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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Blues, The Booze & I

In Cusco i used to play guitar in a pizza joint once a week and while at some nights i only picked solely for the cat, others were quite busy with local patrons or tourists from nearby hotels stopped by to grab some grub,  a 45 % Alc./Vol. passion fruit Schnaps or just for listening. I am not one of the most social guys, but i sure enough enjoyed chatting with a few of them with the guitar changing hands occasionally in an atmosphere, which cannot be created by the money loaded " This is my house, this is my car, this is my boat " - glitterati .

Monday, March 23, 2015

Gauck in Cusco

Can´t believe it, caaaaan´t believe it ! I thought i´d be far away enough to be safe from the guff going on in the Federal Republic in Germany, then who comes to town ? War monger, Russia hater, hypocrite, former Stasi official ( IM-"Larve" ), person guilty of high treason and unfortunately Federal President of the FRiG, Joachim Gauck. What he wants here remains unclear, because his political and economic authority tends towards zero. Perhaps it has to do with the fact, that more and more Latin-American countries turn their backs to the Western community of values or he just wanted to do some tourism and move his Airbus jet a little bit, what comes with a price tag of 12000.- Euros per operating hour on taxpayers expense. Upon arrival in Lima he instructed the hosts to review their past concerning the " Sendero Luminoso ", while the emergence of new books and videos shed some light of his own past confirming my statement made above. A few details about his visit leaked through, for instance that his entourage comprised 60 people, of course lodging and dining at the finest places or that Gauck´s companion in life, he is still married to another woman being separated from her for 24 years, received a private car to carry her luggage. For their excursion to the ruins of Macchu Picchu they allegedly used a private train, while in M. P. itself the general public had to stay outside. Not too long ago Gauck participated at the " March of Dignity " in Kiev in commemoration of the Maidan dead, marching arm in arm with mass murder Porochenko, although it has been solved, that those, who brought Poroschenko to power were responsible for the sniper attacks at the Maidan. It is a major embarassment, that such a low quality person like him is entitled to represent the Federal Republic in Germany.

Monday, March 16, 2015

The Great Rock ´n´ Roll Swindle ...

... as described by the Sex Pistols looks pretty pale compared to a farce going on in the Federal Republic in Germany now for seventy years. As a faithful reader of this blog you already know that  the FR in Germany is not a state, but an administration construct implemented by occupying powers after WW2 and as such is not only not entitled to impose taxes on its citizens , but can´t occupy state officials as well ! In fact in 1945 all civil services were declared defunct, meaning that for instance judges, attorneys , teachers or policemen are mere employees without legitimation, who can be hold liable privately and have no legal security. So, assumed i would be confronted with a judge or policeman i could ask him for a official identy card and he would begin to stutter with his face turning red, because he could only present a service card, which is not acceptable - i could wish him a pleasant day and make off without facing any consequences. That is the situation according to my researches and what can be done to end the charade ? With the current politicians not much, but once someone with the figure of Putin or Morales has been installed, a peace treaty with the Empire of Terror ( aka the USA ) is needed, since we still have a state of war with them, to regain sovereignty and allowing the  FRiG to act as a proper state. The Americans would have to pull out their weaponry and the local media could not be used as their propaganda tool any longer - in no other country the media agitates against Russia that audacious as in the FRiG. In a recent speech  " Stratfor "- CEO George Friedman ( a zio-con, these folks just can´t be nice ) revealed, what is in store for the FR in Germany and Europe in general and it makes grim listening. So i suggest, the right thing to do is straightening our backs and side with the BRICS - countries to push back the influence USrael´s.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cheltenham Festival 2015

The Cheltenham Festival starts next Tuesday with four days of top-flight jumps racing. I checked wall-to-wall stats, trends, listened to trainers and jockeys to pick my selections only to watch them tumbling down at the first obstacle or maybe not ? Here is my bet bundle : The Festival is notorious for short priced favs coming unstuck, but it would be folly to leave the Willy Mullins trained DOUVAN ( Supreme Novices Hurdle ) and FAUGHEEN ( foto, Champion Hurdle ) unbacked. I put them into a double @ 5.50 ***WON. Gigginstown House Stud was the most successful owner at last years Festival and they arrive again with a very strong team with DON POLI ( National Hunt Chase ) NR and DON COSSACK ( RSA Chase ) NR the leading contenders, another double @ 20 ***LOST. Here is an each-way treble with runners, who should at least grab a place - MA FILLEULE ( Ryanair Chase ) 2nd, SAPHIR DU RHEU ( World Hurdle ) 2nd and VIBRATO VALTAT ( Arkle Chase ) UP@ 180 ***LOST. For the Gold Cup i swerved my old friend Silviniaco Conti, because his odds make no appeal whatsoever in this open looking race. Instead i have a tickle on HOLYWELL @ 11 ***4th. He is trained by Jonjo O´Neill, who is a master in getting his horses ready for the Festival. Off to Puerto Maldonado tonight.