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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Freddie Gray and Osaila

Freddie Gray was an 25-year old African-American, who died on April 19th while taken into police custody for a minor offense in Baltimore, MD. What followed was the usual riot, which was according by the makers of this webpage nothing but a hoax. I predict Freddie was not the last, who gets killed by the police and it seems everything follows a certain script with the target to provoke the eruption of large scale civil unrest, so that martial law can finally be declared with the beginning of a war against the own population. FEMA camps are prepared for moving into them and plastic coffins are neatly stacked up and those are the places, where humans perceived as cattle and useless eaters by filthy rich psychopaths belong to anyways. The more the Empire of Terror is occupied with domestic aggravation, the better it is for the rest of the world. And now over to  the sport of kings. <> <> <>   Next weekend the first classic races of the season take place at headquarters in Newmarket with the1000 Guineas on Sunday and the 2000 Guineas on Saturday. For the first race run by fillies i fancy OSAILA (IRE) ***UP. She won the Nell Gwyn Stakes two weeks ago and that form usually bodes well for this contest. Her jockey will be Frankie Dettori, who in the past wasn't a lucky charm, but will hopefully do better this term. Osaila to win @ 11.Go girl ! The other race is run by colts and i can't make up my mind between ELM PARK (top right) ***NR and IVAWOOD (IRE) *** 3rd, both available @ 12, so i will split stakes among these two, who make more appeal than fav Gleneagles.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hillary Rodham Clinton ...

... just declared she will run for the U.S presidency in 2016, hallelujah ! Clinton has been the state secretary under Barack Obama and played a leading role at the 2011 NATO bombing campaign against Libya, which has sent the once progressive nation back to the Stone Age under the smoke screen of installing democracy, when in reality Muammar Gaddafi should be assassinated, who intended to replace the petrodollar with the gold dinar. Libya is now in the hands of the IS and with their livelihood taken away many inhabitants risk their lifes trying to reach Europe over the Mediterranean Sea, which meanwhile turned into a graveyard, while those, who made it spark chaos in Europe, what is a certainly a welcomed side effect for certain circles. Here is, what "Hellary" had to say about Gaddafi ... and this is an write-up about the funding scandal she is currently dealing with. After all the damage done by men i once thought, the time is ripe to put women in responsible positions, however seeing satanic b#tches like her, Psaki, Harf or our own Merkel and van der Leyen i am cured  from that belief. No doubt, Hillary Clinton will be of no benefit for the people living in the screwed up Empire of Terror, where the weather is massively manipulated, the police is a bigger threat to citizens than criminals are and large scale war games are held in the neighborhood, but a menace for the world as a whole and then there is Jeb ... Goodness, gracious me !

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Last December a former school mate of mine succumbed to cancer. I haven't seen him for many years and not aware of his condition, but was told he quit taking medication at a certain point to wait for his end at home in a more peaceful and dignified setting, instead of being drugged and ailing in a hospital. What i know about this horrible disease is , that cancer is a tumor, who wants to grow until he kills his host. With other words, it is a combat and one-on-one between a human and the enemy inside with a major advantage for the host, because the tumor needs to be fed or he will starve and die. What he needs most is energy in form of sugar and once he does not receive it, because the sick person radically changes his diet and only for instance eats vegetarian, there is a good chance of getting rid of the tumor. To me this makes a lot of sense, but obviously the pharmaceutical industry will cry foul dismissing it as utter bull and point to the academic medicine. Now it wouldn't be fair to call all people entangled in the academic medicine bandits, some may even be philantropists, however the majority is in the business not only to make decent money with an eye on affordability , but outragous profits and thus they have no interest in curing people and then to keep them healthy. I wrote earlier about vaccinations containing mercury and aluminium turning people to patients for the rest of their lives and to dispense them they make up pandemics as Ebola or swine-flu. Cancer treatment with cytosatic drugs is very expensive and in many times only helps to fill up the satchels from its creators, but not the patients. The German Cancer Research receives 200 mio. Euros year after year and we are still waiting for the breakthrough drug or are they not interested to find one ? The bottom line is the pharmaceutical industry in many cases perceives humans as their prey and alternative methods as the one described above should be considered as well after having checked, that no charlatan is involved. Some of the information was taken from investigative journalist Gerhard Wisnewski's German book " verheimlicht vertuscht vergessen : Was 2014 nicht in der Zeitung stand "- a great read indeed. This webpage also provides information of interest.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Weekend Sports

German Bundesleague, Matchday 28 > HAMBURGER SV - VFL WOLFSBURG Peter Knäbel is meanwhile Hamburgs third coach of the season trying to get a tune out of the team along with a couple of new acquisitions, but so far to no avail with the 0:4 in Leverkusen their latest drubbing. While Hamburgs season again lies in shambles Wolfsburg is on a role going from strenght to strenght. I can see two outcomes for the game, either Wolfsburg scores for fun and wins by a wide margin or after securing their Champions League spot for next season and table leader Munich out of sight and still being involved in several cup games they are not entirely focused and give Hamburg a chance to draw. In the past many games between these two sides in Hamburg finished 1:1 or 1:3, so i will bet over 3.5 goals @ 2.7 with a 1:1 correct score as a stakes saver @ 7.5 ***LOST<<<>>> Now over to the sport of kings. On Saturday the next Grand National Chase in Aintree takes place and once again i cannot resist the challenge of finding the winner among the fourty runners. Fav is Shutthefrontdoor (IRE) partnered by multiple champion jockey A.P. McCoy, who will hang up his riding boots after the race and a victory surely would bring down the house. His odds however are too depressed and value lies elsewhere, for instance with ROYALE KNIGHT (UK) at the bottom of the weights. I like his overall profile and being trained by Richard Newland, who won this race last year with Pineau De Re is a major plus as well. Royale Knight to win and place @ 26 ***6th

Monday, April 6, 2015

Germanwings Flight 9525

On March, 24., an Airbus 320 from airline Germanwings en route from Barcelona to Düsseldorf hit a mountain in the French alps at full throttle killing all 150 passengers aboard. The scapegoat was quickly singled out among the dead, co-pilot Andreas L., who locked out the pilot and steered the aircraft into disaster. Obviously conspiracy theorists voiced their doubts about the official story, so authorities came up with more details to fortify their version of the sequence of events. After searching the home of Andreas L., they found doctor's notes about depressions he suffered from and furthermore he looked up in his computer methods of committing suicide and how the cockpit doors function, convinced now ? Nope, not buyin' it. Okay, but when they found the second flight data recorder and evaluated the contents, all doubts should be erased by now, that Andreas L. is the culprit, who committed suicide taking 149 people with him. Believing all this would be easier, if the leaders of the Western community of values wouldn't be morally completely rotten and the mainstream media journalists their presstitutes or marionutten. So i checked the alternative media for clues, what really happened and encountered indeed some inconsistencies. On a short flight like that, the pilots usually don't need to go to the toilet, especially not after twenty minutes, so this is something the co-pilot could not have taken into consideration. When the plane hit the mountain with 800 km/h, it should have burst into a huge explosion and flames, but no smoke could be detected and the aircraft debris was layed out like a puzzle over a vast area and above all the Airbus has built-in safety devices to prevent flying with that sort of speed close to the ground. Witnesses have attested the presence of French Mirage fighter jets in the area. Did they shot down the Airbus, because he was flying ( perhaps remote controlled ) towards a enormous nearby dam ? Or was the plane brought down by a laser, who was used during a wargame in the area by NATO ? Another possibility is, that both pilots were benumbed by intruding gas, what already happened before and did they send an emergency call ? According to the flight recorder Andreas L. breathed calmly, while approaching the mountain with tremendous velocity, can somebody be that hard-nosed ? Some sounds far fetched, but if the truth it must be kept secret under all circumstances and that is, why all official news must be treated with utmost distrust.