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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Open Petition against Joachim Gauck

I signed a open petition demanding German Federal President Joachim Gauck to step down. Two days ago he conducted a speech using again a absolut irresponsible warmongering rhetoric towards Russia. Gauck is a clergyman, self proclaimed civil-rights activist and turncoat from the former German Democratic Republic, who likes to travel to World War II sites, where he sheds more tears than David Luiz after a lost football match. He should remember, that that war as many others also, were financed and orchestrated by bankers and secret societies, who now have their dirty fingers in the Ukraine trying to pull Russia into a war, because ( you have read it before here ) to save the Petrodollar or as a further step towards a One World Government. I expect him to adress this or at least to shut up, however he rather echoes the jackals from the mainstream media or Vitali Klitschko, who just received a lifetime achievement award for smacking down countless people. Further reasons to sack him are signing the ESM treaty and calling AFD voters "nutcases". I certainly do not feel reprensented by him and a open petition concerning his resignation is more than justified. If you think so too, please sign as well by using this link.

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