish going and that is BROOME (IRE). He is trained by Ballydoyle

master Aidan O'Brien and partly owned by Japanese connections, what explains that

Yutaka Take gets the leg-up, who fortunately is riding out of sorts at the moment, but

with his price available i will be on. At the contrary Jockey legend Frankie Dettori

seems to be unstoppable and i take his mount LOVE as an alternative at an very nice


BROOME (IRE) to win and place @ 67 *** UP

LOVE (IRE) to win @ 21 *** Non Runner

As usual here is the video again with suffering Japanese racing fans during the Arc

a couple of years ago ...

Football Treble in the Both To Score market

Ligue 1                      Monaco  -  Bordeaux     3:0

Bundesliga                Dortmund  -  Augsburg   2:1

Bundesliga Austria    RB Salzburg  -  Linz       @ 6,2    *** LOST

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Could Jesus be the answer ?

I recently listened to a speech conducted by U.S. President Joe Biden , saying

something like " Get the vaccine, it is readily availablabe. We made it easy for you

and it is free.", while hanging over the microfone and using a slow and low, eerie

menacing voice. You would think, a snake tries to seduce the people to take a bite

from the forbidden fruit. There can be no doubt he belongs to the Satan's brood

having the world firmly under control considering the rampant level of brutality, 

lies, deceit, corruption and other sorts of misbehaviour dominating our society.

The Freemasons have chosen the 33 as their favourite number, because that is the

age Jesus supposedly died, whom they wholeheartedly despised, since he preached

charity and peace and stood for nothing of the above. I am not an religious guy, even 

believe religions are another tool to divide the humanity. However for example

listening to Gospel music leaves his mark on me, performed by musicians, who have

great faith in Jesus being the saviour and who knows, perhaps he is the key to push

back evil, disguised as politicians and police among others, since open combat makes

no sense against an heavily superior armed opponent.

Here is the late great Ralf Stanley singing "Oh, Death " ...


Friday, September 17, 2021

Larken Rose - " How To Become A Successful Tyrant "

 Already written in 2005 it certainly served as a blueprint for every tyrant we ex-

perience today. Here is an excerpt from an Amazon review finding the right words.

" The book provides a good guide on what psychological and rhetorical tricks can

   be used to oppress and exploit the population, how to control their behaviour, 

   how to control their thoughts, how to suppress resistance, and what psycho-

   logical means can be used to make one's own oppression, enslavement, exploy-

   tation palatable. The book also gives brief insights into the American Constitution

   with the right to self-defense, the right to own guns, the right of the population to

   use these weapons against a tyrannical and abusive government. A right that seems

   completely alien to Germans due to years of manipulation and mind control. It is

   astonishing that this book is offered in German translation at all and is not yet a

   victim of censorship. "

Great read, which can be purchased here ...

Thursday, September 9, 2021

DDT vs Polio - The Cutter Incident

People keep pushing me to finally accept the jab, since vaccines have done so much

benefits for humankind. " Vaccines " have already been debunked to be responsible

for the Spanish Flu genocide and now i stumbled over a comment from someone 

saying DDT and the follow up vaccine are responsible for Poliomyelitis (Polio).

I remember in my my childhood there was quite a number of children affected by the

disease and ended up walking on crutches or even in a wheelchair. Personally i find it

more plausible believing the damage was done by a highly toxic substance as DDT

being responsible for the destruction of parts of the nervous system than some omin-

ous virus since the illness mostly appeared during the summer months,, when DDT 

was sprayed over crops and orchards. It is even said former U.S. Pres. Roosevelt was

affected by DDT sprayed nearby his home, while others claim he suffered from Guillain

Barre syndrom. A vaccine against polio had to be developed anyway and i myself once

swallowed a sugarcube containing that stuff.

The great saviour came in the shape of Jonas Salk, a Jew and according to Jay Dyer a

psychopath, who conducted trials on thousands of children, preferably orphans and 

left many of them with terrible health issues. Produced were the so called vaccine by 

Cutter Industries, who failed partly in trying to deactivate the pathogenic germs with 

formaldehyde and thus potentially deadly substances were injected into children. 

Absolutely heartbreaking watching these young victims lying in iron lungs

I strongly recommend reading the following webpage brushing aside the public opinion

polio was caused by a virus and vanquished by a vaccine. It rather seems, a virus back

then as today was used as the scapegoat to cover up atrocities by the chemical industries.

Friday, September 3, 2021

Thursday, August 26, 2021


 I watched a video about Australia yesterday and it is just appaling, what is happ-

ening down under (link below). By now it should be obvious, that it is not about

some virus, but to introduce tyranny under control from an assorted bunch of

despots, psychopaths and pedophiles. A while ago i posted a cartoon from Ben

Garrison about the plandemic and transferred to Australia they are certainly

meanwhile one step ahead, with measures becoming more and more drastic to

stimulate the relatively low vaccination ratio.

Melbourne used to be the city with the highest living standards worldwide and

now they are hardly allowed to leave their house. On top a huge qurantine camp

is under construction probably geared to those stubbornly refuse to take the jab.

As us Germans Australians as well were stripped of their weapons and not able

to defend themselves against paramilitaric henchmen gone berserk. Though at

least truckers will act now and shut down the country next weekend by blocking

main roads.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Weekend Sports


On Saturday the valuable Ebor Handicap takes place in York. It is an high class

event and as such lightweights are up against it. That is why i pass on the fav

Live Your Dream (IRE) and rather side with HAMISH. He hasn't raced for a while,

so his fitness has to be taken on trust, though i am confident his handler Willy 

Haggas has him spot on for this.

HAMISH is currently third fav in the market and available at odds around 9 ***NR

Football Treble

La Liga (ES)         ALAVES - Mallorca     0:1

Ligue 2 (FR)        Dijon  -  TOULOUSE      2:4

Ekstraklasa (PL)  KRAUKAU  -  Bialystok      2:1  @  9.6   ***LOST

Thursday, August 12, 2021

ARD, ZDF and Goebbels

 The former are of course German public broadcasting stations, while the latter was

the NSDAP propaganda bullhorn back in the Third Empire. I thought about them

and could not see much differences between them, being manipulators of peoples 

minds until most cave in to follow an agenda. The ongoing plandemic could not

happen without the mainstream media spreading fear tactics to fire up folks making

them more acceptable for the jab. On the other side Goebbels laid the groundwork

with his frantic speeches to gain the hearts and minds for the upcoming war and the

depressing conclusion is, back then only a minority was able to do some critical

thinking as it is the case today.

Goebbels was a short, rather ugly guy you cannot sell to the people today, so instead

they use handsome dudes usually trained in Washington and nice graphics embedded

in crime stories and quizzes, thus operate in a more subtle way. But even if you wrap

garbage in gift paper it remains garbage. Though what really becomes annoying is, 

when every houshold in Germany has to finance it with mandatory fees, what is pretty

much unique worldwide.

Someone, who staunchly opposes paying these rates is Georg Thiel. He also refuses

to make his finances public and is sitting behind bars now for around half a year. Here

we are probably looking at an old Chinese way of punishment - Chastise one, educate

thousands. We need more brave lads like Georg Thiel to finally abolish these miserable

propaganda bullhorns ...

Thursday, August 5, 2021

1.8.2021 - Berlin Manifestation Report

 One week after gays and lesbians strutted their stuff in Berlin mostly without masks

and social distancing, Corona sceptics wanted to do the same, though were denied

because they would  not follow the rules. The leftist regime showed their claws ...

A couple of thousand of protesters went anyways and while they marched scattered

across the city i went to the Brandenburg Gate area. I like to hang out there and since 

not very people were there,  the vibes have been really pleasant.

Of course i took my guitar with me and thought i hang a sign on the neck saying

" Undertaker looking for a job ". Obviously it was meant ironic, though when you

think about it you only need to call up your local undertaker and ask him how he is 

doing. He might say he is doing business as usual and thus the alleged pandemic has 

been debunked. I received some thumbs up and also folks told me i would have plenty

of work in the near future. Was she refering to the hapless vaxxers perhaps paying the

ultimate price for not listening? I dunno ...

To loosen matters up i then went to action with my guitar and played "Katyusha" next

to the U.S. embassy or cranked up my Lisheng amp full throttle during police 

announcements, what earned me some pushing and shoving. When i stood underneath

the Brandenburg Gate a heavy downpour happened despite a 0% chance of rain accor-

ding to the forecast. The bystanders asked me to play a blues and i complied getting 

a round of applause. These were the enjoyable little moments in all the mess.

The police or should i use the term "Terrorists in uniform" once again applied brute 

 force against even elderly women and children. Many of them might be hired

mercenaries form companies as Academi, absolutely ruthless and drilled to kill or 

using long range pepper spray once developed to fend off grizzly bears. These tyrants

are the backbone of every tyranny and i wonder what is going on in their minds and

their private life. Do they want their kids to grow up in such an environment and opp-

ress their neighbours - i don't get it. However your job might suck he certainly is a lot

more honorable than what these knuckleheads are doing.

All in all another good day in Berlin with plenty of impressions yet without any gains

made concerning the Corona bollocks ...

Thursday, July 29, 2021

More Corona Bollocks

 Another episode in this never ending story. Recently a contract has been leaked

between Pizer/Biontech and several states. He determined, that even if their product

is somewhat shitty, the governments have to purchase it and accept all liabilities

in case of adverse consumer reactions. I insinuate, this rather immoral contract was

dictated by Jews.

We must remember Biontech never launched a useful product in the free market and

now brewed something they call a vaccine within a couple of months with a emerg-

ency licence, free of all liabilitiesies and folks fall over each other to shoot that crap

in their arms. Get a clue, why the term "herd immunity" was coined . The contract

can be read here ...

Stunning things happen in Gibraltar. Despite a vaccination rate of 100 % the incidence

reached record heights. Gives vaxxers something to smoke on.

Interesting news from overseas. The USA's CDC will discontinue using the PCR-Test 

at the end of the year, because he can't detect any difference between a flu - and a 

Covid virus. Let's just say, what we are saying for months now. The test is utterly

useless for diagnostic purposes, but nonetheless the base for lockdowns. Hopefully

the Corona narrative will crumble, the sooner the better.

Here somewhat asked some simple yet important questions helping to get a grip

what is going on ...

And finally the German army added another element in their drill "Masks off !!"

Friday, July 23, 2021

They Declared War Against Us Unvaccinated

 I do not intend to bow down, no matter what ...

Thursday, July 15, 2021

More Corona Bollocks

 Another one bites the dust. This time Haiti's president Jovenel Moise was assasinated

by a death squad for not playing along in the Corona frenzy. The MAG made a video

about the incident and despite he sometimes is a little over the top, here is right on 

the money ...

Maddie is a young girl, who participated in a vaccine trial and became a nursing case

shortly afterwards. I am quite shure the same company, who made the spunk make

now even more money with her as a lifelong patient. See here

German chancellor Merkel just reconfimed there will be no mandatory vaccination. 

Rest assured the mandatory vaccination will come ...

A new ingredient inside "vaccines" has been found. This time graphene oxide - enjoy

Here is an very interesting webpage including a video about the Spanish Flu, as COVID

another major criminal act ... Watch here

George Orwell would rub his eyes in disbelief, but now it is there - the Ministry of 

Truth. Installed in New Zealand under the gruesome tranny Jacinda Ardern.

And finally this very important video from Rainer Fuellmich with Dr. David Martin

debunking the whole Corona scam. Watch here

Thursday, July 8, 2021


 No , not talking about cops here but Germany's most pathetic politician - Annalena

Charlotte Alma Baerbock. After having ousted her Green Party rival Robert Habeck

she runs for the chancellor office come the September elections despite her knack

to jump in any pitfall along the way. Her resume fakery is well documented, she

committed tax evasion, speaks German every nine old would be embarrassed about

and now released a book, which was mostly a copy and paste job or written by a

ghost writer.

Nonetheless her green party buddies stubbornly stand behind her, although even the

left TAZ paper demands from her to step down. She herself remains cocky, as wether

she knows, nothing can gets in her way of becoming the next chancellor. What can be 

the reason ? Does she give her master Klaus Schwab from the WEF a formidable bj

once in a while ? Possible, we don't know. Yet the most realistic reason can be found 

here ...

While more and more people discover the truth about the 6 million event, reps from

the USA and Germany signed a declaration to start an initiative to cement the pre-

vailing dogma. Geez, they must be desparate ...