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Monday, March 16, 2015

The Great Rock ´n´ Roll Swindle ...

... as described by the Sex Pistols looks pretty pale compared to a farce going on in the Federal Republic in Germany now for seventy years. As a faithful reader of this blog you already know that  the FR in Germany is not a state, but an administration construct implemented by occupying powers after WW2 and as such is not only not entitled to impose taxes on its citizens , but can´t occupy state officials as well ! In fact in 1945 all civil services were declared defunct, meaning that for instance judges, attorneys , teachers or policemen are mere employees without legitimation, who can be hold liable privately and have no legal security. So, assumed i would be confronted with a judge or policeman i could ask him for a official identy card and he would begin to stutter with his face turning red, because he could only present a service card, which is not acceptable - i could wish him a pleasant day and make off without facing any consequences. That is the situation according to my researches and what can be done to end the charade ? With the current politicians not much, but once someone with the figure of Putin or Morales has been installed, a peace treaty with the Empire of Terror ( aka the USA ) is needed, since we still have a state of war with them, to regain sovereignty and allowing the  FRiG to act as a proper state. The Americans would have to pull out their weaponry and the local media could not be used as their propaganda tool any longer - in no other country the media agitates against Russia that audacious as in the FRiG. In a recent speech  " Stratfor "- CEO George Friedman ( a zio-con, these folks just can´t be nice ) revealed, what is in store for the FR in Germany and Europe in general and it makes grim listening. So i suggest, the right thing to do is straightening our backs and side with the BRICS - countries to push back the influence USrael´s.

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