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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Project Blue Beam / Holograms

World reknowned Circus Roncalli just came to town and in times when it is po-
litically incorrect to use performing animals, that circus replaced them with
holograms. Obviously not with those you find on a credit card or drivers licence,
but sophisticated images projected in the space through lasers. These images have
two-dimensional surfaces, though seem to be three-dimensional and are absolute
precise with the ability to change their color and form.

Project Blue Beam works similar in this vein and i have heard it for the first time
in context with 9/11. It was suggested , that no planes at all flew into the towers,
but projections were used. Video footage show people on the ground were not
aware of the planes until the explosion, although these planes make a hell lot of
noise so i would not discard the option. We must remember, military technology
is always ten years ahead of available civil technology and we do not know what
else these madmen have up their sleeves to fool and control the people.

So wilder speculations suppose Blue Beams will be used as a tool for the overture
of the New World Order or to simulate an alien invasion for which also chemtrails
will be needed. Nothing seems to be too far fetched these days ...

Stunning video of a whale hologram 

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