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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Seeds - Old Sorts Versus New Ones 1.

The above picture stems from my backyard. At the foreground we see beetroots
taken from bag of seeds from the garden center, while the strong growing plant
in the background are old sort pumpkins grown out of single seeds i privately

Of course it  is comparing apples with pears or in this case a fast growing veggie
with a perhaps slower growing one. None the less it is obvious, that commercial
seeds are more or less rubbish with little meager results. I definitly feel gene
engineers botched them to make shure folks can't make a living as self supporter
and have to rely on the industrial low-grade crap.

To underline this opinion i want to add, that it is forbidden in the Federal Republic
in Germany, where politicians generally act against the peoples interests but in
favor of enterprises as with the case Bayer/Monsanto, to trade old sorts not being
certified by administrations. Fortunately some braves don't become intimidated
and keep making them available.

Video Forbidden Veggies

Thursday, June 21, 2018

World Cup 2018 Germany -Sweden

Next Saturday the most compliant NWO nations Germany and Sweden clash in
Sochi. While the latter showed a gutsy performance and won against a albeit
weak South Corea, Germany lost against Mexico after a bloodless performance.

Peter Haisenko came up with the explanation that in Germany the enemy image
of Russia must be maintained under any circumstances and thus positive images
in association with the World Cup have to be avoided. To put it bluntly, the
Germans lost deliberately. Chancellora Merkel visited the team in their training
camp prior to the tournament and it can easily be imagined, that she handed instruc -
tions to coach Jogi Löw, who already proved obedient two years ago in France.

The team was programmed to lose and they acted accordingly by playing without
fire in their belly and disgraceful body language. The Swedish govt could ask the
same from their squad, but as it seems they left them alone. Probably because they
know they are chipped from a different block than Löw and the other German
wimps and would never act as traitors.

Expect Sweden to win @ 7.60 !! perhaps with the assistance of a silly Schwein -
steiger-style handball or own goal. *** Surprisingly "The Team" developed a
burning ambition in the second half to score a last gasp winner. Eventually they
finnished off the job against South-Corea.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Football World Championship 2018 in Russia

As usual Brazil was made the favourite. They will be desperate to erase the nat-
ional shame from 4 years ago and are looking for redemption. With Neymar
back at peak form they certainly have the players to do so. My main pick though
is Spain, which has along with France the highest team market value and solely
players from European top clubs, a tight unit and good mix between hungry
young players and experienced warriors, however it remains to be seen, whether
there will be negative effects of the quick fire coach exchange.

A team i really like are the Peruvians. These guys play with heart and soul and
are no push overs. Certainly not good enough against France they could have the
measure of Denmark and Australia.

And what about " The Team" , the German National Team is now known after
the name castration ? They won the Confed-Cup last year and belong certainly on
the shortlist despite a lack of offensive power. Nonetheless i can't have them, after
they deliberately lost the EM 16 semi-final against France. You have probably
heard of the latest farce surrounding Özil and Gündogan, who clearly have shown
to whom they feel most loyal to. A self-respecting coach had handed them
baking moulds and would stick them in a sandpit instead on a football pitch; with
a teammate like Paul Breitner from the old guard, who would have both tackled
them hard enough they had to use a walking cane for three months, though none of
his calibre around. Of course no option for coach Löw, a member of the Green Party,
who showed some understanding.

The Federal Republic in Germany is a complete joke, yet a bad one with Löw and
the whole DFB organisation a perfect fit. Will i cheer for them ? Don't count on it, i
rather hope they will be eliminated the sooner the better, so that the focus shifts
back to the politicians and their clandestine planned dirty deeds.

Here is my rota of bets ...

Winner                     Brazil @ 5              Spain @ 7

Golden Boot            Neymar (BRA) @ 11         Lukaku (BEL) @ 17
                               Diego Costa (SPA) @ 26   Isco (SPA) @ 34

Group " C "             1. France 2. Peru      @ 4

Lowest Scoring Group                    " F " @ 10

Anthony Bourdain Dead

Haven't heard of him in quite a while until now to learn about his death. I used
to watch his show thinking he got the finest job possible - travelling the world
eating, drinking and meeting local folks serving as travel guides. He also visited
Peru and Cusco once, what i got to know later on.

Bourdain now was found dead in France, where he was shooting another epi-
sode, allegedly having committed suicide. Apparently he was doing better
than ever and his death remains a mystery, though some suppose it could have
somethingt to do with remarks he made about Henry Kissinger years back.

Bourdain in Peru

Bourdain about    Kissinger

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Who Is Tommy Robinson ?

Or Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, which is his real name. I got aware of him for the first
time during the Westminster hoax, where he immediately afterwards hit the road
to accuse Muslims as culprits. After 9/11, Charlie Hebdo or Breitscheidplatz it is
obvious that these attacks have little to do with the Islam, but plenty with the
secret services, so when someone does not consider the possibility of a hoax or
false flag he has next to none credibility in my estimation.

Meanwhile it leaked through his affinity for Zionism confirming my view of him
being an NWO agent. Here in the FRiG we have similar types with Elsässer, Stürz-
enberger or Schunke to drop a few names. Their task seems to be to blame Muslims
while keeping the masterminds out of the limelight, thus fueling the feud between
Muslims and Christians, the clash of cultures.

Robinson is a rather dubious figure with a criminal record and when he recently
reported and filmed at a trial agaist a so called Grooming Gang, he was taken into
custody and sentenced to thirteen months in jail. Grooming Gang is an euphemism
for bands of mostly Pakistani rapists, who committed their dirty deeds throughout
England for many years, although authorities and police were well informed , but
stayed put to avoid to be called racists. Huh, excuse me ! This to me appears to be
utter rubbish. No one with even the tiniest morsel of conscience would stand aside
but intervene to spare the children their terrible fate.

This goes beyond a bunch of rapists satisfying their sexual drive, this goes way
deeper and in my humble opinion is a covert agenda orchestrated by shadow
governments perhaps to traumatize girls, so that they will not be capable to enter
a relationship and reproduce or again to fuel the clash of cultures with Tommy
Robinson as their agent provocateur.