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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Essential Reading

1.) The Rothschilds / The Rockefellers by Tilman Knechtel . About a bunch of pubescent geezers ( David Rockefeller just turned 100 during a recent Bilderberger meeting ) considering the world a toy no one else has the right to play with than themselves. The sooner these psychopathic war and cabal merchants burn in hell the better, although they probably have that location under their thumb too.
2.) The Unwinding by George Packer. About the demise of the USA, a country with nearly 50 million people living on food stamps and counting. A society munching on fiat- money has to be doomed, no matter what.
3.) What they don't want us to know by Michael Morris. One of my favorite authors. This man is nobodys fool.
4.) Opinion, Power and Media by Eva Herman. This fine lady was once very popular here in Germany. Then she wrote a couple of books defending the traditional family values, when running the gauntlet began, because she infringed against the political correctness. Written in 2010 it has lost nothing from its actuality.
5.) Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins. The zionist Mr. Evil Henry Kissinger himself once said " The USA have no friends , just interests " and Perkins was an executor of these interests abroad. Personally i do not need to know a single phrase from the planned TTIP and TESA agreements being convinced the reckless Americans will pull the Europeans big time over the table. " But why is chancellora Merkel so keen on implementing these agreements ?" i hear you asking. Hey, she is called the Rothschild Witch for a reason.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Fugitives ...

... keep flooding into Europe with the great majority coming from Syria. In Syria rages a civil war and those, who escaped that hell on earth should receive the help and support they desperately need, while there is no room for sappy remarks. Some say that warfare was launched to sack president Bashar al-Assad, who refuses to hand over his central bank to Rothschild and also to break up the axis Syria-Iran-Russia. When the insurgents didn't succeed, the American kraken C.I.A created ISIS to take over the job and by the way they also created A. Q. and Boko Haram in Nigeria, so when the U.S. Air Force dropped once again weaponry over IS territory it did not happen accidentally. My take is a little different thinking the fugitves are victims of a sinnister plan laid out by the Illuminati for Europe in pursuit of a one world government. At first the EU was founded, then the Euro introduced with Brussels chosen as the location for the central government. Next the frontiers for currencies and merchandise, which from then on could freely flow, were abolished. Now a population is needed, which is mixed with people from different distant places, who mostly discarded their roots and identities and thus are easy to control- bombarding these distant countries will create a stream of fugitives.Finally they top it off with the devils work TTIP and TISA and afterwards Europe will not be, as we know it. CEO's already rub their hands, because they finally can exchange their workforce, which in their eyes is overpaid , has too much vacation and call in sick way too frequently with people willing to work for a couple of Euros fifty and very little benefits. In this video an black African describes other Africans escaping to Europe as scum and feels embarassed for them, while the useful citizens stay at home trying to develop their country. With these rather useless Africans, immigrants even fom Albania, Kosova and Serbia, countries wanting to join the EU, enter Germany and the nation meanwhile is densely covered with refugee camps. This raises a few " What if " - questions. What if the social security fund runs out of funds and all these people cannot be fed any longer ? What if they figure out, the grass is greener on the other side of the road, meaning they don't want to live in containers and tents any longer, but in the nice house across the road ? What if there are sleepers and ticking time bombs among them just waiting for a signal to turn loose ? The answers are the same, a formidable civil war here as well with me a possible fugitive.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Russia Insider ...

... is a welcomed addition to the alternative news media in their information battle against the mainstream media, who stubbornly keep trying to fool the population left, right and center with a recent coverage about the Ukraine by Golineh Atai the latest evidence. Golineh Atai is the ARD's female pendant to the ZDF's propagandist-in-chief Claus Cleber and is regularly featured in the propagandaschau webpage. Apologies for the language, but both Atai and Cleber are mere media whores, who for money avoid it to mention and blame the true culprit for the crisis, which is of course the Empire of Terror, aka the USA. Many journalists in the FRiGermany belong to transatlantic lobbyist groups or even signed a contract ( writers for the filthy tabloid BILD ) prohibiting them to write negatively about the USA if they want to keep their jobs. My family has a longtime subsrciption with the local newspaper " Hamburger Abendblatt ", however when i read another article by Mr. Frankenfeld bashing Putin and Russia i about had it and wrote them a mail threatining with a cancelation, if this continues. I mean, there are constantly rolling U.S. tanks through the FRiG towards the East and the USA have also a argy-bargy going on with China in the South Chinese Sea. The situation could turn ugly pretty soon through U.S. imperialism and it is totally impropiate to cheer for them. It was U.S. pres. Obama, who said in front of a camera , "  we brokered a deal to transition power in Ukraine " and it was him saying " the U.S. trained ISIL ". Does anybody care to listen, please ? HELLO !! Here is what Brother Nathanael has to say about Putin and Obama .

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Corruption And Football

At the end of May seven FIFA ( World Football Association ) officials were arrested on behalf of U.S. authorities in Zurich on corruption charges. Now it is known all over the shop for many years, that the FIFA is highly corrupt and filled with shady characters, so what's behind it. My initial thought was a planned regime change by the Americans replacing boss Joseph Blatter with a puppet, whose first action will be to strip Russia of the World 2018 championships. Blatter himself however got of the hook and became reelected  only to declare his resignation shortly afterwards. Perhaps he became afraid of something we call here in the FRiG " verunfallt " or " geselbstmordet " meaning assassinated and make it look like an accident or suicide. A poll over the expulsion of Israel from all major tournaments for their aggression against Palestine could be another reason for the arrests and if so has been successful since the poll was cancelled. +++ This own goal was scored in the German Bundesleague on matchday 34 in a match between Hannover 96 and SC Freiburg. The defender in question is either the clumsiest player in the history of the game or this was the most blatant case of match fixing i ever whitnessed - i opt for the second choice. This was only one of many occasions, when i scratched my chin over other own goals, peculiar referee decisions and defender not taking part to prevent a goal during the last matchdays and it seems there was a general agreement, that Paderborn and Freiburg should be relegated, because these are the least commercially attractive clubs methinks. Paderborn lost at Schalke 04 by an own goal despite being the stronger team and after the season, surprise, surprise, Paderborn coach Breitenreiter jumped ship to Schalke. Of course i cannot provide any proof, just implications, but this looks fishy all the way. Personally i will keep following football and place a bet once in a while, but swore already many years ago i will never ever directly support it with a single Euro not to mention going to the stadium to join flocks of idiots and listen to their monotonous chants.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Deutsches Derby 2015 In Hamburg

Time to get dressed with a tuxedo and a topper and go to the racecourse next Sunday. I usually don't pay much attention to German racing with this contest the exception. Karpino has been the long time fav and i was really keen on seeing him running, but he was withdrawn last Monday due to an alleged injury by his trainer A. Wöhler and it seems to me, nobody burns more anti-post money than him. The rest of the lot frequently raced against each other and clearly on top of the hierachy comes SHIMRANO ( GER ). This son of the mighty Monsun has won the most important trial race, should stay the distance and has the best draw, so really looks the part. I also like , that he is steered by flying Dutchman Adrie de Vries and not some British import jockey, who never cut it around here. Do odds of 2.70 quicken my pulse ? Certainly not, but there we go.***UP