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Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Police - Not Our Friend And Helper

This post was inspired by the blogger Killerbee, who has a pretty harsh view on
cops and i can see, why. The profession "policeman" was once  highly regarded,
though suffered in recent years after incidents in Stuttgart or Cologne for instance,
where cops acted with brute force against defenseless citizens. The TV series
"Großstadtrevier" running for decades now on public broadcasting television tries
to depict the policemen as always friendly and cooperative neighbors, but the
recent farce in Munich served as the latest eye opener, where a police drill were
conducted after an ludiscrously staged gun rampage. Looking at the cops partici-
pating, i can't help but feeling their job is to protect politicians and the upper class
in case of civil unrest and here is the reason ...

This country, the Federal Republic in Germany is steadily turned to a totalitarian
police state disguised as war against terror and for that development a new breed
of policeman is required, a more sadistic type, who gives you at first a lot of stick
and then lets you know " Not my fault, i just follow orders. "

As politicians can be considered our opponents, so can the police, although both sides
make their income from taxpayers money. I had only a couple of times contact with
that species years back, when i was working as a courier driver and every time they
parted me from my hard earned. For example when a cop pulled me over for speed-
ing and escorted me to a bus, where already three of his pals were sitting caressing
their balls. While i was sitting on hot coals, because my customers were waiting, they
had all the time in the world filling out the penalty notice. Would they come to my
rescue, if some migrants, of late flown in by night, attack me ? Forget it ...

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