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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Angie in Naziland

Last week German Chancellora Angela Merkel traveled to the Ukraine to do , what she does best - fritter away taxpayers money. Much to the delight of the Ukrainian Government, a band of corrupt to the bone Nazis, oligarchs and bankster, she promised financial aid in the amount of 500 million Euros, what i consider is a grave affront towards the East-Ukrainian rebels and Russia. Besides she conducted talks with Premier Arsenij "Jaz" Jazenjuk, a well networked banker and technocrat, who was installed by the financial elite and so it is obvious in which channel all that money will drain away. For the financial elite or illuminati, how they like to perceive themselves ( i would like to call them different and more appropriate names ), getting the Ukraine under their thumb is vital for their aim to establish feudalism worldwide with us as their vasalls, so we can be fortunate that at least some stand up against them in the shape of Wladimir Putin, the rebels or Evo Morales in Bolivia ( Ms. Merkel would sit behind bars for high treason and perjury in their countries ).While the world still waits for information concerning flight MH17, i wouldn't be surprised, if that "elite" is already thinking about another false-flag operation hoping to pull Russia finally in a war without getting outsmart by Putin. As i wrote earlier, Germany is not a sovereign nation, but in the hands of the occupying power USA, which have stored nuclear weapons here, what makes it quite possible, that Germany will be turned in a battlefield once again. Every German Chancellor has to sign the so called "Kanzlerakte" (Chancellor Act), meaning to pledge loyalty towards the Allies. But rest assured : Should the rockets start to fly or the general public wakes up here, Merkel would already sit in an aircraft en route to Paraguay, where she owns a ranch - loaded with money from the upper nobility she served so well over the years.

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