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Thursday, June 21, 2018

World Cup 2018 Germany -Sweden

Next Saturday the most compliant NWO nations Germany and Sweden clash in
Sochi. While the latter showed a gutsy performance and won against a albeit
weak South Corea, Germany lost against Mexico after a bloodless performance.

Peter Haisenko came up with the explanation that in Germany the enemy image
of Russia must be maintained under any circumstances and thus positive images
in association with the World Cup have to be avoided. To put it bluntly, the
Germans lost deliberately. Chancellora Merkel visited the team in their training
camp prior to the tournament and it can easily be imagined, that she handed instruc -
tions to coach Jogi Löw, who already proved obedient two years ago in France.

The team was programmed to lose and they acted accordingly by playing without
fire in their belly and disgraceful body language. The Swedish govt could ask the
same from their squad, but as it seems they left them alone. Probably because they
know they are chipped from a different block than Löw and the other German
wimps and would never act as traitors.

Expect Sweden to win @ 7.60 !! perhaps with the assistance of a silly Schwein -
steiger-style handball or own goal. *** Surprisingly "The Team" developed a
burning ambition in the second half to score a last gasp winner. Eventually they
finnished off the job against South-Corea.

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