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Friday, October 28, 2016

" Reichsbürger " - Rebels With A Cause

Last week Wolfgang P. shot four policemen, who raided his home in the wee hours
of the morning. He calls himself a "Reichsbürger", what means citizen of the empire,
and thus wasn't deemed by authorities to carry arms he legally owned, so the police
was dispatched to collect them. The question is, what are politicians more afraid of,
the arms or the emerging truth about the Federal Republic in Germany system, a
card house of lies and deceptions, which slowly begins to crumble ?

Reichsbürger do not acknowledge the state simulation FRiG and want to live as
sovereign citizens in a sovereign state for example in the still existing Free State of
Prussia , where they enjoy full rights unlike the limited ones granted in the FRiG,
where also SHAEF-military laws and trade laws are implemented to make matters
more complicated.

I am not a jurist, but want to illustrate on a drastic example, what is going on here
after having done some research. A while ago in Hamburg a fourteen year old girl
was gang-raped and discarded in a backyard at freezing temperatures afterwards.
The culprits were captured by the police ("police" on cars and uniform always written
in capitol letters, marking them as members of a firm ), then sentenced to ridiculous
penalties by a judge, who had absolutly no legitmitation to execute sovereign func-
tions. What followed was an public uproar, though perhaps the legal situation did not
give the judge another possibility. The USA controlled administration construct aka
the FRiG does not know natural persons or human beings, but only juristic persons
or things. In that sense raping a girl is legally considered a material damage and is less
hard punished than a tax evasion as incredible as it sounds.

Personally i wish the Reichsbürger - movement well.Unfotunately i cannot join in, be-
cause i need my bloody red passport ( it is the blue one i crave for ) for travelling
abroad and other restrictions. Politicians and mainstream media start to panic about
their newly gained prominence and that is a good sign.

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