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Thursday, October 6, 2016

"Knüppel Attack" And More Anecdotes From Asylistan

In the North-German provincial town of Oersdorf mayor Kebschull was beaten from
behind with a club after having left a town hall meeting, where he discussed the influx
of migrants. He was warned by locals to drop that plan out of fear their village could
be turned into a Little Malmö. The hitman added some mockery to the headache by
saying " Those, who don't want to listen, must feel."

Meanwhile at the African coast human trafficker keep pushing boats out to the M.Sea
A refugee then takes his brand new smartphone and dials the presaved number from
the German marine. There vessel "Werra" then comes to their rescue and brings them
not back to Africa, but to Europe. Ergo the captain of the ship acts like an human
trafficker himself and belongs behind bars as NWO-floozie Merkel. Not going to
happen in a Banana Republic, where both enjoy protection from high places and thus
can keep encouraging refugees to risk the dangerous journey.

In Düsseldorf a migrant didn't receive a schoko pudding for desert and to vent some
steam, the short fused guy burned down the house. The other residents moved to an
adjacent building into the 5. floor. Because they were not able to haul their meals up
there, the mayor from the Green Party looked for volunteers to fulfill that humiliating
task. I am shure she found some good-doing lefties in our dumbed-down society.

We were told there is little migrant traffic at the border now.The reason for this could
be, that migrants are brought in by air. At least there are some suspicious activities at
night at several airports. On the other hand some migrants feel they need a time out
from the tedious camp life and make a vacation in the country they had to flee from.

German Interior Minister Schäuble said "Europe needs migration to prevent incest and
degeneration ..." Wrong Wofgang, Europe needs responsible politicians, who live the
values TRUTH, COURAGE, JUSTICE and HONOUR also of course towards foreign
countries outside Europe and their inhabitants too.

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