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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Bashing Germany - The Safe Way To Secure Your Blog Or YT-Channel

You might know, that many blogs and YouTube-channels already have been
shut down or are on the brink of it for their attitude towards conservatism thus
stemming the tide against the left/green agenda trying to install culture marxism.
I stay away from the left-right argy-bargy, but try to be all about common sense,
though none the less this blog contains plenty of criticism against the Federal
Republic in Germany. So if this blog was terminated, it probably has to do with
my stance involving Judaism provided i have ten million more readers.

Take for instance the recent murder of CDU-politician Walter Lübcke near the
town of Kassel. Lübcke got already verbally under fire for mocking locals
being concerned about the migrant wave. His alleged killer was quickly identi-
fied, because of a dander. Yep, not through images of a surveillance camera, but
a single dander. And that dander belonged miracously to a right winger known
to police for many years and conveniently he confessed already. Now of course
i do not believe a bloody word of that plot other than politicians and the main
stream media, who wasted no time jumping on the bandwagon to point at folks
from the conservative politically spectrum. How the dander got on the victim or
that Lübcke was feuding with the Kassel-mafia was not worth investigating. I
am convinced, the secret service has a register with plenty of scapegoats and
their fitting biografy and depending on the hoax or false flag planned, they pull
out Anis Amri in Berlin or in this case Stefan E.

Here in the FRiG many people quote the Basic Constitutional Law, telling us that
chancellora "Shakin'" Angela Merkel offended against that article or the other one,
even people considered legal experts. But what, if that law is invalid not only
because the scratched Article 23 (area of application), but because the FRiG is a
registered enterprise and thus we are dealing with the trade law and Merkel as the
manager, who is free to open the gates for migrants as long her masters concur. In
such a system, which does not acknowledges human beings, but useful and diligent
idiots working for the upper one percent, the ground for lies and deceptions has been
laid out and we see it daily in politics, media and justice.

In that sense i have comprehension for those demanding to bring down our state
simulation , being leftist yahoos or so called "Reichsbürger". Although personally
i am doing well,i don't take it lightly to live in a society, where the values honor,
truth, courage and justice and hardly measurably anymore, so the reinstatement
of the German Empire as a sovereign state independent from Brussels and the
shadow governments might be the sole way to go as a medium for the above
mentioned values.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Write It Behind Your Ears - There Is No Atom Bomb Existent

Meanwhile i finnished reading Akio Nakatani's book " Exploding The Nuclear
Weapons Hoax " and it is a gem. In great detail he turns every stone and explains
the following ...

- Why huge explosions through fission and chain reactions are physically impos-

- How Hiroshima was annihilated through incendiary bombs.

- Why Japan gladly played along in the psy-op.

- Why a beach holiday on the Bikini-Atoll can be contemplated.

The nuclear research program was started under the name "Manhattan Project "
and had their labs located in Los Alamos, New Mexico. The most prominent
participants comprised Robert Oppenheimer, Leo Szilard and Edward Teller.
They all belonged to the chosen tribe and readers of this blog know my strained
relationship with them. The former two went to U.S. Pres. Roosevelt and con -
vinced him from the necessity to build a nuclear bomb. FDR concurred and did
dish out every amount of money they asked for. Eventually 2 billion US$, which
roughly equals 26 billions in todays equivalent, were eased from the taxpayers
pockets, who in return got a 100 ton TNT explosion in the desert, two steel jumbos
and plenty of footage documenting the charade, in which Albert Einstein also
played a major part with his e = mc² humbug. Afterwards he declared, he does not
want to be involved any longer with the project because of its monstrous danger
for humankind and thus handed in some credibility.

I assume back then the idea was  born, how easy it would be to extort a beaucoup
of money using the nuclear hoax, well hidden inside a blown up defense budget.
The UdSSR/ Russia or those who control them jumped on the bandwageon and ad-
opted the same concept, that shall keep humans in constant fear from armageddon,
so they are all in cahoots with each other and without a doubt the cold war is nothing
but theater for the masses.

Continuation now is going on with the bickering between USrael and Iran, who are
threatening to resume their nuclear weapons  program. Those in the know like my-
self can only react with a weary facepalm about all that bs ...

Another voice of reason

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Project Blue Beam / Holograms

World reknowned Circus Roncalli just came to town and in times when it is po-
litically incorrect to use performing animals, that circus replaced them with
holograms. Obviously not with those you find on a credit card or drivers licence,
but sophisticated images projected in the space through lasers. These images have
two-dimensional surfaces, though seem to be three-dimensional and are absolute
precise with the ability to change their color and form.

Project Blue Beam works similar in this vein and i have heard it for the first time
in context with 9/11. It was suggested , that no planes at all flew into the towers,
but projections were used. Video footage show people on the ground were not
aware of the planes until the explosion, although these planes make a hell lot of
noise so i would not discard the option. We must remember, military technology
is always ten years ahead of available civil technology and we do not know what
else these madmen have up their sleeves to fool and control the people.

So wilder speculations suppose Blue Beams will be used as a tool for the overture
of the New World Order or to simulate an alien invasion for which also chemtrails
will be needed. Nothing seems to be too far fetched these days ...

Stunning video of a whale hologram 

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Crimea Calling

In about two months i intend traveling to the Crimea and i am looking forward
to it. The Ukrainians were stupid enough to sell out to the U.S.A and not only
lost their gold but that marvellous penninsula as well since it belongs to Russia
now, a country i have great sympathy for after my last trip two years ago and it
will be a great change leaving the whacky western society for mentally sane

I plan to meet folks from the before mentioned journey and together we want to
attend the famous "Night Wolves"- bike show near Sewastopol. Besides that
the Crimea is full of interesting historic sites and beautiful landscapes, so well
worth a visit methinks.