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Monday, March 23, 2015

Gauck in Cusco

Can´t believe it, caaaaan´t believe it ! I thought i´d be far away enough to be safe from the guff going on in the Federal Republic in Germany, then who comes to town ? War monger, Russia hater, hypocrite, former Stasi official ( IM-"Larve" ), person guilty of high treason and unfortunately Federal President of the FRiG, Joachim Gauck. What he wants here remains unclear, because his political and economic authority tends towards zero. Perhaps it has to do with the fact, that more and more Latin-American countries turn their backs to the Western community of values or he just wanted to do some tourism and move his Airbus jet a little bit, what comes with a price tag of 12000.- Euros per operating hour on taxpayers expense. Upon arrival in Lima he instructed the hosts to review their past concerning the " Sendero Luminoso ", while the emergence of new books and videos shed some light of his own past confirming my statement made above. A few details about his visit leaked through, for instance that his entourage comprised 60 people, of course lodging and dining at the finest places or that Gauck´s companion in life, he is still married to another woman being separated from her for 24 years, received a private car to carry her luggage. For their excursion to the ruins of Macchu Picchu they allegedly used a private train, while in M. P. itself the general public had to stay outside. Not too long ago Gauck participated at the " March of Dignity " in Kiev in commemoration of the Maidan dead, marching arm in arm with mass murder Porochenko, although it has been solved, that those, who brought Poroschenko to power were responsible for the sniper attacks at the Maidan. It is a major embarassment, that such a low quality person like him is entitled to represent the Federal Republic in Germany.

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