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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Living In A World Of Manipulation

Last January the German automobile club ADAC conducted an opinion poll among the readers of their magazine, asking which is their favourite car - as it turned out the result was manipulated. Recently the German public TV channel ZDF broadcasted a show named " Germany's Best ", where spectators should vote for the most merited Germans - as it turned out the result was manipulated. So, when they cannot even be honest with this light entertainment stuff, shall i believe they are with more serious events as the general elections for instance ? Here the industry steadily cries, there is a shortage of skilled workers. Now it was revealed, there is no shortage, but the industry wants skilled workers from abroad working for less than Germans. Twice weekly i read a survey telling me, that Chancellora Merkel's approval rates have risen another two points, although she was on vacation. Forums are full with so called trolls, who write commentaries on behalf of others. Gold or silver rates ? Forget it. Currently world boxing heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko makes a complete fool of himself by writing columns and giving interviews for that filthy tabloid BILD. And that brings me to a horrible incident - the crash of flight MH 17. For the main stream media, they should all be ashamed of themselves, the culprit was quickly found and of course it had to be Putin. There is no proof or reasoning, why he should benefit from that tragedy, but it does not matter .Meanwile it is more probable, that the aircraft was brought down by a Ukrainian Sukhoi 25 fighter plane after the Ukrainian aircontrol deviated it from its original route - looks like the handwriting from the same people responsible for 9/11. I reckon the Western civilization accounts for approximately 12 % of the world's population, yet it is responsible for 99 % of the bollocks happening on the planet. And now the Governments of these Western nations impose sanctions on Russia to reprimand Putin ! Do they want to expulse Russia from the energy market, so that the Americans can fill the void with their fracking gas or do they want to weaken Russia to attack it later on ? This strategy was already applied against the Iraq. There is absolutely nobody in the West, Putin could trust ( the foto shows NATO madman Fogh Rasmussen ), so he joins forces with China, India, South Africa and Brasil along with other Latin American countries, which are sovereign and do not consider Putin a rogue. I am under no illusion, there are plenty of  lunatics on a war path, who could feel threatened under this new alliance and if they snap we look at another world war. Meanwhile in the USA the number of doomsday preppers is growing. These folks believe the financial system will crash soon with martial law declared afterwards. They turned their homes into castles stuffed with arms and food, because in their opinion people will kill each other over a can of corn. Russia currently conducts big maneuvers and it seems they prepare against unwelcomed visitors. When former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder kept Germany out of the Iraq war, Angela Merkel wasted no time to fly over to George W. Bush to make a kowtow, so it is obvious what to expect from her. In the midst of manipulation left, right and center this video provides good information. However it also contains gruesome images and is not suited for sensitive minds. So the question is : Is it possible , that the unthinkable happens ? Those , who decide have already built huge underground bunkers ... As usual please try to make your own picture about the situation by searching for information outside the mainstream media. Recommende books are "The Committee of 300" and "The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations", which deals with the manipulation of human beings, by Dr. John Coleman.

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