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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Outlook For 2016

This is the 50 th and final post this year. Not bad for someone, who usually has a hard
time writing a postcard and always finnished first authoring an essay at school.

Anyway, this is the current status of the Western community of values : Governments
are corrupt and dishonest, the mainstream media is corrupt and dishonest, the finan-
cial system is criminal and destructive and that driving schools in The Netherlands
accept now a blowjob as a payment is further proof for the demise.

 Next year the European Football Championships take place with full fiftyone games being played giving politicians ample time to plot something unnoticed, for instance to turn the West in a bankster / enterprise dominated dictatorship through TTIP. Furthermore Russia's president Putin plans to terminate Rothschild's bondage on Russia's central bank and along with China to break the U.S. American hegemony, though both of course can be part of a greater game the philosopher Hegel called " Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis ". If successful, the Zionists probably won't take it lightly and if you psychos want to start the endgame, please get the nukes out and don't mess around with tanks, grenades and shite, right ? Thank you ...

A smart man once said, that " When injustice becomes justice, resistance becomes an obligation. " and that is the case here in the Federal Republic in Germany. What we have is a government following an agenda to abolish this country and its population alltogether through the migration weapon with the establishment of Islam and no one without a migration background the final target ( Perhaps it is a good idea to stay away from pork meat, if you want to keep your virility ).What sounds dramatic is not a secret, but are well known plans by Henry Morgenthau and Thomas Barnett to name just a few without empathy for this nation. What is required now are not do-gooders rushing to the train station with a "refugee welcome " sign, but men with cojones. Unfortunately there number is dwindling, since a growing quantity of lads has been conditioned to change diapers, prance at the "Christopher Street Day"- parade or wear pink football shoes. Lenin already knew, that a revolution in Germany is impossible since " stepping on the lawn is prohibited ", but who knows what happens, if they keep on pushing. All this makes grim reading and is strainous to a degree, though i am confident more and more people awake and turn things for the better. At the end you can't keep a good man down ...

As usual thank you very much for visiting this site and the very best for 2016.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

26.12 Boxing Day ...

... is the biggest day of sports in the UK and
offers plenty of betting opportunities.

Here is my rota of bets ==>

King George VI Chase ( Grade 1 ) in Kempton

Jumps racing at its finest with SILVINIACO CONTI defending his crown in this
race. So far in the season he didn't fire on all cylinders and is easy to back now.
But this is his race and this is his course and i am confident trainer Paul Nicholls
will have his top chaser brought back to peak form.
Silviniaco Conti to win @ 10***PU

In the Premier League out of form high street clubs encounter less fancied sides
playing great football right now, what is hardly ackknowledged by the bookies,
so i think great value can be found in the "double chance" market .

Liverpool vs Leicester                 X2
Stoke      vs Manchester U.          1X
Chelsea   vs Watford                   X2

A treble @ 8.54***LOST

PDC World Championship 2nd round

Dave Chisnall    vs    Christian Kist      < 12,5    180s
Gary Anderson  vs    Daryl Gurney       < 13,5    180s

Dave and Gary are clear favs and usually hammer in plenty of these highest scores.
I expect them to make short work and finish their games in no more than five sets
and thus it won't be easy to exceed the above marks.
A double @ 3.15***LOST

Happy Christmas all

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Paris Climate Conference

A friend of mine once told me, that he prefers a warmer climate and thus wanted to
let the engine of his car run idle over the night not knowing that carbon dioxide can
be found naturally in the biosphere, is essential for plants to grow and has nothing
to do with global warming. It is a fraud of a gigantic magnitude initiated by former
U.S. vize president Al Gore.

Now a couple of days ago 195 countries have sent their delegates to Paris in order
to agree upon ways to stop global warming. Although i guess their minds were rather
on moving on to a Parisienne gourmet restaurant, than on endangered Maledivian
islands they proclaimed they wanted to curb the rise of the global temperature to 2,
no, even better to 1,5 degrees celsius in the future, hooray ! The mainstream media
sold that as a milestone, breakthrough and what not and why bother of geo-enginee-
ring, GMOs' and uranium depleted ammunition widely used by our American "friends"
in the Middle-East. The U.S army is by the way the single biggest oil consumer world-

I became clairaudient, when we were told, that industrial nations shall support less
affluent nations with 100 billion dollars annually helping them to manage the energy
revolution. Translated, this means taking taxpayers money and shift it in the satchels
from the elites, who don't give a bloody whit about the human wellbeing - that is what
this charade in my opinion is all about.

In the banana republic i live in,the exit from nuclear and fossil fuel energy has led to a
steep rise of energy expenses  meaning many households, who cannot cope any longer
with the high prices were cut off from the power line and literally sitting in the dark.
Furthermore buildings have to be wrapped in styrofoam blocks to provide more effi-
cient heating. Unfortunately this prevents a decent air circulation inside and enhances
the growth of mildew, if the windows are closed for awhile. These blocks are covered
with extremely toxic paint, which over time is washed into the soil contaminating it
and when they catch fire desaster strucks.

Insanity in the name of saving the environment.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

The COMPACT Magazine

The word "Schadenfreude" only exists in the German voc-
abulary and means to gain some joy out of someone elses
misery and as such is a negative emotion, which should be
avoided. Though not so for the German mainstream print
media, who are losing heaps of readers and that is fully
deserved. The once reputable SPIEGEL for instance was
famous for its investigative journalism, but nowadays it
seems there is a new breed of arrogant, young and clueless
scribes only able to copy and paste what news agencies
spoon fed to them, what is usually U.S approved propaganda

 Folks are not longer willing to pay for that rubbish and as a consequence the SPIEGEL
 has to lay-off many of his associates. It doesn't look any better for the STERN, who
 according to this "truther" faces bankruptcy.

They all pay the price for following a political correct directive, which becomes really
worrying. Metal Union boss Hoffmann recently demanded, that workers get fired, who
criticize the migrant invasion.A theater in Berlin currently plays an opus, where actors
use hate speeches towards members of the AfD- party and PEGIDA marchers, which
are in the great majority regular hard working people preoccupied about the way this
nation is heading for.

However there is a beacon in the print media scene and that is the COMPACT Mag
published by Jürgen Elsässer. He along with his team deserves a lot of credit for
writing about the much needed truth of the matter and any support for their efforts
trying to get this country back on track is very much appreciated.                                                                                                          

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Me, The Conspiracy Theorist

" Germanwings co-pilot Andreas L. was afraid of losing his eyesight and took severe
  medication ... "
This was a brief notice read out by a blonde CNN presstitute when i have been in
Cuba last June. So even nearly three months after the crash they kept throwing crap
at him, who can't defend himself anymore. It seems, any time, when more and more 
people think outside the box and question the official statement they come up with 
additional accusations to reinforce and defend the initial claim against conspiracy 
theorists - a term onced coined by the CIA in context with the JFK assassination to 
ridicule and silence any doubters of the lone gunman theory.
Whoever rules the world, wether the Illuminati, Jesuits, Freemasons or whatever 
these knuckleheads call themselves, they have made sure every important position in 
politics and the mainstream media is occupied with a loyal and corrupt person, foll-
owing their orders. So if they want to spread the great CO2 swindle they simply fab-
ricate an image with an polar bear floating on an ice sheet and spread that image 
around the world through the major newspapers and TV-stations they own.
Folks wake up about the danger of flouride in water and toothpaste, when all of a 
sudden interviews with dentists appear telling us about the benefits of flouride for the
dental enamel. More and more parents understand, that it is perhaps not such a good
idea to administer a dozen or so vaccines to a newborn, turning him as a physical and
mental wreck into a money spinner for the pharma industry, who answers with large
scale propaganda promoting the benefits of vaccines.
In this context i want to mention chancellora Angela Merkel for a final time this year.
She is a perfect lackey for the system and i don't even bother to listen, when she
speaks knowing she is a straightfaced liar and obedient tool of sinnister powers -
at times demonstrated by her robot like remote controlled behaviour. Sometimes
people wonder about her hands formed to a triangle above the button of her jacket.
Of course she illustrates Lucifers' all-seeing eye, which is an occultist symbol, and
clarifies, where she is coming from. Though she is not alone, for instance many of the
most powerful people ( former chancellor Schmidt being one of them ) meet annually
at the Bohemian Grove to worship to a giant wooden owl and conduct other rather
peculiar rituals. So it is fair to say, that those, who rule politics and the mainstream
media are mentally not sane in most cases and the choice for us is there.
Do we remain sheeple accepting being manipulated left, right and center or do we be-
come conspiracy theorists trying to make life for the before mentioned a little harder ?

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Paris Attacks Update

Nearly two weeks after the attacks several film maker released their videos and the 
general tenor is, that we are dealing with another false flagged psy-op. Some affirm
the French government knew, what would happen, but didn't act, some say Gladio or 
another secret service is responsible while others see the event as a complete hoax
with crisis actors and nobody hurt.

I don't want to stick my neck out and leave it open for debate, however can not
ignore a couple of inconsistencies.
- On the same day emergency drills were conducted in Paris as were before the att-
  acks in London and Madrid.
- A girl was identified in Paris, who participated in the Sandy Hook and Boston 
  Marathon hoaxes as well.
- Another actor(?) apparently became bored playing dead and started to twiddle
  with his handy (3:50)
- An alleged terrorist wanted to get in the Stade de France with a valid ticket, when
   a guard told him: " Sorry dude, you can't enter the premises with a suicide belt."
   So he left and blew himself up somewhere else ? Hmmm ...
- This lucky guy said he was standing next to a exploding bomb, but was only hit by
   a single piece of shrapnel, which was deflected by his friggin' smartphone. Yeah,
   right !
- Take a look at this picture from the Bataclan ballroom. I would think, victims were
   carried out on a stretcher, but here it seems blood drenched bodies were dragged
   around until the shape of Lucifer's all-seeing eye was formed. Strange stuff.
- This footage apparently stems from an amateur filmer showing some dead bodies,
   but was released on AFP. Who controls AFP again ?

When the famous question "Who benefits ?" would be asked, French president F.
Hollande would make it to the top of the list. He had to go to the basement to see
for his approval rate, but now gained some popularity. He used exactly the same
rhetoric as George W. Bush after the 9/11 attacks and finally had a legitimation for
bombing Syria, which is what he did full throttle.

My point is, that all the world is a stage and before believing the bollocks from the
mainstream media and rushing to the French embassy with a bunch of flowers i
strongly suggest to check the internet for more background information.

Then in the Federal Republic in Germany a friendly football match with The Nether-
lands should have taken place in Hanover. The government wanted to attend to
demonstrate they are not willing to give in to terrorism and stand as one, when ...
the game was canceled half a hour prior to kickoff - damn ! My take on that is, that
someone tapped on chancellora Merkels' shoulder and reminded her, that a football 
stadium is not a TV studio, which easily can be filled with claqueurs. It simply doesn't 
bode well, when thousands of people see Merkels' phony face on a big screen and 
chant "Merkel, get lost" - so she cancelled the game. Her Interior Minister stuttered
around afterwards, but could not come up with credible reasons, though thankfully
Merkels' good friend and tribal sister Friede Springer, who owns the filthy tabloid BILD
helped out the next day with headlines of supposed bomb threats. Calling Europe a
madhouse would be the understatement of the year.

Rest my case.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Terrorist Attacks In Paris

Prelude: The military-industrial complex  in the U.S.A. demands orders and to get
them an enemy is required. Is there for once no one available the C.I.A. goes to
work and creates one as they did with AQ functioning as a scapegoat after the
9/11  attacks or more contemporary the IS, who practically arrived at the scene
overnight sporting brand new Toyota pick-up trucks and weaponry. Meanwhile
the U.S. Airforce flew thousands of airstrikes allegedly to annihilate them, but left
them mostly unscathed, so they are able to execute their main task ousting Syrian
president al-Assad, who still refuses to hand over his central bank to Rothschild.
So every time a rocket plows into the Syrian desert some fat cats rub their hands
as they did during the Vietnam war, when 400000 $ were spent to kill a Vietcong,
but that is another story.
Then the attacks happened last Friday in Paris claiming the lifes of many innocent
people and I am still trying to get to grips with why that happened. Is the IS now
biting the western hand, which feeds them or do we look at another false flag attack ?
The trademark left behind passport and the killed assassins with the exception
of one , who were (deliberately ?) got off the hook to avoid inconvenient questions
are pointers in that direction. Also that the Bataclan ballroom, where the majority
of the victims were killed, was sold prior to the attacks by the Jewish owners
raises eyebrows.
The exodus of refugees and intruders into Europe began shortly after the Bilder-
berger meeting held in June. Their plan is, what the free masons call " Ordo ab
chao ", meaning to introduce a new order after Europe was ushered into a com-
lete status of chaos and anxiety through the human invasion and terrorist attacks.
So you see, the completely degenerated Western world of values leaves plenty of
room for interpretations. The biggest lunatics might be gun slewing Islamists, how-
ever the most dangerous terrorists are white and wear a necktie.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Garden Impressions

I feel fortunate to have a garden at my disposal as
he is a santuary of tranquility in the surrounding
madness at least, if nobody operates garden mach-
inery.The harvest was alright and it gives great
satisfaction to pick the ingredients for a meal after
some efforts made earlier in the year. In general
i have great admiration for those, who are able to
live a self-supporting lifestyle and this book is a
 great read for those willing to give it a try. The
           pictures show a duck family, my favorite berry
           (physallis peruviana or Andean berry), an insect
           hotel, which can be very entertaining and the sky
           over Hamburg - even on a Sunday these bastards
           are spraying.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Introducing Arno Dübel ...

... of " Germanys' laziest bloke " fame. For some 30 years now Arno stubbornly rejects any job offer and rather spends his days sitting on a couch with a can of beer and a smoke. He made ideal fodder for talk shows, where people poked fun at him and called him names without noticing the true value this man posesses. He figured out a long time ago, when he ( imho ) thought : " Wait a minute ! If i enter the daily grind i support a system, that ...

- makes sure considerable funds are shifted from the hard-working to the rich &
   useless to through taxation and interest.
  - protects bankster and other criminals with the likes of chancellora Angela Merkel.
    Merkel was recently reported to the prosecution for high treason and smuggling
    in human beings, but of course to no avail. I can' t stress enough, that the Fed.
    Rep. in Germany is registered as a company and thus Merkel quasi acts as a
    manager, who anytime can hire millions of migrants without asking the staff, us
    citizens, until a point of self-defence has been reached. Furthermore the federal
    prosecutor is bound by instructions to the justice minister, who in turn is a mem-
    ber of the government and shielding Merkel. This charade is called democracy
    German style, oh dear, oh dear ...
- embarasses nearly every German presenting a passport at a foreign immigration,
   marking him as a drudge without rights.
 - makes sure not the best and honest make it to the top, but those, who are ruthless
   and savvy or bootlickers.
- manipulates the people constantly starting with the school education followed up
   by the mass media.
 - drums into our heads, we are the culprits for last centuries world wars and must
   hang our heads in shame for many more generations to come. History is written by
   victors, who try to hide the emerging truth that many powers played a hand behind
   the scenes ochestrating the wars.Who again are the biggest war profiteers ?
- constucts a building like this one for the secret service. They will tell us, it's
   associates will be used to fight terrorism, when in reality moves from each and
   everyone of us will be monitored.
Clearly Mr. Dübel is not (only) about laziness, but about attitude - he is not feeding
the system, the system feeds him. Personally i prefer making money with my own
hands, but perhaps all concerned should show the extended middle finger to the
system perhaps for a week or so to force fundamental changes with the installment
of a constitutional legality and without sinnister foreign influences as it was echoed by
Evo Morales. Me thinks after 70 years it is about time for fucks' sake.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Breeders' Cup 2015

On 30/31 October the Breeders' Cup meeting takes place in Keeneland / Kentucky (USA) with races run on dirt and turf. While U.S. American horses dominate the dirt races, on those run on turf usally European raiders keep the upper hand. Again French master trainer Andre Fabre has some strong entries with MISS FRANCE in the Fillies And Mares Turf and MAKE BELIEVE in the Breeders' Cup Mile. Miss France has currently a bout of seconditis, but will hopefully get her head in front again in this contest, who won't be the dawdle she normally encounters in French races and thus will suit. Make Believe won the Prix La Foret four weeks ago in eyecatching fashion and will be hard to beat. I bet two singles @ 8 and 4 and an each-way double.*** Both ran a stinker

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Introducing Jose "Pepe" Mujica

Never heard of this extraordinary man ? Me neither until i read a comment
about him on a political webpage. Mujica has been the president of
Uruguay until last March, when he stepped down, because of his advanced
age. Once in Peru i talked to a traveller from Uruguay and he spoke very
positively about his country - i can see why. The economy is doing reasonably
well, the crime rate is very low and the people are satisfied and laid back. Now
compare that to the Federal Rep. in Germany, where we almost on a daily
base make it to the headlines mostly for all the wrong reasons and the next
scandal is always looming around the corner. Here in the western community
of values politics is a pool full of sharks and only those survive, who dance to
the tune of the finance elite. Mujica had turned away in disgust and would not
waste a minute with these scumbags, but it seems Uruguay was the right place
and the country was waiting for him and his calm and human manners.
" Fue un placer connocerlo, señor, mucho suerte."

For more information about Jose Murica, please watch this video.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Reunification And More Lies, Fraud And Deceptions

I already wrote about the status of the Federal Republic in Germany, but felt i needed more profound knowledge about the subject to write with more authority. So i purchased the book " Die BRD-GmbH " by Dr. Klaus Maurer and it is a mandatory read for Germans, who don't want to sleep on, but want to become enlightened citizens. Nearly two weeks ago the 25th anniversary of the reunification between the FRiG and the German Democtatic Republic was celebrated and as it turned out, it was a legally void one , because none of both countries met the requirements to be called a state. My conclusion is , that the reunification took place following a political will and was another step towards the establishment of a one-world-government. Again, the Federal Republic in Germany is not a state, but a administration construct founded by the main victorious World War II power, the USA, and at that point all adversity started, because nothing was omitted to keep Germans as U.S vasalls. The FRiG is registered as a limited liability company , so although the country sits on trillions of Euros of debts, the liability is limited to 25000 Euros - ain't looking good for creditors. German politicians are mere representatives of the USA and first and foremost obey their interests. Hence it is perfectly okay to call Merkel & co traitors. Us regular citizens are considered employees of that company and with the implemented commercial law have few more rights, than a sack of potatoes. As such we are NOT natural , but legal persons perceived as objects and objects have no rights. All of that legal stuff is very complicated and to explain it in fluid English is beyond me, but perhaps it is sufficient to point to a couple of examples. Under number C4c. in a car title it is stated, that the holder of that title is only the possessor of the car in question, however NOT the owner, so he can get stripped of the car any time. It is the same with real estate. When a mayor of the FRiG-system needs room for fugtives he can toss out  residents of houses for compensation and there is nothing, they can do about it. The content of the mainstream media is controlled by the occupying power to make shure we get manipulated left, right and center and they also determine , what our kids learn in school - it is no wonder they become obedient, uncritical systemites. Now what can be done to get out of that dishonourable misery ? I wrote before, that it is compulsory to stay away from elections. All politicians are embedded within the system and will NOT represent the interests of the people. That is, why only shady characters as Merkel, Gabriel and Gauck can make it the top ranks, they are perfect fits in a system consisting of lies, fraud, deception and more lies indeed. Key is as far as i am concerned is to liquidate the Federal Republic in Germany and start over with the German Empire ( = Germany ) with the status it had 1937 along with a proper constitution. Thus it would be possible to finally regain sovereignty by negotiating a peace treaty with the USA, who if successful also can't terrorise the world any longer for certain reasons.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Nobel Peace Prize 2015

Already tomorrow the Nobel Peace Prize will be handed over in Oslo, Norway. Frankly, i don't know the majority of the contenders and have no clue, what they have achieved, but it seems they just got an overwhelming rival and that is German chancellora Angela Merkel ! " Excuse me, who ?" i hear you asking and certainly, under normal circumstances someone like her would never receive such a prize by any stretch of the imagination, but in the twisted world we live in everything is possible and she could easily become a successor of Barack Obama. Here is a list of some of her misdeeds ...

-  She is a loyal poodle of the greatest terror state in the world, the USA.
-  Under her regime Germany remains the third largest arms exporter.
-  Repeated arms deliveries free of charge to Israel, who once again just started
    militant skirmishes with Palestine. This webpage sheds some light on Merkels
    proximity to Israel and gives an Idea, why she still is untouchable.
-  She gave 500 million Euros as financial aid to her tribes buddy,
   Ukrainian Pres. Petro Poroschenko, accompanied with bloomy words.      
   Poroschenko however wasted no time to modernize his army.
-  She imposed austerity actions against the Greek population, what lead to riots.
-  She openend the gates for illegal immigrants to Germany.
   This country turns into a banana republic, because law
   and order are overruled to cope with the invasion.
   Supplying the fugitives becomes more and more diffi-
   cult, so the situation can get ugly pretty soon. What we
   can observe here live and in color is the execution of a
   plan trying to annihilate this country and their culture.

I placed a bet with Betsson, that Merkel will receive the Nobel Peace Prize @ 10. Should i win i will donate all profits to " MEDICINS SANS FRONTIERS ". Their hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, was destroyed by an American airstrike.*** A wise decision has been made, my bet lost and i leave it there ...


Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Prix De L' Arc De Triomhe 2015 ...

takes place next Sunday and revolves around Cruiquette Head's super mare Treve, trying to win this race an unprecedented third time. She bolted up in the recent run Prix Vermeilles and made the strong opposition look like one paced plodders. Her odds are accordingly low and useless now, but with her taking a chunk out of the market there must be found some value elsewhere and i side with FLINTSHIRE (left), trained by French master Andre Fabre. He finnished second last year behind Treve, but unlike her he relishes quick ground, which he should get since very little rain has fallen in France for this time of the year. Flintshire to win and place @ 21.*** 2nd

Some more entries in the Longchamp card caught my eye, which are SOLE POWER @ 8 *** UP in the Prix Abbaye and ALEX MY BOY @ 3.25 in the Prix du Cadran.*** NR

Due to popular demand here again is the video with some suffering Japanese racing afficionados watching this race three years ago.

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Already nearly two years ago a Syrian teenager released a video she dubbed " Why The NWO Hates Syria ". She gave eight reasons explaining her statement, which are in a nutshell ...

1.) Syria's central bank is owned and controlled by the state.
2.) Syria has no IWF debt.
3.) Syria has banned genetically manipulated seeds.
4.) Syria's population is well informed about the New World Order.
5.) Syria has massive oil- and gas reserves.
6.) Syria opposes Zionism and Israel.
7.) Syria is the last secular Muslim state in the Middle east.
8.) Syria maintains its cultural and political national identity.

Some might dismiss the above as propaganda, but to me it makes a lot of sense and if true, Pres. Bashar al-Assad is right on track. He is a highly educated and soft spoken man, who will not bow down to American interests and belongs to the Alawite minority, which occupies many important positions, what leads unavoidable to tensions with the Sunni majority. In 1982 his father Hafez brutally put down a Sunni rebellion and he himself certainly is not squirmish either, when his power is in danger. The Middle-East probably remains a trouble spot, because of the frontiers, which once were drawn by the British with a rule not considering rank memberships. Anyway, meanwhile Wladimir Putin is taking care of business in Syria and let's hope he can further push back American influence and repacify the country - this would enable Syria to be rebuilt and stop the exodus of people.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fine Spirits

Currently i have some exquisite liquor for sale at Ebay. If you are a connoisseur and appreciate an outstanding drink please check out what is on offer. *** Whisky CHIVAS REGAL Royal Salute 21 years old *** Whiskey Liqueur DRAMBUIE Prince Charles Edwards *** Cognac TRES VIEILLES BORDERIES de Francois Giboin *** Armagnac SEMPE NAPOLEON

Thursday, September 10, 2015

9/11 Anniversary

Tomorrow takes place the 14th anniversary of the twin tower attacks and plenty of false tears will be shed, since even those , who lived underneath a stone in recent years should know by now that these attacks were not executed by Arabs with box cutters, but are an inside job. So it is not really a surprise, that the implemented inquiry commission headed by Henry Kissinger and Michael Chertoff didn't come up with profound revelations and left that job to some excellent film makers, whose accumulated facts about the above made statement can't be denied. My preferred three are these :  LOOSE CHANGE *** 9/11 MISSING LINKS *** CONCUSIVE EVIDENTS THE 9/11 PLANES WERE NOT REAL, suggesting the planes were an optical illusion. The bad news is, that the culprits will probably not only elude their rightful punishment, but perhaps will commit further atrocities following their seven year Shemitah cycle.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Anti-Germans

Germany is a different country in many aspects. It pays huge sums of tribute to its occupying power, every household has to pay a monthly fee for a public broadcasting service and gets in return a massive dose of propaganda and manipulation and it has a chancellora despising the nation she governs and its inhabitants alltogether. Recently Merkel visited the saxonian town of Heidenau, where someone called her a traitor. Officials search now for the culprit to impeach her, though in my view the person in question has nothing to worry about, since Merkel's deeds to sell out the nation are well documented and every mediocre lawyer should win the case. Next month Fed. Pres. Gauck travels to Washington and if he would represent the German population, he would say: "Listen Mr. Obama, us Germans are sick and tired of your war mongering. We want you to sign a peace treaty to regain our sovereignity and your weaponry out afterwards." Of course that is wishful thinking. Gauck will throw himself in the dust in front of Obama, reassuring him, that Germany remains a faithful vasall, standing firmly by the American side, even when they want to pull us into a war against Russia - Obama will acknowledge it with a satisfied nod. The Left Party and especially the Green Party traditionally never had a shortage of Germany haters with top cadres J. Fischer, J. Trittin and C. Roth. They consider every white German a Nazi or racist, who needs to be annihilated for instance by opening the floodgates for fugitives even further. This means that politicians basically without any sort of education want to destroy, what generations of bright and diligent people established after world war II. So how about myself now ? Difficult. On a daily base i shake my head in disbelief about the bollocks happening here filling the newspapers. The mainstream media and politics formed a dreadful alliance trying to brainwash the people's minds and worse the old Roman principle of divide et impera works perfect here with all sorts of groups fighting each other, pro-asylants vs contra-asylants, gays vs heteros, car drivers vs bicyclists etc, etc etc, ...  Furthermore when i use public transportation, it seems everyone i see has to carry the burden of the whole world on his shoulders. Germany likes to boast of being export champs and being the world football champs too is a necessity. I as a non-competitive person don't give a bloody whit about all that. I would rather like to see, that Germany for once doesn't qualify for the tournament and nobody would be bothered. Of course in reality it would be a national drama. The bottom line is, that i am partly anti German as well and this is one reason, why i travelled so frequently over the years. On the other side, when i travel through the northern part of Germany with the great scenery and marvellous folks i develop a sense of home - despite all its shortcomings it is still a privilege to live here.

Jasinna made another fantastic video about the fugitive issue, which can be seen here.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Cigar Box Guitar

Thought i pick a little bit on my newly acquired cbg and make it public without advanced editing.

Thursday, August 20, 2015


<<>>SCHUNGITE WATER I have put 200 gramms of Schungite stones in a decanter. Afterwards i pour tap water, which i ran through an BWT water filter into the decanter and let it sit overnight. Next day then i have delicious energized water to drink. I also want to mention the Schungite pyramid, which i have placed on a Cohiba cigar box. For two years the box had an orange like tone, but with the pyramid on top the colour turned brown within two months - uncanny. <<>> MORINGA OLEIFERA or " The Wonder Tree ". A cup of Moringa tea made with leafs belongs also to my daily diet. Contains loads of minerals and vitamins. Powdered Moringa seeds have the stunning capability to turn dirty water into clear drinking water within minutes.<<>> CHLORELLA ALGAE The algae has the ability to flush aluminum, mercury and other harmful metals out of the system. Aluminum is nasty stuff able to enter the brain through the blood- brain barrier, where it can cause severe damage as Alzheimer disease. I don't want to be perceived as a health nut, however i feel the need to do something protecting me from external health hazards. Aluminium for instance can be found everywhere now as sprayed in the air, in vaccines or deodorants. The way i see it, big food corporations, the gene plumbers from Monsanto and the pharma corporations working hand in hand as they are controlled by the same group of people. The first two make shure only garbage lands on our plate ( especially the junk food geared to those, who live on welfare checks thus reducing their live span ) and then the pharmacists provide the colorful pills to cure diseases caused by malnutrition. The above mentioned supplements are not that expensive and it is money well spent.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Antifa - The Gov's Raiding Party

From time to time groups with blokes dressed in black show up causing havoc. These lefties call themselves " Antifa", which is an abbreviation for Anti-fascists proclaiming to be advocates for the underdogs, so when for instance the police checks papers on someone looking like an fugitive sure enough they arrive at the scene minutes later starting a scuffle calling everybody, who disagrees with them names, mostly the one starting with the "n". Now since nothing in FRiGermany is impossible these groups are partly sponsored by the family ministry thanks to Manuela Schwesig (SPD). This means attacks on AfD members before elections or the PEGIDA movement are state organized and paid for, 10 Euros per hour will do. Former AfD boss Bernd Lucke turned out to be a complete flopper, changing his positions overnight - perhaps he had black hoodies at his threshold threatening him. His successor is Frauke Petry and she is tough as nails and in my opinion will not give in a single inch, despite a recent assault on her company. The message is clear :  Those , who do not follow plans laid out by the power elite and Coudenhove-Kalergi, but represent the interests of the German population become sabotaged. Step by step this plans are executed with politicians , journalists and these Antifa smugs all willing helpers. Germany ships huge amounts of arms to the Middle East adding to the US-American terror and thus producing large streams of fugitives and then Chancellora Merkel proclaims " The Islam belongs to Germany". The German navy even arranged quasi a shuttle service for transporting fugitives over the Mediterranien Sea, but here is , where is gets crazy. An NGO introduced on this webpage makes promotion for becoming an escape agent. Behind the NGO stands the Ayn Rand Institute founded by zionist Ayn Rand. So at first USrael destabilizes the whole region with their terror service provider IS and then they drain the population from neighboring enemy states by hired escape agents hauling them to Europe, where they stir chaos, brilliant ! My hometown Hamburg has now around ninety fugitive camps spread across the city. The fugitives i saw were calm and well behaved, but knowing they are part of a vicious plan leaves an uneasy feeling. The jury is out, how all this will end, but for whites in Europe the future looks indeed dim ( no pun intended ) . The new jersey from the German football team is an indicator, where we are heading to. While players from other nations wear their shirt with pride, on this utmost ugly shirt nothing reminds the players of their origin and it even ridicules them. What the hell are they thinking ?

Thursday, August 6, 2015

In Memory of Joe Carr June 22, 1951 - December 14, 2014

The other day i wondered , how Joe is doing, whom i met in the nineties at the Bluegrass Camp in Levelland, Texas, which he organized along with banjo wizard Alan Munde and which i visited many times subsequently. Besides being a great musician, teacher and author it was his great personality, that made me coming back to the tiny West-Texan town over and over again. However when i checked with Wikipedia about his whereabouts, i learned that he already passed away last year. For me this were really sad news and i feel awful sorry for his wife and daughter as well as the legions of friends and fans he has especially in Texas. Listen to Joe and Alan in this video.


Thursday, July 30, 2015

Essential Reading

1.) The Rothschilds / The Rockefellers by Tilman Knechtel . About a bunch of pubescent geezers ( David Rockefeller just turned 100 during a recent Bilderberger meeting ) considering the world a toy no one else has the right to play with than themselves. The sooner these psychopathic war and cabal merchants burn in hell the better, although they probably have that location under their thumb too.
2.) The Unwinding by George Packer. About the demise of the USA, a country with nearly 50 million people living on food stamps and counting. A society munching on fiat- money has to be doomed, no matter what.
3.) What they don't want us to know by Michael Morris. One of my favorite authors. This man is nobodys fool.
4.) Opinion, Power and Media by Eva Herman. This fine lady was once very popular here in Germany. Then she wrote a couple of books defending the traditional family values, when running the gauntlet began, because she infringed against the political correctness. Written in 2010 it has lost nothing from its actuality.
5.) Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins. The zionist Mr. Evil Henry Kissinger himself once said " The USA have no friends , just interests " and Perkins was an executor of these interests abroad. Personally i do not need to know a single phrase from the planned TTIP and TESA agreements being convinced the reckless Americans will pull the Europeans big time over the table. " But why is chancellora Merkel so keen on implementing these agreements ?" i hear you asking. Hey, she is called the Rothschild Witch for a reason.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Fugitives ...

... keep flooding into Europe with the great majority coming from Syria. In Syria rages a civil war and those, who escaped that hell on earth should receive the help and support they desperately need, while there is no room for sappy remarks. Some say that warfare was launched to sack president Bashar al-Assad, who refuses to hand over his central bank to Rothschild and also to break up the axis Syria-Iran-Russia. When the insurgents didn't succeed, the American kraken C.I.A created ISIS to take over the job and by the way they also created A. Q. and Boko Haram in Nigeria, so when the U.S. Air Force dropped once again weaponry over IS territory it did not happen accidentally. My take is a little different thinking the fugitves are victims of a sinnister plan laid out by the Illuminati for Europe in pursuit of a one world government. At first the EU was founded, then the Euro introduced with Brussels chosen as the location for the central government. Next the frontiers for currencies and merchandise, which from then on could freely flow, were abolished. Now a population is needed, which is mixed with people from different distant places, who mostly discarded their roots and identities and thus are easy to control- bombarding these distant countries will create a stream of fugitives.Finally they top it off with the devils work TTIP and TISA and afterwards Europe will not be, as we know it. CEO's already rub their hands, because they finally can exchange their workforce, which in their eyes is overpaid , has too much vacation and call in sick way too frequently with people willing to work for a couple of Euros fifty and very little benefits. In this video an black African describes other Africans escaping to Europe as scum and feels embarassed for them, while the useful citizens stay at home trying to develop their country. With these rather useless Africans, immigrants even fom Albania, Kosova and Serbia, countries wanting to join the EU, enter Germany and the nation meanwhile is densely covered with refugee camps. This raises a few " What if " - questions. What if the social security fund runs out of funds and all these people cannot be fed any longer ? What if they figure out, the grass is greener on the other side of the road, meaning they don't want to live in containers and tents any longer, but in the nice house across the road ? What if there are sleepers and ticking time bombs among them just waiting for a signal to turn loose ? The answers are the same, a formidable civil war here as well with me a possible fugitive.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Russia Insider ...

... is a welcomed addition to the alternative news media in their information battle against the mainstream media, who stubbornly keep trying to fool the population left, right and center with a recent coverage about the Ukraine by Golineh Atai the latest evidence. Golineh Atai is the ARD's female pendant to the ZDF's propagandist-in-chief Claus Cleber and is regularly featured in the propagandaschau webpage. Apologies for the language, but both Atai and Cleber are mere media whores, who for money avoid it to mention and blame the true culprit for the crisis, which is of course the Empire of Terror, aka the USA. Many journalists in the FRiGermany belong to transatlantic lobbyist groups or even signed a contract ( writers for the filthy tabloid BILD ) prohibiting them to write negatively about the USA if they want to keep their jobs. My family has a longtime subsrciption with the local newspaper " Hamburger Abendblatt ", however when i read another article by Mr. Frankenfeld bashing Putin and Russia i about had it and wrote them a mail threatining with a cancelation, if this continues. I mean, there are constantly rolling U.S. tanks through the FRiG towards the East and the USA have also a argy-bargy going on with China in the South Chinese Sea. The situation could turn ugly pretty soon through U.S. imperialism and it is totally impropiate to cheer for them. It was U.S. pres. Obama, who said in front of a camera , "  we brokered a deal to transition power in Ukraine " and it was him saying " the U.S. trained ISIL ". Does anybody care to listen, please ? HELLO !! Here is what Brother Nathanael has to say about Putin and Obama .

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Corruption And Football

At the end of May seven FIFA ( World Football Association ) officials were arrested on behalf of U.S. authorities in Zurich on corruption charges. Now it is known all over the shop for many years, that the FIFA is highly corrupt and filled with shady characters, so what's behind it. My initial thought was a planned regime change by the Americans replacing boss Joseph Blatter with a puppet, whose first action will be to strip Russia of the World 2018 championships. Blatter himself however got of the hook and became reelected  only to declare his resignation shortly afterwards. Perhaps he became afraid of something we call here in the FRiG " verunfallt " or " geselbstmordet " meaning assassinated and make it look like an accident or suicide. A poll over the expulsion of Israel from all major tournaments for their aggression against Palestine could be another reason for the arrests and if so has been successful since the poll was cancelled. +++ This own goal was scored in the German Bundesleague on matchday 34 in a match between Hannover 96 and SC Freiburg. The defender in question is either the clumsiest player in the history of the game or this was the most blatant case of match fixing i ever whitnessed - i opt for the second choice. This was only one of many occasions, when i scratched my chin over other own goals, peculiar referee decisions and defender not taking part to prevent a goal during the last matchdays and it seems there was a general agreement, that Paderborn and Freiburg should be relegated, because these are the least commercially attractive clubs methinks. Paderborn lost at Schalke 04 by an own goal despite being the stronger team and after the season, surprise, surprise, Paderborn coach Breitenreiter jumped ship to Schalke. Of course i cannot provide any proof, just implications, but this looks fishy all the way. Personally i will keep following football and place a bet once in a while, but swore already many years ago i will never ever directly support it with a single Euro not to mention going to the stadium to join flocks of idiots and listen to their monotonous chants.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Deutsches Derby 2015 In Hamburg

Time to get dressed with a tuxedo and a topper and go to the racecourse next Sunday. I usually don't pay much attention to German racing with this contest the exception. Karpino has been the long time fav and i was really keen on seeing him running, but he was withdrawn last Monday due to an alleged injury by his trainer A. Wöhler and it seems to me, nobody burns more anti-post money than him. The rest of the lot frequently raced against each other and clearly on top of the hierachy comes SHIMRANO ( GER ). This son of the mighty Monsun has won the most important trial race, should stay the distance and has the best draw, so really looks the part. I also like , that he is steered by flying Dutchman Adrie de Vries and not some British import jockey, who never cut it around here. Do odds of 2.70 quicken my pulse ? Certainly not, but there we go.***UP

Friday, June 26, 2015

Cuba Revisited

After two years i decided to visit Cuba once again before the American invasion sets in, because having a drink in a bar next to a noisy American snitch is nothing i appreciate. Didn't take long until the first bummer appeared and no, it's not the selfie-stick i forgot at home, in fact i don't own one, but the seats installed in the "Air France"- Boeing aircraft. For nearly ten hours i was sitting instead of a cosy cushion on a piece of plywood with a thin layer of foam and fabric causing my butt to hurt for two days afterwards - shocking! Upon arrival in Havana as usual i checked in the " Lido "- hotel conveniently located in the city center. The rates are reasonable and the rooms are nice and safe. Since i was open-minded towards the people and speak their language it didn't take long to get in touch with locals. I shared many beers and delved into the sweaty night life with them, even spent a night with some blacks playing dominoes, drinking and smoking, however over time i grew a little angry over the impertinent attitude a few developed. I felt more than once to be pretty generous, when folks asked for more and so i decided to stay mostly on my own. Also i went again to the " cooperativa " from the Patargas factory to buy some cigars and guess what, they sold me faked Cohiba's, leaving me gobsmacked. I am just trying to resell a box on Ebay, which can be found here. Other events of note were my birthday party on the Malecon and the valuable Cohiba Esplendido cigar an elderly gentleman gave to me and which i will smoke next week at the races. A hooker i met on the street late at night was less polite. She came alongside and nestled her bum in my abdomen, while twiddling with my trousers zipper. I told her to stop that and let me go when suddenly she reached in my pocket and made off with my wallet. I went after her in hot pursuit, when she disappeared in a huge pitch black house. I then noticed i pulled a harmstring and could not follow her any longer accepting the loss of one peso fifty and a stack of business cards she won't have much use for. These girls are really something to be aware of. So you see Havana can really be a mixed bag with events changing thick and fast. I was there now for the third time now and feel that will do.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Weekend Sports

Before we have to deal with the bread and butter football from Scandinavia, the Champions League final is scheduled next Saturday between FC BARCELONA vs JUVENTUS TURIN. Barca is the clear fav and without doubt has the best team worldwide. Nonetheless i liked the way Juve stripped Real Madrid of their sparkle in the semis and a repitition of that performance could see them prevailing here at tasty odds. Furthermore i feel the old wiley fox Carlos Tevez is the right man to exploit any slip up in Barca's defense. Bets as follows : Juve to lift the trophy @ 3.20 and Carlos Tevez to score anytime @ 3.80 ***Both Lost Now over to the sport of kings. Also at Saturday the Investec Derby in Epsom Downs takes place. Golden Horn is heading the market and deservedly so after a scintillating ride in the Dante Stakes, where his jockey had a hard time pulling him up, what suggests he will stay the longer trip here. However two pitfalls are his low odds and that that jockey Dettori is back on board. I will have a dabble on him as a stakes saver ***WON, but my main money will be down for HANS HOLBEIN ( IRE, foto) , trained by Ballydoyle master Aidan O' Brian. He has already won over the trip boosting my confidence he will at least grab a place, especially when the ground turns a bit more to the softer side. Hans Holbein to win and place @ 15.***UP. Off to Cuba next Saturday.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Smart Meters - Paranoid Or Educated On The Topic ?

Recently a utility technician showed up and mumbled, that by executing a new law he had to install a smart meter, which is a device for measuring the consumption of power and without any authorization he proceeded. Now i wonder, what's next ? Do we have to exchange our TV-set with a Samsung flatscreen, capable of recording and forwarding any word spoken in a living room ? You got to be kiddin' me ... I have heard before that a smart meter too was created to function as a spying tool ( please check out Marc Elsberg's thriller " Blackout " ), but even worse is he is an enormous health hazard due to severe electro magnetic radiation. Sure enough it didn't take long to get fully aware of that, when after a closer inspection i received heart palpitation, felt pressure in my head and had a constant ringing in my ear, so i wasted no time to shield that sucker, although to be perfectly honest i had rather preferred to grab an axe and finnish that thing off. The plan is to equip every household with a smart meter and so it is easy to imagine the magnitude of electrosmog we are exposed to. We will marvel ( except the NWO folks ), where all the bees have gone along with the bats, why people in large numbers become unfertile or develop tumors due to a canged DNA. Dealing with esoterism is usually against my nature, until i discovered Schungit and Orgonit stones. Maybe it is hocus-pocus and folly to think they will mitigate the effects of radiation, however i will give them a try. Will the insanity ever end ? Certainly not in the Western community of values ... Brian Thiesen gave a great lecture of the subject, which can be seen here.  Other videos and webpages of interest

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Eurovision Song Contest 2015

Last years contest was won by a transvestite named Conchita Wurst and most certainly not for performing a stellar piece of music, but for enforcing the political correct " gay is good " - movement. In this years contest participated a punk n' roll band from Finland called PKN, whose members are mentally retarded and i expected them to win for similar reasons as Conchita for following a political correct line. However it didn't work out, as PKN was eliminated in the semis. Apparently the badass trumpet solo, which could rattle Miles Davis' bones six feet under, was not to everyones liking. Now i don't bother listening to all crooners trying to find the winner, but checked some webpages and it seems the favourite is quite popular, so to generate some interest i, with grinding my teeth, accept odds of 2.50 and have a flutter on Sweden to win.***WON

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Putin meets Kerry

Last Tuesday Wladimir Putin met U.S. foreign secretary John Kerry for a meet and greet in Sotschi, Russia, where this picture was taken with the priceless grin on Putin's face, letting Kerry know : " See, Mr. Buckaroo, i got you by the balls, haven't i ? " No doubt Putin is intellectually head and shoulders above his foes, but caution is advised, because someone like Kerry shakes hands with the right and holds a baseball bat with the left behind his back. He might think: " Alright Wlad, after Syria and the Ukraine it is two zippo for you, but we meet again and will eventually pull you into the warfare,  we so disperately need. " Maybe the next act in the world theater takes place in Macedonia, where Russia builds the Turkish Stream pipeline much to the disdain of the Americans and political tensions are already growing after a pattern, we are all so familiar with.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Spy vs. Spy ...

... is an old cartoon of MAD magazine fame, however what we have in the Federal Republic in Germany now is spy + spy + spy vs. us and to be more precisely the German secret service BND, whose boss to my knowledge is appointed by the CIA, provides intelligence about Germans and German companies for the NSA. Even those, who spent recent years underneath a stone meanwhile should have noticed , that Chancellora Merkel commits high treason on a regular base, i mean as someone of Polish-Jewish descent this is something she is supposed to do while serving her masters, but that a domestic secret service harms the local economy by handing over data to a foreingn country is certainly unheard of and underlines once again, the FR in Germany is a American colony. The clowns from the coalition party SPD pretended to be outraged demanding an investigation committee and perhaps it is no coincidence, that the information leaked through, because some folks are trying to get rid of Merkel because of her journey with Hollande to Moscow and for being too soft against Russia. Anyway, you would believe German citizens are finally fed up with these galoots in the government and chase them out of town tarred and feathered, but far from it. Freeman asks in his blog, whether we are a bunch of whimps  for not offering resistance and i am afraid we have to answer that in the affirmative - shame on us. It is certainly not easy to develop a rebellous mind, when the tummy is filled and a CL football match between Barca and Munich is on, but there is one thing everyone is able to do - STAY AWAY FROM ELECTIONS ! Casting ballots means legitimising the system giving politicians a go ahead and by the way, here in Hamburg they use trash cans as ballot boxes and when this is not symbolic i don't know, what is.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Freddie Gray and Osaila

Freddie Gray was an 25-year old African-American, who died on April 19th while taken into police custody for a minor offense in Baltimore, MD. What followed was the usual riot, which was according by the makers of this webpage nothing but a hoax. I predict Freddie was not the last, who gets killed by the police and it seems everything follows a certain script with the target to provoke the eruption of large scale civil unrest, so that martial law can finally be declared with the beginning of a war against the own population. FEMA camps are prepared for moving into them and plastic coffins are neatly stacked up and those are the places, where humans perceived as cattle and useless eaters by filthy rich psychopaths belong to anyways. The more the Empire of Terror is occupied with domestic aggravation, the better it is for the rest of the world. And now over to  the sport of kings. <> <> <>   Next weekend the first classic races of the season take place at headquarters in Newmarket with the1000 Guineas on Sunday and the 2000 Guineas on Saturday. For the first race run by fillies i fancy OSAILA (IRE) ***UP. She won the Nell Gwyn Stakes two weeks ago and that form usually bodes well for this contest. Her jockey will be Frankie Dettori, who in the past wasn't a lucky charm, but will hopefully do better this term. Osaila to win @ 11.Go girl ! The other race is run by colts and i can't make up my mind between ELM PARK (top right) ***NR and IVAWOOD (IRE) *** 3rd, both available @ 12, so i will split stakes among these two, who make more appeal than fav Gleneagles.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hillary Rodham Clinton ...

... just declared she will run for the U.S presidency in 2016, hallelujah ! Clinton has been the state secretary under Barack Obama and played a leading role at the 2011 NATO bombing campaign against Libya, which has sent the once progressive nation back to the Stone Age under the smoke screen of installing democracy, when in reality Muammar Gaddafi should be assassinated, who intended to replace the petrodollar with the gold dinar. Libya is now in the hands of the IS and with their livelihood taken away many inhabitants risk their lifes trying to reach Europe over the Mediterranean Sea, which meanwhile turned into a graveyard, while those, who made it spark chaos in Europe, what is a certainly a welcomed side effect for certain circles. Here is, what "Hellary" had to say about Gaddafi ... and this is an write-up about the funding scandal she is currently dealing with. After all the damage done by men i once thought, the time is ripe to put women in responsible positions, however seeing satanic b#tches like her, Psaki, Harf or our own Merkel and van der Leyen i am cured  from that belief. No doubt, Hillary Clinton will be of no benefit for the people living in the screwed up Empire of Terror, where the weather is massively manipulated, the police is a bigger threat to citizens than criminals are and large scale war games are held in the neighborhood, but a menace for the world as a whole and then there is Jeb ... Goodness, gracious me !

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Last December a former school mate of mine succumbed to cancer. I haven't seen him for many years and not aware of his condition, but was told he quit taking medication at a certain point to wait for his end at home in a more peaceful and dignified setting, instead of being drugged and ailing in a hospital. What i know about this horrible disease is , that cancer is a tumor, who wants to grow until he kills his host. With other words, it is a combat and one-on-one between a human and the enemy inside with a major advantage for the host, because the tumor needs to be fed or he will starve and die. What he needs most is energy in form of sugar and once he does not receive it, because the sick person radically changes his diet and only for instance eats vegetarian, there is a good chance of getting rid of the tumor. To me this makes a lot of sense, but obviously the pharmaceutical industry will cry foul dismissing it as utter bull and point to the academic medicine. Now it wouldn't be fair to call all people entangled in the academic medicine bandits, some may even be philantropists, however the majority is in the business not only to make decent money with an eye on affordability , but outragous profits and thus they have no interest in curing people and then to keep them healthy. I wrote earlier about vaccinations containing mercury and aluminium turning people to patients for the rest of their lives and to dispense them they make up pandemics as Ebola or swine-flu. Cancer treatment with cytosatic drugs is very expensive and in many times only helps to fill up the satchels from its creators, but not the patients. The German Cancer Research receives 200 mio. Euros year after year and we are still waiting for the breakthrough drug or are they not interested to find one ? The bottom line is the pharmaceutical industry in many cases perceives humans as their prey and alternative methods as the one described above should be considered as well after having checked, that no charlatan is involved. Some of the information was taken from investigative journalist Gerhard Wisnewski's German book " verheimlicht vertuscht vergessen : Was 2014 nicht in der Zeitung stand "- a great read indeed. This webpage also provides information of interest.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Weekend Sports

German Bundesleague, Matchday 28 > HAMBURGER SV - VFL WOLFSBURG Peter Knäbel is meanwhile Hamburgs third coach of the season trying to get a tune out of the team along with a couple of new acquisitions, but so far to no avail with the 0:4 in Leverkusen their latest drubbing. While Hamburgs season again lies in shambles Wolfsburg is on a role going from strenght to strenght. I can see two outcomes for the game, either Wolfsburg scores for fun and wins by a wide margin or after securing their Champions League spot for next season and table leader Munich out of sight and still being involved in several cup games they are not entirely focused and give Hamburg a chance to draw. In the past many games between these two sides in Hamburg finished 1:1 or 1:3, so i will bet over 3.5 goals @ 2.7 with a 1:1 correct score as a stakes saver @ 7.5 ***LOST<<<>>> Now over to the sport of kings. On Saturday the next Grand National Chase in Aintree takes place and once again i cannot resist the challenge of finding the winner among the fourty runners. Fav is Shutthefrontdoor (IRE) partnered by multiple champion jockey A.P. McCoy, who will hang up his riding boots after the race and a victory surely would bring down the house. His odds however are too depressed and value lies elsewhere, for instance with ROYALE KNIGHT (UK) at the bottom of the weights. I like his overall profile and being trained by Richard Newland, who won this race last year with Pineau De Re is a major plus as well. Royale Knight to win and place @ 26 ***6th

Monday, April 6, 2015

Germanwings Flight 9525

On March, 24., an Airbus 320 from airline Germanwings en route from Barcelona to Düsseldorf hit a mountain in the French alps at full throttle killing all 150 passengers aboard. The scapegoat was quickly singled out among the dead, co-pilot Andreas L., who locked out the pilot and steered the aircraft into disaster. Obviously conspiracy theorists voiced their doubts about the official story, so authorities came up with more details to fortify their version of the sequence of events. After searching the home of Andreas L., they found doctor's notes about depressions he suffered from and furthermore he looked up in his computer methods of committing suicide and how the cockpit doors function, convinced now ? Nope, not buyin' it. Okay, but when they found the second flight data recorder and evaluated the contents, all doubts should be erased by now, that Andreas L. is the culprit, who committed suicide taking 149 people with him. Believing all this would be easier, if the leaders of the Western community of values wouldn't be morally completely rotten and the mainstream media journalists their presstitutes or marionutten. So i checked the alternative media for clues, what really happened and encountered indeed some inconsistencies. On a short flight like that, the pilots usually don't need to go to the toilet, especially not after twenty minutes, so this is something the co-pilot could not have taken into consideration. When the plane hit the mountain with 800 km/h, it should have burst into a huge explosion and flames, but no smoke could be detected and the aircraft debris was layed out like a puzzle over a vast area and above all the Airbus has built-in safety devices to prevent flying with that sort of speed close to the ground. Witnesses have attested the presence of French Mirage fighter jets in the area. Did they shot down the Airbus, because he was flying ( perhaps remote controlled ) towards a enormous nearby dam ? Or was the plane brought down by a laser, who was used during a wargame in the area by NATO ? Another possibility is, that both pilots were benumbed by intruding gas, what already happened before and did they send an emergency call ? According to the flight recorder Andreas L. breathed calmly, while approaching the mountain with tremendous velocity, can somebody be that hard-nosed ? Some sounds far fetched, but if the truth it must be kept secret under all circumstances and that is, why all official news must be treated with utmost distrust.