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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Trump Or Clinton, ...

... pest or cholera, McDonalds or Burger King, Merkel or the devil ? With some
choices you rather don't want to be bothered, though with the U.S presidential
elections, it is mandatory to take up a stance for a certain candidate, which is,
please step forward, Donald Trump !

Trump can be ridiculed for his hairstyle or his involvement in showbiz, it can be
critcized being raised into New York's glitterati along with his alleged ties to the
mafia, a notorious pedophile and Council on Foreign Relations leader Richard
Haass. Then it is said, he is not the self-made billionaire, as he wants to be per-
ceived and on top of that he made some slurs against women and migrants. So
overall he is not the nicest of guys, but damned, this is the right profile for a fox
thrown into the henhouse, in this context known as the 1%, so to speak.

However, what matters most for me as an European is, that he gets along great
with Wladimir Putin and has reservations against NATO, the North Atlantic
Terror Organisation, so hopefully he would curb U.S imperialism. I am fully
aware, that Trump could belong to the same club as Clinton and behind the
scenes they are best friends in a theater performance, having both already made
their kotau towards the Zionists at AIPAC, but with Trump there is always a
glimmer of hope, that he speaks tongue-in-cheek.

Clinton is the pick of Wall Street and the Neocons and that is all i need to know.
This woman is pure evil with plenty of blood already on her hands and nicknamed
"Killary" for a reason, being responsible for countless dead innocent people in the
former Yugoslavia, the Ukraine through V. Nuland and Lybia. Beside that, she is
involved in endless other crimes and scandals too many to mention here, though
as Merkel, she (still) enjoys protection through the big wigs.

To me it is quite funny to observe the leftist mainstream media, Google and even
"The Simpsons" through their creator and freemason Matt Groening beginning
to panic, because Trump's way into office seems to be unstoppable with a
opponent even more disliked in her own party, than Trump is in the GOP -
during the Democratic National Conventions seat fillers had to be hired, who
received 50 $ each for their troubles.

I predict, that prior to the elections a false flag event will be staged with Pres. B.
Obama declaring martial law and thus stays president at least unti Feb. 2017. For
that case i place a bet @ 34 with Ladbrokes at maximum stakes and as a stake
saver @ 3.25, that Trump will become the next president.

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