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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Campact Petition Against TTIP

I signed another petition, this time with Campact against TTIP. The abbreviation TTIP means Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership or more precisely : How the USA and their corporations try to suck out as much EU money, as they possibly can. Representatives of both sides are still negotiating behind closed doors, however some details have leaked through and so far we are looking at the following plan for the EU 1. Trimming of democratic rights 2. Strenghtening of corporate power 3. Introduction of genetic modified food 4. Trimming of social standards 5. Neglection of climate protection 6. Easening control of financial markets 7. Establishment of a parallel justice. During the Ukraine conflict the USA once again showed, with whom the EU is dealing. US-Americans  financed the coup d' etat in Kiew and brought a junta of their puppets to power. Not long afterwards US vice president Joe Biden's son Hunter was named director in a big Ukrainian energy company. So the US involvement in the Ukraine is an imperial move trying to get a hand at the shale gas and to cut off Russia as an energy provider by driving a wedge between Russia and the EU . The EU had to follow imposed sanctions on Russia, which are harming them considerably too and not so much the USA. The usually very well informed F. William Engdahl wrote this aricle ( in German ) about the US engagement in West-Africa, where they allegedly fight the Ebola virus with 3000 troops ! To sum it up in a nutshell, if you have friends like the US- Government, you don't need enemies anymore. The EU will be taken merciless to the cleaners, because here nobody with the figure of Wladimir Putin is in sight, but only muppets not able and willing to protect us, thus it is mandatory to take the matter to the streets. ATTAC organized a demonstration here in Hamburg and other cities at October, the 11th and i hope massive amounts of people show up. It can't go on like this, damned !

" Politics is the entertaining branch of the industry. "

- Frank Zappa -

Thursday, September 18, 2014

20.9. William Hill Ayr Silver Cup

This is a 6 furlong handicap sprint with 27 runners to choose from. BOGART regained his form last weekend in the Portland Handicap, where he finished a close second and i expect him to go one place better here. He is trained by Northern England based trainer Kevin Ryan, who knows how to win this race and whose daughter Amy gets the leg-up with the ground conditions another positive. He is my confident selection and i backed him @ 11 to win this race.*** 3rd

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Flight MH17 And The Western Community Of Values

Last Monday, the Dutch Safety Board released a bulletin concerning the crash of the Malaysian Airlines aircraft in the Ukraine. Chairman Tjibbe Joustra said,  the contents of the voice recorder were readout and i thought -" Alright, let's hear, what happened."- and then i was waiting ... "Come on, Tjibbe, i am all ears, what happened ?", but no clues, other than those meaningless already made public were revealed, because of alleged legal reasons. But then again it really doesn't matter, since every better informed person knows, that a Ukrainian SU-25 shot down the plane. And here is, where it gets crazy. This footage was made briefly after the crash. The author states, that all the dead corpses were not Dutch, but Asians, bloodless and stinking after formalin. Furthermore their luggage contained only winter clothes, so could it be, that they are passengers from the disappeared flight MH370 en route to Beijing and the mourning people at Amsterdam airport were all actors ? What an act of barbarism that would be and yes, i have the belief, that members of the "Western Community of Values" ( Ch. Angela Merkel ) are capable of organizing such a plot to create a false flag, a reason to go to war against Russia. I thought about, what Western values could be and couldn't really come up with positive ones. Democracy ? I can tick a box every four years. Great and then what ? It is a common saying, that when elections could change something, they would be prohibited. Family values ? Many times both parents have to work to make ends meet with the offspring dispensed at a kindergarden. Honesty, modesty and altruism are values certainly not thriving in an environment created by Western style capitalism. Most of the leaders of these Western countries have lost every spark of decency and credibility. A bunch of miserable liars and lickspittles of the Anglo-Saxon imperalists, who specialized in making debts and spend money ( mostly for ailing banks of course ), as if there is no tomorrow. It rather seems, pouring buckets filled with ice water over ones head or taking apart inner cities after a bloody sports team won a championship are Western "values". I dearly hope a wind of change blows pretty soon through Europe with politicians serving the people and concentrating more on the real economy without any influence from the USA - that would be valuable indeed.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Open Petition against Joachim Gauck

I signed a open petition demanding German Federal President Joachim Gauck to step down. Two days ago he conducted a speech using again a absolut irresponsible warmongering rhetoric towards Russia. Gauck is a clergyman, self proclaimed civil-rights activist and turncoat from the former German Democratic Republic, who likes to travel to World War II sites, where he sheds more tears than David Luiz after a lost football match. He should remember, that that war as many others also, were financed and orchestrated by bankers and secret societies, who now have their dirty fingers in the Ukraine trying to pull Russia into a war, because ( you have read it before here ) to save the Petrodollar or as a further step towards a One World Government. I expect him to adress this or at least to shut up, however he rather echoes the jackals from the mainstream media or Vitali Klitschko, who just received a lifetime achievement award for smacking down countless people. Further reasons to sack him are signing the ESM treaty and calling AFD voters "nutcases". I certainly do not feel reprensented by him and a open petition concerning his resignation is more than justified. If you think so too, please sign as well by using this link.