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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hillary Rodham Clinton ...

... just declared she will run for the U.S presidency in 2016, hallelujah ! Clinton has been the state secretary under Barack Obama and played a leading role at the 2011 NATO bombing campaign against Libya, which has sent the once progressive nation back to the Stone Age under the smoke screen of installing democracy, when in reality Muammar Gaddafi should be assassinated, who intended to replace the petrodollar with the gold dinar. Libya is now in the hands of the IS and with their livelihood taken away many inhabitants risk their lifes trying to reach Europe over the Mediterranean Sea, which meanwhile turned into a graveyard, while those, who made it spark chaos in Europe, what is a certainly a welcomed side effect for certain circles. Here is, what "Hellary" had to say about Gaddafi ... and this is an write-up about the funding scandal she is currently dealing with. After all the damage done by men i once thought, the time is ripe to put women in responsible positions, however seeing satanic b#tches like her, Psaki, Harf or our own Merkel and van der Leyen i am cured  from that belief. No doubt, Hillary Clinton will be of no benefit for the people living in the screwed up Empire of Terror, where the weather is massively manipulated, the police is a bigger threat to citizens than criminals are and large scale war games are held in the neighborhood, but a menace for the world as a whole and then there is Jeb ... Goodness, gracious me !

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