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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Fugitives ...

... keep flooding into Europe with the great majority coming from Syria. In Syria rages a civil war and those, who escaped that hell on earth should receive the help and support they desperately need, while there is no room for sappy remarks. Some say that warfare was launched to sack president Bashar al-Assad, who refuses to hand over his central bank to Rothschild and also to break up the axis Syria-Iran-Russia. When the insurgents didn't succeed, the American kraken C.I.A created ISIS to take over the job and by the way they also created A. Q. and Boko Haram in Nigeria, so when the U.S. Air Force dropped once again weaponry over IS territory it did not happen accidentally. My take is a little different thinking the fugitves are victims of a sinnister plan laid out by the Illuminati for Europe in pursuit of a one world government. At first the EU was founded, then the Euro introduced with Brussels chosen as the location for the central government. Next the frontiers for currencies and merchandise, which from then on could freely flow, were abolished. Now a population is needed, which is mixed with people from different distant places, who mostly discarded their roots and identities and thus are easy to control- bombarding these distant countries will create a stream of fugitives.Finally they top it off with the devils work TTIP and TISA and afterwards Europe will not be, as we know it. CEO's already rub their hands, because they finally can exchange their workforce, which in their eyes is overpaid , has too much vacation and call in sick way too frequently with people willing to work for a couple of Euros fifty and very little benefits. In this video an black African describes other Africans escaping to Europe as scum and feels embarassed for them, while the useful citizens stay at home trying to develop their country. With these rather useless Africans, immigrants even fom Albania, Kosova and Serbia, countries wanting to join the EU, enter Germany and the nation meanwhile is densely covered with refugee camps. This raises a few " What if " - questions. What if the social security fund runs out of funds and all these people cannot be fed any longer ? What if they figure out, the grass is greener on the other side of the road, meaning they don't want to live in containers and tents any longer, but in the nice house across the road ? What if there are sleepers and ticking time bombs among them just waiting for a signal to turn loose ? The answers are the same, a formidable civil war here as well with me a possible fugitive.

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