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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Flight MH17 And The Western Community Of Values

Last Monday, the Dutch Safety Board released a bulletin concerning the crash of the Malaysian Airlines aircraft in the Ukraine. Chairman Tjibbe Joustra said,  the contents of the voice recorder were readout and i thought -" Alright, let's hear, what happened."- and then i was waiting ... "Come on, Tjibbe, i am all ears, what happened ?", but no clues, other than those meaningless already made public were revealed, because of alleged legal reasons. But then again it really doesn't matter, since every better informed person knows, that a Ukrainian SU-25 shot down the plane. And here is, where it gets crazy. This footage was made briefly after the crash. The author states, that all the dead corpses were not Dutch, but Asians, bloodless and stinking after formalin. Furthermore their luggage contained only winter clothes, so could it be, that they are passengers from the disappeared flight MH370 en route to Beijing and the mourning people at Amsterdam airport were all actors ? What an act of barbarism that would be and yes, i have the belief, that members of the "Western Community of Values" ( Ch. Angela Merkel ) are capable of organizing such a plot to create a false flag, a reason to go to war against Russia. I thought about, what Western values could be and couldn't really come up with positive ones. Democracy ? I can tick a box every four years. Great and then what ? It is a common saying, that when elections could change something, they would be prohibited. Family values ? Many times both parents have to work to make ends meet with the offspring dispensed at a kindergarden. Honesty, modesty and altruism are values certainly not thriving in an environment created by Western style capitalism. Most of the leaders of these Western countries have lost every spark of decency and credibility. A bunch of miserable liars and lickspittles of the Anglo-Saxon imperalists, who specialized in making debts and spend money ( mostly for ailing banks of course ), as if there is no tomorrow. It rather seems, pouring buckets filled with ice water over ones head or taking apart inner cities after a bloody sports team won a championship are Western "values". I dearly hope a wind of change blows pretty soon through Europe with politicians serving the people and concentrating more on the real economy without any influence from the USA - that would be valuable indeed.

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