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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Essential Reading

1.) The Rothschilds / The Rockefellers by Tilman Knechtel . About a bunch of pubescent geezers ( David Rockefeller just turned 100 during a recent Bilderberger meeting ) considering the world a toy no one else has the right to play with than themselves. The sooner these psychopathic war and cabal merchants burn in hell the better, although they probably have that location under their thumb too.
2.) The Unwinding by George Packer. About the demise of the USA, a country with nearly 50 million people living on food stamps and counting. A society munching on fiat- money has to be doomed, no matter what.
3.) What they don't want us to know by Michael Morris. One of my favorite authors. This man is nobodys fool.
4.) Opinion, Power and Media by Eva Herman. This fine lady was once very popular here in Germany. Then she wrote a couple of books defending the traditional family values, when running the gauntlet began, because she infringed against the political correctness. Written in 2010 it has lost nothing from its actuality.
5.) Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins. The zionist Mr. Evil Henry Kissinger himself once said " The USA have no friends , just interests " and Perkins was an executor of these interests abroad. Personally i do not need to know a single phrase from the planned TTIP and TESA agreements being convinced the reckless Americans will pull the Europeans big time over the table. " But why is chancellora Merkel so keen on implementing these agreements ?" i hear you asking. Hey, she is called the Rothschild Witch for a reason.

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