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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Seeds - Old Sorts Versus New Ones 1.

The above picture stems from my backyard. At the foreground we see beetroots
taken from bag of seeds from the garden center, while the strong growing plant
in the background are old sort pumpkins grown out of single seeds i privately

Of course it  is comparing apples with pears or in this case a fast growing veggie
with a perhaps slower growing one. None the less it is obvious, that commercial
seeds are more or less rubbish with little meager results. I definitly feel gene
engineers botched them to make shure folks can't make a living as self supporter
and have to rely on the industrial low-grade crap.

To underline this opinion i want to add, that it is forbidden in the Federal Republic
in Germany, where politicians generally act against the peoples interests but in
favor of enterprises as with the case Bayer/Monsanto, to trade old sorts not being
certified by administrations. Fortunately some braves don't become intimidated
and keep making them available.

Video Forbidden Veggies

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