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Thursday, August 25, 2016

View Of A Parasite

Not for the first time German Federal President Joachim Gauck made a irritating,
if not bizarre statement by saying " The elites are not the problem, the populations
are at the moment." I guess, he doesn't refer to the workforce , who provide the
funds enabling the flamboyant lifestyle he conducts along with his love affair , but
to those , who called him a traitor and other names during a recent public appear -
ance - folks simply not appreciating the outlook of being overun by muslim migrants.

So who might belong to that fabled "Elite" ? We are not in the club  George Carlin
stated correctly , but rather banksters as Rothschild with his agent Soros or David
Rockefeller. Blogger Freeman once wrote he stood next to Rockefeller and could
feel the chilling cold oozing from his heart. Then politicians as the NWO - floozie
Merkel , US-Pres. Obama, whose official biografy contains more lies, than a news-
cast in German public television and even French Pres. Hollande. I mean someone
paying nearly 10 grand monthly for his figaro taking care of what's left on his head
will demand being a part of the elite even if he is only their servant. Also on the list
are aristocrats , industry bosses behaving like predators and of course members of
secret socities as the Bilderberger , Triliteral Commission , Skull & Bones etc. The
latter are the shadow governments , pulling the strings in the background and set up
the false flags and hoaxes , scam masters even using children for their propaganda bs.

It seems for entering the club the requirements are being a psychopath and good
friends with Lucifer. Contrary to Mr. Gauck's believe the world would be better
off without them and it is my firm opinion , that people no matter of nationality ,
race or religion get along nicely , if the before mentioned are left out of the equation.

Gauck's quote and also Merkel's flag tossing video went viral and people around the
flat earth ask, how is it possible , that these two hold top positions in Germany.
Because we Germans allow it. We should hang our heads in shame.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Weekend Sports

Some mouthwatering racing ahead in York with the Nunthorpe Stakes tomorrow on
Friday and the Ebor on Saturday. The Nunthorpe Stakes will crown the new sprint
champion of the season and it is impossible to get away from LIMATO (IRE). Henry
Candys speedball is unproven over the minimum distance, but his unmatched ability
to change gears and quicken away from the opposition should see him through.
Limato (foto) to win @ 4 *** 2nd

The Ebor Heritage Handicap is the most valuable flat handicap in Europe and incre-
dible competitive. My speculative vote goes to SHREWD @ 19, who wins his fair
share of races and also has a course and distance win already to his name. Besides
i will closely monitor the odds development prior to the race. If a longshots price
shortens significantly, this is, when the smart money arrived and following it could
pay handsome dividends. *** 2nd

Meanwhile some action in major European football leagues is underway and i will
have a bet on the following treble ...

Ligue 1                LYON - Caen       LILLE - Dijon
Primera Liga        San Sebastian - REAL MADRID     @ 3.85 *** WON

Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Police - Not Our Friend And Helper

This post was inspired by the blogger Killerbee, who has a pretty harsh view on
cops and i can see, why. The profession "policeman" was once  highly regarded,
though suffered in recent years after incidents in Stuttgart or Cologne for instance,
where cops acted with brute force against defenseless citizens. The TV series
"Großstadtrevier" running for decades now on public broadcasting television tries
to depict the policemen as always friendly and cooperative neighbors, but the
recent farce in Munich served as the latest eye opener, where a police drill were
conducted after an ludiscrously staged gun rampage. Looking at the cops partici-
pating, i can't help but feeling their job is to protect politicians and the upper class
in case of civil unrest and here is the reason ...

This country, the Federal Republic in Germany is steadily turned to a totalitarian
police state disguised as war against terror and for that development a new breed
of policeman is required, a more sadistic type, who gives you at first a lot of stick
and then lets you know " Not my fault, i just follow orders. "

As politicians can be considered our opponents, so can the police, although both sides
make their income from taxpayers money. I had only a couple of times contact with
that species years back, when i was working as a courier driver and every time they
parted me from my hard earned. For example when a cop pulled me over for speed-
ing and escorted me to a bus, where already three of his pals were sitting caressing
their balls. While i was sitting on hot coals, because my customers were waiting, they
had all the time in the world filling out the penalty notice. Would they come to my
rescue, if some migrants, of late flown in by night, attack me ? Forget it ...

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Trump Or Clinton, ...

... pest or cholera, McDonalds or Burger King, Merkel or the devil ? With some
choices you rather don't want to be bothered, though with the U.S presidential
elections, it is mandatory to take up a stance for a certain candidate, which is,
please step forward, Donald Trump !

Trump can be ridiculed for his hairstyle or his involvement in showbiz, it can be
critcized being raised into New York's glitterati along with his alleged ties to the
mafia, a notorious pedophile and Council on Foreign Relations leader Richard
Haass. Then it is said, he is not the self-made billionaire, as he wants to be per-
ceived and on top of that he made some slurs against women and migrants. So
overall he is not the nicest of guys, but damned, this is the right profile for a fox
thrown into the henhouse, in this context known as the 1%, so to speak.

However, what matters most for me as an European is, that he gets along great
with Wladimir Putin and has reservations against NATO, the North Atlantic
Terror Organisation, so hopefully he would curb U.S imperialism. I am fully
aware, that Trump could belong to the same club as Clinton and behind the
scenes they are best friends in a theater performance, having both already made
their kotau towards the Zionists at AIPAC, but with Trump there is always a
glimmer of hope, that he speaks tongue-in-cheek.

Clinton is the pick of Wall Street and the Neocons and that is all i need to know.
This woman is pure evil with plenty of blood already on her hands and nicknamed
"Killary" for a reason, being responsible for countless dead innocent people in the
former Yugoslavia, the Ukraine through V. Nuland and Lybia. Beside that, she is
involved in endless other crimes and scandals too many to mention here, though
as Merkel, she (still) enjoys protection through the big wigs.

To me it is quite funny to observe the leftist mainstream media, Google and even
"The Simpsons" through their creator and freemason Matt Groening beginning
to panic, because Trump's way into office seems to be unstoppable with a
opponent even more disliked in her own party, than Trump is in the GOP -
during the Democratic National Conventions seat fillers had to be hired, who
received 50 $ each for their troubles.

I predict, that prior to the elections a false flag event will be staged with Pres. B.
Obama declaring martial law and thus stays president at least unti Feb. 2017. For
that case i place a bet @ 34 with Ladbrokes at maximum stakes and as a stake
saver @ 3.25, that Trump will become the next president.