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Thursday, April 16, 2015


Last December a former school mate of mine succumbed to cancer. I haven't seen him for many years and not aware of his condition, but was told he quit taking medication at a certain point to wait for his end at home in a more peaceful and dignified setting, instead of being drugged and ailing in a hospital. What i know about this horrible disease is , that cancer is a tumor, who wants to grow until he kills his host. With other words, it is a combat and one-on-one between a human and the enemy inside with a major advantage for the host, because the tumor needs to be fed or he will starve and die. What he needs most is energy in form of sugar and once he does not receive it, because the sick person radically changes his diet and only for instance eats vegetarian, there is a good chance of getting rid of the tumor. To me this makes a lot of sense, but obviously the pharmaceutical industry will cry foul dismissing it as utter bull and point to the academic medicine. Now it wouldn't be fair to call all people entangled in the academic medicine bandits, some may even be philantropists, however the majority is in the business not only to make decent money with an eye on affordability , but outragous profits and thus they have no interest in curing people and then to keep them healthy. I wrote earlier about vaccinations containing mercury and aluminium turning people to patients for the rest of their lives and to dispense them they make up pandemics as Ebola or swine-flu. Cancer treatment with cytosatic drugs is very expensive and in many times only helps to fill up the satchels from its creators, but not the patients. The German Cancer Research receives 200 mio. Euros year after year and we are still waiting for the breakthrough drug or are they not interested to find one ? The bottom line is the pharmaceutical industry in many cases perceives humans as their prey and alternative methods as the one described above should be considered as well after having checked, that no charlatan is involved. Some of the information was taken from investigative journalist Gerhard Wisnewski's German book " verheimlicht vertuscht vergessen : Was 2014 nicht in der Zeitung stand "- a great read indeed. This webpage also provides information of interest.

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