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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Outlook For 2017

I guess and hope, i am generally perceived as an nice guy, though i have my opinions
which might appear to some as controversial, calling me riiiight or even the a-word.
Far from it , i consider myself an ambassador of common sense, fair-play and the
"live and let live" attitude. Others prefer to be greedy, fascistic,self-centered or hands
 down insane and since that group of folks occupies powerful positions, we live on
a madhouse, called the flat earth. This blog will continue to criticize them as long as
they let me, hoping to contribute just a little bit to improve the human cooperation.

We shall not forget, besides Merkel and Obama, the most dangerous terrorists are
whites wearing neckties and use Muslims as their scapegoats as we recently saw in
Berlin. My hope is, that Trump brings some change in U.S foreign politics, albeit his
 proximity to the Kosher Nostra is of some concern. And then there is Merkel, who
was pushed forward to run for a fourth term in the general elections next autumn.
If i don't want to lose the rest of faith in my fellow countrymen, the election has to
end with a crushing defeat of her.

Personally i am doing good and looking forward to plenty of traveling ahead, trying
not to get bothered too much by all that surrounding bullocks. As usual thank you
very much for tuning in and an outstanding 2017. You can't keep good men down
and eventually we will gain the upper hand over the globalists.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

26.12. Boxing Day

The biggest sports day in the UK with a plethora of betting opportunities to choose
from. Here is my rota of bets ...
 -Horse racing  In the King George Chase two equine superstars face each other with
CUE CARD and Thistlecrack. The former is defending his title and is in top form, while
the latter is a novice with enormous potential, though unproven against the best
chasers. That is, why i side with Cue Card to win and placed a bet @ 2.25***2nd

-Football    UK Premier League      Manchester U. to beat Sunderland
                                                    Chelsea            to beat Bournemouth
                                                    Manchester C.  to beat Hull

                                                   Treble @ 2.30 *** WON

                  UK Championship      Reading - Norwich        both to score  2:1
                                                  Rotherham - Wigan       both to score  3:2
                        League 1             Fleetwood Town - Bury both to score  0:0

                                                    Treble @ 5.15 *** LOST

Merry Christmas and good luck all ...

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Berlin Attack - Curtain Up For The Hypocrites

Last Monday a truck plowed through a Christmas market in Berlin killing twelve and
injuring at least 40 people in its wake. As things stand, the culprit is an migrant from
Tunisia, who conveniently left some documents behind before he fled the crime
scene by foot, which is pretty unusual since such a terrorist normally gets killed or
blows himself up to receive full merits in the Islamic World. It is still too early for
drawing conclusions, though i am inclined to see the attack as a false flag operation
committed by a secret service perhaps to fuel the " Ordo ab Chao " - strategy.

Either way, to me it is absolutely sickening to watch Chancellora Merkel, Gauck and
the other clowns shedding their false tears over the victims. To understand, what is
going on here, i want to link another time this video showing Merkel handing over the
German flag with a disgusted face expression, while her CDU lickspittles applauded .
This incident was even shown on Chinese television with a presenter asking how
someone like her obviously despising the country and the people she is supposed to
serve,can become chancellor. For starters, it is my firm belief she says and does not-
hing on her own, but is completely under control by mighty forces, who would rather
today than tomorrow annihilate Germany. Since they cannot kill or oust the people by
themselves they use hundreds of thousands of migrants to do the job. This is called
"The Migration Weapon ". In other words it is the political will, that Germans are
harmed by migrants, who are ready for battle after full gratis medical treatment , lush
board and lodging and also explains, why judges and the police are pussyfootin ' with
them after a committed crime.

Let's imagine you call the cops, because some dark skinned subject tries to intrude
your home. They will probably answer, that right now there is nothing they can do
for you.Then you call again ten minutes later telling them, that it's all good having
given the guy a lot of stick, then tied him up and placed him in the basement. I do
predict within minutes you have a whole bunch of cops on your threshold. Perhaps
they even arrive with this armoured vehicle, they allegedly purchased in their combat
against terrorism, but which will rather be used in case of an public uprising against
the local citizens. So it's them against us, the clash seems to be unavoidable ...

+++ UPDATE +++ Curtain call  for all actors involved please. I hope the guy, who
smashed the windshield with a sledgehammer and shoved the christmas tree inside
the drivers cabin didn't hurt himself ..., Goodness, gracious me !

Thursday, December 15, 2016

OSZE - Conference in Hamburg

My hometown of Hamburg has always been pretentious wanting to be mentioned in the
same breath with New York, London or Paris. So when German secretary of state
Frank W. Steinmeier (SPD) asked Hamburgs mayor Olaf Scholz to host the OSZE conf-
erence, Scholz gave him  a delighted thumbs up. Last week now that meeting took
place downtown Hamburg with secretary of states from 50 nations protected by no
less than 13200 policemen. Let me quickly do the math here, that means that every
politician was protected by around 264 policemen depending on the source. Needless
to say the life for many residents became massively impeded and those, who don't
operate an upscale hotel or fine dining joint will curse the 120 million Euro event.

And ladies and gents, was it worth it ? Any breakthrough to announce concerning the
Ukraine or Syria ? Of course not, so i want to do some nudging here. For the Ukraine
only one single sentence is necessary ...

" Had the USA left the Ukraine alone, the Crimea and the eastern regions would still
belong to the Ukraine and over 9000 people had kept their lives."

Unfortunately, when it comes to lying Steinmeier is a natural, so he keeps telling the
old story about the alleged annexation of the Crimea instead of traveling to sellout
Uk. Pres. Poroschenko and let him know,the elites plan for his country fired backwards
and the Crimea and the Lugansk area are lost, so get over it and rebuild what's left of
your nation. I don't see any other turnout in that crisis. The same goes for Syria, where
Steinmeier simply does not want to acknowledge, that Pres. Baschar-Al-Assad is an
elected president and very well liked by the majority of the people. It is meanwhle
common knowledge, that the CIA and the Saudis established and sponsor ISIS and
that there is a proxy war going on targeting to oust Assad. Not a word about that from
Steinmeier, he rather drools about barrelbombs. You would think for the land of lies
and deceptions, Steinmeier would be a perfect representive and eligible to become J.
Gauck's successor as Federal President of the FRiG. He has exactly these aspirations ...

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Weekend Sports

The Cheltenham racecourse with its undulating nature and the stiff uphill finnish is
demanding and many even classy performers failed to live up to their reputations.
Not so VILLAGE VIC ( IRE, foto ), who is a real course specialist and is entered
again to run next Saturday in the Caspian Caviar Gold Cup defending his title. He
has to carry top-weight, what is on some concern, though i am darn confident his
trainer Philip Hobbs will have him in fine form to win @ odds of 8.*** 3rd

Similar comments can be applied to OLD GUARD going to post in the Stan James
International Hurdle. Paul Nicholls charge is available @ 7.5  and i will tackle these
two races with two singles and an each-way double.*** 3rd

Football Treble      German BL           B. Munich ( Hc -2 ) to beat Wolfsburg > 5:0
                             German  3. Liga    P. Münster to beat Paderborn            > 0:1
                             UK Prem. L.         Chelsea to beat W. Bromwich             > 1:0
                                                          @ 5.15 *** LOST

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Pizzagate - A View In The Human Abyss

Those who follow the mainstream media won't have a clue, what the above term
means, since they haven't read a single word about the incident currently rocking
the USA. The mainstream media rather keeps bashing the Russians, who are just
held responsible for the outage of the German telecommunication network. Also
it doesn't matter, who sits in one of their talk shows and what they palaver about,
someone always get the curve to blame Russia as a culprit for something, thus
exempting their darlings like Hillary Clinton from revelations marking her and sev-
eral others as satanic perverts. Thankfully Wikileaks got the ball rolling ...

Pizzagate stands for an elites pedophile ring, where chidren are abused with in-
credible cruelty. Originating in an pizza parlor in Washington,DC, not only Clinton
is allegedly involved, but also her chief campaign advisor John Podesta, his brother
and even Pres. Obama. To cover up the deeds, code words occuring as ingredients
for making a pizza were used, when ordering their preferred kids. Meanwhile
several videos have been made, among them this one from " A Call For An Up-
rising " - sickening stuff. And then there still is spirit cooking ...

It seems pedophilia is pretty common in high echelons, where people are linked with
each other in an network, thus enjoying protection from prosecution and the main -
stream media. Otherwise it would be unthinkable, that someone like German interior
minister Thomas de Maiziere is still in office, although he played a shady role in the
Saxony Swamp in the 1990's, when he was accused of shielding pedophile judges
and other creepy subjects in high places as an secretary of the Interior.

Dirt always swims on top or so they say.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

" Stupid As A German ... "

... is meanwhile a common saying in many countries and has obviously to do with the
ongoing support for Chancellora and NWO-floozie Angela Merkel. By now every
Anatolian goatherd would have understood, that when Merkel opened the floodgates
for illegal migrants last year, this would mean an assault on the autochthonous pop-
ulation through the migrant weapon,whereas many Germans, once known as poets and
thinker, are drooling something about humanitarian action. Merkel snuggles up with
mass murderers, allows arms deals with barbarians and rather gives money to banks ,
than to those really in need and shurely doesn't know a thing about humanity.

It is a general agreement,that Merkel is of Polish-Jewish descent and her original name
Aniela Kazmierczak, though i guess other sources, who affirm, she is a daughter of
Hennoch Kohn aka Helmut Kohl possess some credibility. Merkel recently proposed
Marianne Birthler as successor of J. Gauck as Federal President and Birhtler is held by
some as Kohl's daughter too. That being true both would be half-sisters and the resem-
blance is stunning indeed. It seems to me, Merkel was trained and brainwashed for
many years and then brought into the top position with the mindset of an stonecold
executer of a agenda,which has the target to destroy the FRiGermany and its popu-
lation alltogether. And now she declared she wants to run for a fourth term or rather
was made to run by her masters ( Soros, Bilderberger, B' nai B'rith ), because she is a
beacon of the globalists, who are about to receive a right old spanking left, right and
center with Austria, France and The Netherlands next in line.

Here now is my dilemma. I am a stern non-voter, thus not supporting and legitimizing
the false and rotten system we have to deal with. If i would cast a ballot let's say in
favor of the AfD perhaps Merkel could be ousted thankfully, but the system would
be carried on by others enriching themselves on the peoples expense. What is urgently
required is a vocation switcher with proven ability and a sound character,who calls the
problems by their names. Otherwise we see another blunt election battle next year as
three years ago, when Merkel was hardly campaigning and her opponent Steinbrück
put up a complete lacklustre performance, knowing the dices had already fallen.
One thing is for shure. If next years election is not rigged and Merkel becomes reelec-
ted, bring on the New World Order with all the consequences and give the Germans,
what they have ordered.

Weekend Sports

A good way of making money with horse racing is to bet on top weight course and
distance winners with good speed ratings last time out on handicap races run on sand.
Though not many opportunities arise and it takes the discipline of a saint not to
deviate from that strategy to satisfy the punters inside urgings, so i venture sometimes
out to jumps racing. The Gold Cup in Cheltenham last march reminded me once again
about the perils included, when my pick CUE CARD was bang in contention and the
next thing i knew he fell three out. That is not only painful from a financial stand-
point, but also to watch this otherwise terrific jumper hit the deck.
Cue Card will race again this Saturday in the Betfair Chase at Haydock and i will place
a flutter around odds of 3 on him. ***WON

Football treble                   UK Prem.  L.         Stoke to beat Bournemouth
                                         Swiss Super L.       Basel (Hc -1) to beat Vaduz
                                         Spanish La Liga      Eibar - Celta Vigo   both to score

                                                                        @ 5.90 ***LOST

Thursday, November 10, 2016

U.S - Presidential Election 2016

The mudslinging is over and the winner is, drum roll please, Mr. Donald J. Trump.
Now here in Germany plenty of do-gooders, quality journalists and politician im-
personators standing there with egg in their faces having rooted for Clinton over
a long period simply ignoring or just not knowing, that Clinton is a blood thirsty,
war mongering and corrupt psychopath. That with husband Bill a serial rapist would
move into the White House is obviously also of no signifcance, so kudos to all Trump
voters especially in the states FL, OH, WI and PA. Forget about the western or
north-eastern states. They would also vote for Quasimodo, should he run for the
Democrats. In their world view the Dems are always the good ones even when Pres.
Obama boasted, " I am pretty good in killing people".

Like Trump or loathe him, in my opinion he deserves some credit, because he mostly
fought alone after even some Reps backstabbed him, against Wall Street and the
money changer, the mainstream media and Hollywood. What drove him was possibly,
that many thousand people attended to his rallies, while Clinton had to hire showbiz
crooners to get some seats filled. So the writing was on the wall, Trump would prevail
and my bet on him came in nicely. I am convinced Trump will get along pretty good
with Russian Pres. Putin ,thus normalizes the relationship between these countries and
reduces the danger of another large scale war, his sceptisism towards NATO is another
good sign.

As i wrote all this, it clearly must be stated, that it is very possible , that Trump and
Clinton are mere actors selected for this theater play by the shadow governments to
fuel the divide & conquer game leading perhaps to a civil war. So it is important
 to encounter Trump with only so much trust. All of sudden he does not want to im-
prison Clinton any more, since maybe behind the scenes they are best buddies and the
possible appointment of Steven Mnuchin as treasury secretary is suspicious too, be -
caus of his proximity to Goldmann Sachs and the inevitable George Soros, though i
suggest let's give him the benefit of the doubt and i promise NWO- floozie Merkel's
face will be something special on their first encounter.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Trude Simonsohn - A Divide & Conquer Agent ?

The title might sound a bit harsh, though in all honesty and with the due respect of
the hardships of her life, the question is entitled to be asked . Read on ...

Auschwitz survivor Trude Simonsohn was recently declared a honorary citizen of
the city of Frankfurt. Even at an high age she regularly visits schools and narrates
wide eyed students from her experiences back then thus planting the seeds of ever-
lasting guilt and perhaps drives some of them in the arms of the government
sponsored ideologically blinded group called Antifa. Now certainly this country does
not need any more clueless cake hurler, but a young generation taught the values of
" truth, justice , honour and courage " (to quote blogger Killerbee ) , enlightened
about the system they live in, where they are mere pawns and not the best and finest
make it to the top, but those, who play along.

To achieve that, it is mandatory to explain a more elaborated story about what
happened during these dark years. Nobody doubts the atrocities committed by the SS
and the Wehrmacht, though to get the full picture it is necessary to mention Anglo-
Saxon bankers and industrialists, who supported Hitler thus enabling him to realize the
whole insanity.Several sources consider Hitler if not himself at least as an agent of the
freemasons and leader of a cabal.  Freemason and Zionist Winston Churchill is quoted
of having said " This war is an English war and its goal is the destruction of Germany "
fearing its economic power or even more revealing is this one ...

" Germany's unforgivable crime before WW2 was its attempt to loosen its economy out
  of the world trade system and to build up an independant exchange system from 
  which the world-finance couldn't profit anymore ..."

I guess, none of that is mentioned by Mrs. Simonsohn and in that sense i would ask her
to leave the kids alone.

Friday, October 28, 2016

" Reichsbürger " - Rebels With A Cause

Last week Wolfgang P. shot four policemen, who raided his home in the wee hours
of the morning. He calls himself a "Reichsbürger", what means citizen of the empire,
and thus wasn't deemed by authorities to carry arms he legally owned, so the police
was dispatched to collect them. The question is, what are politicians more afraid of,
the arms or the emerging truth about the Federal Republic in Germany system, a
card house of lies and deceptions, which slowly begins to crumble ?

Reichsbürger do not acknowledge the state simulation FRiG and want to live as
sovereign citizens in a sovereign state for example in the still existing Free State of
Prussia , where they enjoy full rights unlike the limited ones granted in the FRiG,
where also SHAEF-military laws and trade laws are implemented to make matters
more complicated.

I am not a jurist, but want to illustrate on a drastic example, what is going on here
after having done some research. A while ago in Hamburg a fourteen year old girl
was gang-raped and discarded in a backyard at freezing temperatures afterwards.
The culprits were captured by the police ("police" on cars and uniform always written
in capitol letters, marking them as members of a firm ), then sentenced to ridiculous
penalties by a judge, who had absolutly no legitmitation to execute sovereign func-
tions. What followed was an public uproar, though perhaps the legal situation did not
give the judge another possibility. The USA controlled administration construct aka
the FRiG does not know natural persons or human beings, but only juristic persons
or things. In that sense raping a girl is legally considered a material damage and is less
hard punished than a tax evasion as incredible as it sounds.

Personally i wish the Reichsbürger - movement well.Unfotunately i cannot join in, be-
cause i need my bloody red passport ( it is the blue one i crave for ) for travelling
abroad and other restrictions. Politicians and mainstream media start to panic about
their newly gained prominence and that is a good sign.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Weekend Sports

Summer jumping slowly comes to an end and trainers get their proper horses out.
Next Saturday the valuable Randox Health Handicap Chase takes place in
Cheltenham and i like the chances of FRODON (FR). He is a relatively new recruit
to Paul Nicholls stable and turned to an exciting prospect by winning his first two
chases after already having been tried over hurdles at the highest level. For this race
he is upped two notches in class, what can't deter me and he should start the contest
at a decent price.***NR

Football Treble      Uk Prem. L.              WEST HAM to beat Sunderland 1:0
                             Italy Serie B              VERONA to beat Pro Vercelli   3:0
                             Germany 3 Liga         FRANKFURT to beat Zwickau   1:1

                                                             @ 5.60 *** LOST

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Germany Taken Over By Left Fascists

A recent pharmacy newsletter taught, how to spot politically right orientated parents.
We learned the women  usually have blond braided hair, have well educated kids and
are encouraged in the kindergarden among other suspicious activities. All this reminds
me of the McCarthy era in the USA during the fifties targeting communists. Here in the
FRiG McCarthy's equivalent and mastermind is justice minister Heiko Maas along with
former Stasi-Spitzel Annetta Kahane. Maas is responsible for profound censorship in
the social media networks and dubs any other opinions, than the political correct ones
as hate-speech and deletes or prosecutes them. Probably won't take long until North-
Korean leader Kim Il Jong visits him to learn a few tricks of the trade. And if the
CETA and TTIP trade agreements Maas and others strive for get through, we see the
pure culture of fascism in Europe, when governments and big corporations merge to-
gether and thus meet the definition of Benito Mussolini for that term. Albeit it should
be clear, that not the debt loaded states sit in the driver seat, but the multinational
enterprises, who will rub their hands along with the big law firms.

Some more examples for a society belonging on a psyciatrists couch. Publishing house
KOPP once made publicity for the book "The Grand Chessboard" they own the rights
for, on train stations, which are owned by the Deutsche Bahn. Travellers complained
about it, because Kopp is right and full with conspiracy theorists. Well, the Deutsche
Bahn apologized and removed the poster immediately ... If they had taken the time to
study them they could have figured out Kopp releases articles and books from many
considerable authors and thus these allegations are simply not justified. Then the
"National" from the National football team was scratced. Being nationalistic is politi-
cally not en vogue, though playing World-Cup qualifying games against other nations is
... never mind.

Or take Winfried Kretschmann, prime minister from Baden-Wurtemberg (Green Party).
He was or still is admirer of Cambodian butcher Pol-Pot, which was not a hindrance
on his way to the top. Had he been a member of the Nationalists party NPD ( a bunch
of clowns completely under control by the Fed's, really) for ten minutes he would be
stigmatised and his political career basically would be done with. Members of the
conservative AfD party are facing such experiences and hostilities in many areas right
now. I briefly scanned through their program and must say, it could be the CDU prog-
ram from a few years ago, when NWO floozie Merkel proclaimed multiculti as failed.
Even if in power they will not touch the essentials as NATO-exit or booting out our
U.S. American occupiers - I guess their job is to keep the good old divide and conquer
game intact.

About time to get over with this left/right-right/left mumbo jumbo and let finally
common sense kick in for fuck's sake.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

"Knüppel Attack" And More Anecdotes From Asylistan

In the North-German provincial town of Oersdorf mayor Kebschull was beaten from
behind with a club after having left a town hall meeting, where he discussed the influx
of migrants. He was warned by locals to drop that plan out of fear their village could
be turned into a Little Malmö. The hitman added some mockery to the headache by
saying " Those, who don't want to listen, must feel."

Meanwhile at the African coast human trafficker keep pushing boats out to the M.Sea
A refugee then takes his brand new smartphone and dials the presaved number from
the German marine. There vessel "Werra" then comes to their rescue and brings them
not back to Africa, but to Europe. Ergo the captain of the ship acts like an human
trafficker himself and belongs behind bars as NWO-floozie Merkel. Not going to
happen in a Banana Republic, where both enjoy protection from high places and thus
can keep encouraging refugees to risk the dangerous journey.

In Düsseldorf a migrant didn't receive a schoko pudding for desert and to vent some
steam, the short fused guy burned down the house. The other residents moved to an
adjacent building into the 5. floor. Because they were not able to haul their meals up
there, the mayor from the Green Party looked for volunteers to fulfill that humiliating
task. I am shure she found some good-doing lefties in our dumbed-down society.

We were told there is little migrant traffic at the border now.The reason for this could
be, that migrants are brought in by air. At least there are some suspicious activities at
night at several airports. On the other hand some migrants feel they need a time out
from the tedious camp life and make a vacation in the country they had to flee from.

German Interior Minister Schäuble said "Europe needs migration to prevent incest and
degeneration ..." Wrong Wofgang, Europe needs responsible politicians, who live the
values TRUTH, COURAGE, JUSTICE and HONOUR also of course towards foreign
countries outside Europe and their inhabitants too.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

2.10. Prix De ' L Arc De Triomphe in Chantilly

... and not in Longchamp due to construction work. In their 47th attempt now the
Japanese try to win that race and this time Makahiki carries their hopes. I was told
he is even better , than Nakayama Festa and Orfevre, who both missed victory by
a short margin in recent years. Also the Japanese are wise enough meanwhile to put
French ace Christophe Lemiere on board and not one of their own jockeys, who
have a tendency to misjudge the pace.

Makahiki certainly belongs on the shortlist, though i feel the party will be spoiled
again probably through the fav Postponed (IRE) or my two picks against the field,
which are LEFT HAND and SAVOIR VIVRE (IRE). Left Hand won the Prix Ver-
meille three weeks ago, what convinced his owners, the Wertheimer Brothers, to
enter him in this race and they know, what it takes to win it. Savoir Vivre finnished
second in the German Derby and subsequently won the Deauville Grand Prix.
His trainer and stable are not very prolific, so in my opinion he flies a little bit under
the radar and represents good value. Both are available @ odds around 20, though
i guess they will drift, when the Japanese punters get their bets down on race day.
After popular demand here once again the clip with Japanese punters in agony.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Weekend Sports

At racing headquarters in Newmarket the Cambridgeshire Handicap takes place
next Saturday with 35 runners participating, so it is no wonder it is considered to
be the toughest race to decipher. From a betting perspective it might be utter mad-
ness to part with some of the hard earned, though for me it is an intriguing task to
dig in my teeth  trying to find the winner. With all horses have more questions than
answers i side with AZRAAF (IRE) @ 26. Marco Botti's 4 year old finnished 4th
in the Royal Hunt Cup, which is the best form on offer.***UP

Football Treble        Ligue 1            BASTIA to beat Guingamp
                               UK Champ.     NORWICH to beat Burton Albion
                               La Liga            Atl. Bilbao - Fc Sevilla > 5,5 cards    @ 5.70

                              ***WON (Note: Bookie Unibet handles a red card as two)

Thursday, September 15, 2016

17.09. " Stop TTIP" March

Next Saturday nationwide demonstrations against the free-trade agreement TTIP
take place. Apologies for sounding like a broken record by saying this agreement
has to be prevented for a multitude of reasons since it is a stepstone en route to the
establishment of a New World Order with a One World Government . NWO floozie
Merkel of course speaks staunchly in favor of it and for that alone you have to mis-
trust the whole enchillada. Vice-chancellor Sigmar "das Pack" Gabriel is against TTIP
but for (!?) CETA, which is the Canadian equivalent and the backup plan in case the
former fails . Nice try Siggi , but it is too obvious the elites have you in their pocket.

Also i want to mention the blogger Killerbee here, whose razor sharp ability to analyse
correlations always makes an enlightened read. He recently handed out an reminder
of essential, but meanwhile nearly forgotten values in the German society, which are ...

Truth, Courage, Glory and last, but not least Justice

Germans are generally good-natured, though when good-nature meets foolishness this
spells trouble. So it is important to restore before mentioned values and let the
shysters in politics and the MSM know we don't accept that bollocking any longer.
Saturdays marches are a good opportunity to let those to whom it may concern know,
who are the servants. I will participate in Hamburg and bring my oilcan-guitar to
pluck along trying to make the event peace -, yet powerful.

Thursday, September 8, 2016


The power of Orgon was once detected by Dr. Wilhelm Reich , who died under mis-
terious circumstances in an U.S. prison . The power, Orgonite generates can best be
observed on the stunning impact it has concerning the growth of plants. The foto
above shows a small Orgonite pyramid in the lower left hand side corner and pole
beans. The plant next to the pyramid is strong and growing rapidly , while the other
looks rather piddly. Same with the corn plant , the one besides the pyramid ist the
highest among all i have.

To add further proof i want to mention the avocado trees my friend cultivates in
Cusco. They all grew out of a pip and had the same age and height . When i placed
an Orgon pyramid next to one of them , that exact plant nearly doubled in altitude in
a jiffy compared to the others - mindboggling .

I recommend checking that out for yourself .

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Rio 2016 Olympic Games

I paid next to none attention to that event , but was bewildered with amusement ,
when i saw the image above showing the first three of the women's 800 m track &
field contest . If not all of them , at least the winner named Caster Semanya is
clearly a male after perhaps a little hormon treatment and i felt sorry for the bio -
logical women huffin' and puffin ' behind him without standing a chance to win that
race .

I mean, it is complete absurd .There is the shady agency WADA conducting a witch
hunt along with that schmuck and journalist Hajo Seppelt ( Get a life , dude ) against
doped athletes targeting of course mainly Russians , but on the other hand allow men
to compete in female's contests with Serena Williams being another example. Since
nobody seems to be bothered it will be a lot worse in four years from now in Tokyo ,
where the next games will take place. The Japanese are certainly already scratching
their chins , whether it will be necessary to carry out competitions for men , women
and transgender folks - Oh Lord , have mercy!

By the way, the Peruvians, which belong to my favourite people have won exactly zero
medals . For them it is " All about participation " and i hope it stays that way with the
madness involved in sports left to nations suffering from image neurosis.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

View Of A Parasite

Not for the first time German Federal President Joachim Gauck made a irritating,
if not bizarre statement by saying " The elites are not the problem, the populations
are at the moment." I guess, he doesn't refer to the workforce , who provide the
funds enabling the flamboyant lifestyle he conducts along with his love affair , but
to those , who called him a traitor and other names during a recent public appear -
ance - folks simply not appreciating the outlook of being overun by muslim migrants.

So who might belong to that fabled "Elite" ? We are not in the club  George Carlin
stated correctly , but rather banksters as Rothschild with his agent Soros or David
Rockefeller. Blogger Freeman once wrote he stood next to Rockefeller and could
feel the chilling cold oozing from his heart. Then politicians as the NWO - floozie
Merkel , US-Pres. Obama, whose official biografy contains more lies, than a news-
cast in German public television and even French Pres. Hollande. I mean someone
paying nearly 10 grand monthly for his figaro taking care of what's left on his head
will demand being a part of the elite even if he is only their servant. Also on the list
are aristocrats , industry bosses behaving like predators and of course members of
secret socities as the Bilderberger , Triliteral Commission , Skull & Bones etc. The
latter are the shadow governments , pulling the strings in the background and set up
the false flags and hoaxes , scam masters even using children for their propaganda bs.

It seems for entering the club the requirements are being a psychopath and good
friends with Lucifer. Contrary to Mr. Gauck's believe the world would be better
off without them and it is my firm opinion , that people no matter of nationality ,
race or religion get along nicely , if the before mentioned are left out of the equation.

Gauck's quote and also Merkel's flag tossing video went viral and people around the
flat earth ask, how is it possible , that these two hold top positions in Germany.
Because we Germans allow it. We should hang our heads in shame.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Weekend Sports

Some mouthwatering racing ahead in York with the Nunthorpe Stakes tomorrow on
Friday and the Ebor on Saturday. The Nunthorpe Stakes will crown the new sprint
champion of the season and it is impossible to get away from LIMATO (IRE). Henry
Candys speedball is unproven over the minimum distance, but his unmatched ability
to change gears and quicken away from the opposition should see him through.
Limato (foto) to win @ 4 *** 2nd

The Ebor Heritage Handicap is the most valuable flat handicap in Europe and incre-
dible competitive. My speculative vote goes to SHREWD @ 19, who wins his fair
share of races and also has a course and distance win already to his name. Besides
i will closely monitor the odds development prior to the race. If a longshots price
shortens significantly, this is, when the smart money arrived and following it could
pay handsome dividends. *** 2nd

Meanwhile some action in major European football leagues is underway and i will
have a bet on the following treble ...

Ligue 1                LYON - Caen       LILLE - Dijon
Primera Liga        San Sebastian - REAL MADRID     @ 3.85 *** WON

Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Police - Not Our Friend And Helper

This post was inspired by the blogger Killerbee, who has a pretty harsh view on
cops and i can see, why. The profession "policeman" was once  highly regarded,
though suffered in recent years after incidents in Stuttgart or Cologne for instance,
where cops acted with brute force against defenseless citizens. The TV series
"Großstadtrevier" running for decades now on public broadcasting television tries
to depict the policemen as always friendly and cooperative neighbors, but the
recent farce in Munich served as the latest eye opener, where a police drill were
conducted after an ludiscrously staged gun rampage. Looking at the cops partici-
pating, i can't help but feeling their job is to protect politicians and the upper class
in case of civil unrest and here is the reason ...

This country, the Federal Republic in Germany is steadily turned to a totalitarian
police state disguised as war against terror and for that development a new breed
of policeman is required, a more sadistic type, who gives you at first a lot of stick
and then lets you know " Not my fault, i just follow orders. "

As politicians can be considered our opponents, so can the police, although both sides
make their income from taxpayers money. I had only a couple of times contact with
that species years back, when i was working as a courier driver and every time they
parted me from my hard earned. For example when a cop pulled me over for speed-
ing and escorted me to a bus, where already three of his pals were sitting caressing
their balls. While i was sitting on hot coals, because my customers were waiting, they
had all the time in the world filling out the penalty notice. Would they come to my
rescue, if some migrants, of late flown in by night, attack me ? Forget it ...

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Trump Or Clinton, ...

... pest or cholera, McDonalds or Burger King, Merkel or the devil ? With some
choices you rather don't want to be bothered, though with the U.S presidential
elections, it is mandatory to take up a stance for a certain candidate, which is,
please step forward, Donald Trump !

Trump can be ridiculed for his hairstyle or his involvement in showbiz, it can be
critcized being raised into New York's glitterati along with his alleged ties to the
mafia, a notorious pedophile and Council on Foreign Relations leader Richard
Haass. Then it is said, he is not the self-made billionaire, as he wants to be per-
ceived and on top of that he made some slurs against women and migrants. So
overall he is not the nicest of guys, but damned, this is the right profile for a fox
thrown into the henhouse, in this context known as the 1%, so to speak.

However, what matters most for me as an European is, that he gets along great
with Wladimir Putin and has reservations against NATO, the North Atlantic
Terror Organisation, so hopefully he would curb U.S imperialism. I am fully
aware, that Trump could belong to the same club as Clinton and behind the
scenes they are best friends in a theater performance, having both already made
their kotau towards the Zionists at AIPAC, but with Trump there is always a
glimmer of hope, that he speaks tongue-in-cheek.

Clinton is the pick of Wall Street and the Neocons and that is all i need to know.
This woman is pure evil with plenty of blood already on her hands and nicknamed
"Killary" for a reason, being responsible for countless dead innocent people in the
former Yugoslavia, the Ukraine through V. Nuland and Lybia. Beside that, she is
involved in endless other crimes and scandals too many to mention here, though
as Merkel, she (still) enjoys protection through the big wigs.

To me it is quite funny to observe the leftist mainstream media, Google and even
"The Simpsons" through their creator and freemason Matt Groening beginning
to panic, because Trump's way into office seems to be unstoppable with a
opponent even more disliked in her own party, than Trump is in the GOP -
during the Democratic National Conventions seat fillers had to be hired, who
received 50 $ each for their troubles.

I predict, that prior to the elections a false flag event will be staged with Pres. B.
Obama declaring martial law and thus stays president at least unti Feb. 2017. For
that case i place a bet @ 34 with Ladbrokes at maximum stakes and as a stake
saver @ 3.25, that Trump will become the next president.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Munich - Another Hoax In The "Pokemon-Go" Zombie Nation

According to this webpage Millenials, as young people are called nowadays in the
newspeak, have stunning deficits concerning basic skills and knowledge. Though
what are they doing instead of improving their all over education ? Chasing virtual
monsters leading to deaths in traffic or other accidents like plunging in a abyss, while
exercising that baloney. Less dramatic consequences are giving permission, that per-
sonal data will be transmitted and distraction from what really matters.

The political class will notice that with a satisfied nod. They know, they can raise
taxes - people will mumble a little bit, but will swallow it. They know, they can
invite another million of migrants - the gendermainstreamed population will offer
no resistance. They know, they can conduct a police drill and pass it up as live
after an alleged killing spree. Now wait a minute !

Why would they orchestrate a faked police drill, when the elite has nothing to fear
from the people ? Because more and more folks realize, what is going on and do
not accept any longer to live in a country, where lies and deception are a daily
routine and that brings me to the Munich shooting last week.

In this video the shooting in front of McDonalds is played in super slowmotion and
to my surprise the shooter appears out of the blue. Obviously the video was post-
edited and recorded with a potato, a camera from the nineties without HD, so the
quality of the recording is pretty bad, which has the purpose to cover up the before-
mentioned manipulation. Where are the people are all coming from ? Google Earth
tells us, that behind McDonalds are no other shops or streets, but it is the perfect
place to hide and wait for a commando to run.

After the alleged shooting the attacker went on a parkdeck on top of a shopping mall
across the street. Usually at 6 p.m local time the deck is packed with cars, but no
one in sight, instead the gunman is yelling his resume to a neighbor - give me a break.
Later we were told he committed suicide, this foto shows the joker holding his hands
over his tummy, so his breathing cannot be detected. He was identified as Ali David
Sonboly or according to Freeman Ali Daud Sunbuli. The MSM called him rather
David S. to hide his migration background and then placed him in the far right corner.

The bottom line is, the police conducted a drill to figure out how to get control over
the city in case of civil unrest and in what time. The helicopter squad flying over
Munich shortly prior of the incident is further evidence in my humble opinion.
This foto shows Bavarian's highest police official. Does he look to you as someone
committed to honesty and the truth ? No ? Neither to this writer.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Procession In The Ukraine

Amidst the turmoil in France and Turkey an important event has sunk into oblivion.
Under complete ignorance of the mainstream media, there are tens of thousands of
people marching towards the capitol Kiev from different directions. The peace
march will end July, 27 and according to some sources 1,5 million folks will join
there, asking the governmant to stop the war against the Eastern regions. Along the
way right wingers from the Right Sector and Svoboda ( Merkel's buddies ) suggest
to mow them down, but then refrained in view of the masses.

Recently i read an interview in my local paper "Hamburger Abendblatt" ( My patience
with that publication is thinning ) with Ukrainian prime minister Groysman, who of
course fell out of the same nest as the punks Poroschenko and Jazenjuk. He repeated
unchallenged the same old rhetoric about the Crimea and an alleged Russian agression
.Then it was Bilderberger and Hamburg's mayor Olaf Scholz echoing that nonsense at
the Petersburger Dialog faithful to the motto : " If a lie is told often enough, one will
eventually believe her."

So ladies and gentlemen , let me explain once and for all and especially for the two
above.What happened on the Crimea was NOT a annexion, but a secession, which
had nothing to do with the public international law,though sure enough,when the term
" annexion " is used military action can be applied. Furthermore Russians crossed the
border into the Ukraine to prevent an ethnic cleansing against the Russian-stemming
population by fascists dispatched by Poroschenko.

I am afraid, the U.S.-American puppets in Kiev will never give in until they regained
control about the lost regions and keep on pushing for war, but hope the marchers
prevail and peace can  finally be restored.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Politics And Football

Buenos Aires, June, 21, 1978 Football World Championship game between Argen-
tina and Peru. Due to a different modus back then, Argentina needed to win by four
goals to reach the final. Surprisingly prior of the match two of the world's most evil
men appeared in the Peruvian dressing room, Argentinas military dictator Jorge
Videla and US-foreign secretary Henry Kissinger. They asked the Peruvians to show
"South-American solidarity ", which could be translated into " Take it easy on the
Argentinians or you die in a plane crash on your way back home " - the terrified Peru-
vians offered little resistance and lost 0:6. Argentina went on to win the tournament,
thus polishing the Argentinian image as well as lifting the spirits of the locals much to
the delight of the junta.

Paris, June, 7, 2016 Semi-final game between France and Germany. I do not assume,
French president Hollande showed up in the German locker room before the match
threatening them to dump it to reinforce his own position and to make domestic issues
forgotten for awhile,but i can definitely envision, that he called up chancellora Merkel
perhaps already before the Italian game, knowing she has close ties to coach Löw,and
asked her to take over the task,because in case of another title Germany would be too
dominant and more hated within the EU, so here is my theory :

As an obedient systemite Löw obeyed to her request and picked two players for exe-
cuting the job - Schweinsteiger and Boateng, who both had already won numerous
titles including the World Cup. Modern times footballer have usually no political atti-
tude, but an hairdresser, they let fly in, a media coach and someone to tie their shoes
and the two mentioned above are no exceptions.
Against Italy, Boateng went to the ball inside the box volleyball-style minutes before
the end, causing a draw resulting in an penalty shootout, in which Schweinsteiger
failed pitiful. Against France then Schweinsteiger went after the ball inside the box in
a peculiar way with his arms stretched out causing a penalty converted by Griezmann.
I myself played hundreds of matches, but cannot recall a defender behaved like that.
In the second half, all of a sudden Boateng layed on the ground holding his left shin,
altough allegedly his right thigh was injured.Days later,surprise,surprise,the injury was
not that grave anymore. Anyway, after his substitution, Griezmann benefited from the
German defence's disorganization and scored his second goal, thus sealing the French
victory. The French now thought their biggest obstacles were taken out of their way
in route to the title, but were thwarted by the Portuguese, who fought tooth and nails
and deservedly won the title.
Congrats to them and shame over all involved in the before mentioned charade.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Weekend Sports

Next Sunday the German Derby takes place on my local track here in Hamburg.
Hot fav is BOSCACCIO and as usual i know next to nothing about him nor about
the other runner, since i focus on British and Irish racing. Will he stay the distance ?
Dunno. Will he like the softish ground ? Dunno. He has won all of his four races so
far and his jockey Dennis Schiergen is raving about him, that he has not played out
his full potential yet, so a good run can be expected. I am not best pleased with odds
@ 3, but will bet a couple of Euros on him and also on another jolly at higher odds
after paddock inspection.***UP

The European Football Championships made it very clear, that highly paid mediocre
players do not play better, than mediocre paid mediocre players. The quality of the
games was dreadful at times, when even Ronaldo (POR) is not able to shoot a free
kick over the wall, De Bruyne (BEL) not able to execute a decent corner kick or
Baumgartlinger (AUT) running slow as a boat. And if i had shot a penalty kick in
my active days like Graziano Pelle in the shootout versus Germany i had been
demoted to the girls team right away. Seven ripped Puma-shirts and a burst Adidas
ball in one game fit perfectly into the picture and how a self-respecting player can
enter the pitch with this sort of footwear is beyond me.

On the positive side is my pre-tournament bet on France to lift the trophy @ 4.20

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Orlando Shooting, NBA Finals - Wake Up, Sheeple

It happens over and over again. A credible news station as CNN ( "Navy seal
killed Obama " ) lets us know, that a Muslim gunman entered a gay nightclub
in Orlando, FL, and killed 49 people and injured 53 more. The initial reaction
is feeling sorry for all involved in the tragedy, however the next day i check
with YouTube, watch a couple of meanwhile released videos with footage not
shown before by the mainstream media and the complexion of the incident
changes immediately through fishy inconsistencies all over the shop surround-
ding the gunman and especially the witnesses described as the worst crisis actors
ever. These people were probably paid a tenner and acted accordingly, so if
we are not looking at a hoax, it is at least a false flag for the following reasons :

- Pushing the LesbianGayBisexualTransgender agenda, thus trying to erase the
  traditional families, which under normal circumstances have smart, critical
  and well educated offspring, something not desired by the "elites".
- Enforcement of gun grab laws.
- Fueling the feud between Muslims and Christians
- Tightening anti-terror laws against the population.
- Collecting money through donations

Last Sunday the NBA basketball final series ended with game seven between
the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. At one stage the C. C.
were behind 1-3 games, when a stat caught my eye. For the 33rd time a team
tried to win the finals after such a deficit and the team in question are the C. C.
with 33 of course the highest degree in Schottish freemasonry. From then on
i had no doubt Cleveland would prevail ( C= third letter in the alphabet ) and
i am still grinding my teeth i couldn't get a bet on due to my current location.
GSW superstar Stephen Curry, who likes to display occult hand signs, was
singled out to underperform an he duly obliged.
In game six he threw his mouthpiece away ( I guarantee he doesn't need to pay
the imposed 25000 $ fine ), provoking his expulsion and in game seven he
threw wild passes and air balls not seen before during the season.

The bottom line is : NBA's MWP and Bay-Area darling Stephen Curry let his
team and the fans down, because he sold his soul to Satan.

Tough stuff to swallow, but we are not dealing with real people here. Now take
a look at this bloke, NBA commissioner and successor of David Stern, Adam
Silver. It seems as with the FED, if you don't belong to the chosen tribe you
don't need to apply for the top positions. These guys rake in loads of dough
dished out by the sheeple believing in clean and fair sports. Rest assured, when
the new season starts and Mr Curry hits a 3-pointer for the umpteenth time,
people will go bonkers again instead of shouting " No more lies ".

Friday, June 17, 2016

Brexit Now

If not postponed through the recent murder of Jo Cox, a referendum takes
place in G. Britain at the 23rd of June, whether to remain or leave the EU .
I am a staunch opponent of the EU from day one, knowing it is a project
from the elite belonging to the framework of the New World Order and dearly
hope the British make the right decision marking the referendum as the
beginning of the end for the globalists wet dreams.

Sure, businessmen will moan and groan, that their merchandise cannot freely
float around any longer, traveller will moan and and groan, that they have to
exchange currencies again, but all this is completely secondary, because what
is at stake are rights and cultural identities of the European people taken away
through a huge money devouring, bureaucratic and non-democratic monster
sitting in Brussels.

So by voting for "leave" the British could show the globalist cult the extended
middle finger and let them know to bin their plans and regain self-determi-
nation. The odds for remaining in the EU were as low as 1.16, but meanwhile
drifted out to 1.57, so unfortunately an exit looks unlikely at this stage, but we
have to wait and hope, especially that for a change the referendum is not rigged.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Back To The U.S.A.

Readers of this blog know, that i do not hold the U.S.A in high esteem, though my
brother lives in the San Francisco area and it is time to see him again for a drink
and a chat. Filling out the ESTA-form made already clear, to what a paranoid
country i will travel, confirmed by the news the FBI planted bugs in the Bay Area.

The U.S.A. " differ between enemies, they have subdued, which they call friends
and enemies, they dont have subdued ", how G. Wisnewski put it rightly. However
it is important to stress, that regular Americans as most people on this planet are
victims of central bankers and their unsatiable greed for wealth and power. These
scumbags want to impose their military, economic and cultural leadership through
the pax americana and spent around a fantastillion in military expenses and also
to protect the petro dollar.

I don't mind spending a couple of weeks in California, but this is definitely not a
place i want to live. Hardly any water left after a drought lasting many years now
caused through modification, cops can randomly strip me of my cash, food not
moulding, sky high rents and news broadcasting stations like CNN telling folks
Australia (?!) wants to build a fence at the border to Slovenia.

So clearly the U.S.A are not any good as role model and need to be opposed,
thus politicians with balls are required and not poodles. As i wrote already
before, many Americans are great folks for example those commenting at
Zerohedge or the dude i met in a bar in Cusco. He was so grateful, that BMW
has built a factory in Spartanburg, SC helping the people there, so he paid me
three beers, out of gratitude, which i thought was very nice of him. None-
theless some need political guidance, thus i will sport my Putin-shirt over there.

+++ 10.6. demonstration in Ramstein, from where drone strikes are conducted
        around the world +++

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Schizophrenia And Football

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder and can be observed especially during the upcoming
European Football Championships in France. We were told what a great thing the EU
is, a place with no boundaries and a homogeneous population. So isn't it an ana-
chronism, when nations within the EU play football against each other ? Of course it is,
but football has always been opium for the people and a stimulus for the economy so
never mind.

Many youngsters are quick to call those the usual names, who speak in favour of their
country, but now dress up in black, red and gold and pilgrimage to public viewing
places, where they cheer their team, if they beat the team from another nation.

The worst cases of schizophrenia are those, who sit in front of a TV-set with a German
flag and vote for the biggest enemies of Germans at elections afterwards - the SPD,
the Green Party and on top the CDU featuring chancellora Merkel and finance minister
Schäuble, who recently again lied through his teeth by saying, he knows nobody, who
wants to abolish notes and coins. I don't know, how much further both want to sink,
but there is not much leeway left until they hit rock bottom.

For these, who are not aware, how the government conducts the warfare against the
people, here is a uncompleted list ...

- Influx from millions of migrants, thus executing plans laid out by Goldmann, Hooton,
  Kaufmann and other psychopaths targeting the genocide of whites in Europe.
- Transferring billions of national wealth abroad mostly landing in banksters pockets.
- Massive reduction of police men, so gangs of thieves from a plethora of countries
  can waltz in and out homes, plundering them without fear of being caught.
- Deliberately harming the economy through sanctions, the EEG energy law ( an in-
  dustrialized nation just cannot function with alternative energy only ) or decaying
  roads for instance.
- Reduced staff at civil services leading to many hours or even weeks until  soli-
  citations can be settled.
- Trying to reduce employment rights through TTIP.
- Constant deception through their controlled mainstream media.
- High taxation.
- Unleashing a band of bullies called ANTIFA against political opponents.
- Smashing the education system through questionable methods (learning to write
  after hearing), introduction from migrants into classes, who hardly speak German
  and inclusion meaning the introdution of kids with down-syndrom into classes, so
  the level of education will be lowered significantly.
- Release of mug shots of criminals with migrant background many months after the
  act was committed.
- Permission for a punkband named Slime to perform their best known song at a recent
  family fair in Hamburg with the title " Germany must die, so we can live "
- Waiste of national wealth through mega projects as the new Berlin airport.
- New anti-terror laws for better monitoring of the domestic (!) population.


So clearly, those, who still vote for one of the above mentioned parties deserve to be
slapped with a damp rag and i mean it - the situation is serious, folks. In my estmation
it will perhaps four decades until  migrants will kick butt, while Germans are still
drooling about integration and being tolerant. They know the political will and why
they have been brought here.                            

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Health Advice

For an aging dude i am in pretty rude health thanks in part to the following ...

- On a daily base i drink a spoonful of high quality linseed oil. It is a rich source of
  Omega3 fatty acids and neutralizes the effects of chemtrails.

- Many diseases start in the mouth and thus mouth hygiene is essential. I don't only
  use a toothbrush and paste without flouride of course, but also Miswak ( foto ).
  This is a twig and to use him, it is necessary to peel off a piece of the bark and
  chew  until bristles have been developed, which clean the teeth and massage the

- From an ice hockey player i received the advice, that rolling the foot over a golf
  ball relaxes a hardened calf and it helps indeed.

- To improve the eyes vision it is advised to wear pinhole glasses a couple of minutes
   a day. They train the eyes nicely and also highly recommended is the Bates - Method
   to cure myopia for instance. With regular application it could be possible to restore
   20/20 vision and  put glasses aside.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Peace Trip From Berlin To Moscow

Rainer Rothfuß and Ove Schattauer organized a trip from Berlin to Moscow dated
7th of August to counterattack western propaganda and to emphazise the German-
Russian friendship.

Russia received recently a double whammy, when gold medalists from the Sotchi
Olympic Games were accused of doping without any presentation of  evidence
followed by the Eurovision Song Contest last weekend. With the old voting system
Russia's Sergey Lazarev had won by a country mile, but we wouldn't live in the
western community of values, when organizers hadn't found a way to manipulate
the whole farce. So Lazarev finnished third with the Ukraine as the winner with a
song containing a political theme, thus breaching the rules.

At the forefront of bashing Russia are currently Peter Urban ( ESC-commentator),
Sabine Adler ( Deutschlandfunk ), Rebecca Harms ( Green Party ) and perhaps
the biggest dumbfuck of them all, Boris Reitschuster. For them i have a couple of
rhetoric questions :

- Does Russia want to strip us of our cash ?

- Does Russia want to implant us RFID - chips ?

- Does Russia want to convert us into totally supervised servants ?

- Did Russia established a proxy army in Syria called ISIS ?

- Did Russia flood the EU with migrants ?

All these deeds are linked to zionist USrael and their vasalls in the EU and the EZB .
Deeds, which will affect the beforementioned people as well, so why do they keep
pointing fingers at Russia ? They are all corrupt without exception ...
Here is a list of wars the USA has been involved in the last centuries and should H.
Clinton become the next president that list will be extended significantly- currently
tons of weaponry are shipped towards the East. If TTIP and CETA become reality
Europe is on toast by American corporations, predators, who turn the continent into
facism. Germans and Russians are natural allies, wanting to live and trade peacefully
in good neighborship, something Western elites don't like at all, thus keep trying to
drive a wedge between both countries for instance with ridiculous sanctions.

I applaud Rainer and Ove for their initiative and wish them well with their project.


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Weekend Bets

Eurovision Song Contest 

In the old days this contest under a different name provided some memorable mo-
ments by artists such as ABBA or Katja Ebstein, while nowadays we usually see
good looking crooners singing songs entering the left ear and exit straight out on the
other one.
This years fav is Sergey Lazarev from Russia and he is no exception.I listened to
his song as well as the Ukrainian contribution and had no desire afterwards for a
take on the other participants - it is just more of the same.

Bookies get it mostly right and for the sake of it, i have a small bet on RUSSIA to
win the contest @ 2.20.*** 3rd

German Bundesleague Matchday 34

It is the final matchday of the season and i will concentrate on two games  involving
dogfights against relegation. The first is Wolfsburg vs Stuttgart, where the homeside
has put up a number of lacklustre performances recently, before winning in Hamburg
last weekend. Stuttgart meanwhile lost completely the plot losing five on the bounce.
Coach Kramny desperately rotated his squad around trying to stabilize his defence,
but to no avail. The odds on a Wolfsburg win are very generous and i put them in a
double with those from Werder Bremen facing Eintracht Frankfurt at home.

WOLFSBURG and BREMEN to win @ 4.80***WON with another double as
stake saver with game one > 3.5 goals and game two both to score @ 2.66.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Politicians On The Run

This video shows, what occured to justice minister Maas ( SPD ), while visiting
the German town of Zwickau. His attempt to conduct a speech was short-lived,
since he got booed off the stage and eventually fled the scene in his black limo.
Actually his boss Sigmar "Das Pack" Gabriel  wanted to attend the meet & greet
with the people, but then decided to call in sick for the same reason, for which
the football match Germany-The Netherlands was canceled last November.

More and more folks wake up to the fact, that in a country under U.S.occupation
every politician within the system has be considered a traitor, because he serves
foreign interests first and thus it is mandatory for me to be a nonvoter. Furthermore
a negative-selection is conducted, because no decent character would function as
a traitor against his own people and that brings chancellora Merkel into the picture.

Merkel keeps on pushing for the TTIP project, completely ignoring the will of
millions, because her masters want to see it accomplished. Even worse, she
dispatches soldiers to Lithuania close to the Russian border following foreign
orders. Remember the Kotau she made towards G. W.Bush after former
chancellor Schröder refused to drag the FR in Germany into the Irak war ?
Merkel wouldn't hesitate a second to join the U.S in a war against Russia, thus
annihilating this country.

Merkel herself can't and probably don't want to appear in public any longer, be-
cause of her disapproval rate. So she remains in a more friendly environment
such as the recent Hannover trade fair, where she spoke in front of pathetic
corporate manager.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Smartphone-Geek's Lifesaver

Smartphone-Geeks live dangerously, since many of them strut through the comm-
unity heads down staring with empty, autistic faces on the latest malarkey sent
on their smartphone and thus are endangered  getting run over by oncoming traffic.

Exactly that happened to a German teenager, but help is on the way in the form of
ground level traffic lights, which start to blink once a car or train approaches. Nifty
safety comes with a price tag, 10.000 .- Euros per crossing, though it's worth it.
I mean, who wants his shiny nice new car get damaged, because some careless
smartphone zombie rolls over the hood.

Frankly, i feel fortunate to belong to a older generation, where all these electronic
gadgets were a far cry away. I have absolutely no affinity to smartphones and do
not even possess a cellular.

Life is possible without those radiating and spying junk. Just try it ...

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Football Champions League

After having watched the quarterfinals i can't get away from ATLETICO MADRID, who eliminated Barca in fine style. Incredible tight unit with a strong defence and two formidable striker up front in Torres and Griezmann.

Of course Bayern Munich and Manchester City have classy individual players to see them through, though i feel they are not firing on all cylinders right now, while Real Madrid is too dependant on CR7. So with the odds                                                       available i have to side with the rojo-blancos.

                                            Atletico to lift the trophy @ 4.50***LOST