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Thursday, May 30, 2019

EU-Election 2019 Analysis

The election determined, which party receives how many seats in the EU-parlia-
ment. Since that parliament is pretty powerless i would rather consider the
meaning of it to check the political attitude of the people within the EU. While
meanwhile many folks try to take back their nation out of Brussels claws, us
Germans remain firmly on a suicidal path with the Green Party doubling their
percentage of ballots casted. Even if granted that German elections are manipu-
lated left, right and center, that does not serve as a full explanation. Perhaps the
Greta Thunberg CO²-swindle hype or the recent frenzy about a YT bloke named
Renzo have its share, though i prefer to believe, that the old saying " Democracy
is the dictatorship of the stupid " comes into play here. We must not forget, the
Greens are all about wars, prohibition, higher taxes, pedophilia, migrant resettle-
ment and environmental nonsense with their leader and talkshow darling Robert
Habeck, who fortunately wasn't invited to this years Bilderberger meeting in
Monteaux, though i feel the puppet masters try to make him the next chancellor.

Personally i would abolish all parties right away just to prevent, that complete
jackasses are handed the most important positions in the country. Parties were
established to divide societies and prevent unification, so consequently i did not
cast a ballot, but went to the polling station to take a picture of the ballot box,
which in my hometown Hamburg is ... drum roll please ... a garbage can (foto).

I rest my case ...

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Oliver Flesch, the SA and the Truth

Oliver Flesch runs a YouTube-channel, is a self proclaimed patriot, coke head,
sex maniac and current Mallorca resident. During a recent Berlin visit he came
up with the plot while visiting the Antifa lions den in the Rigaer Street a bunch
of Antifa members laid in ambush for him. He barely made it into a house,but his
chasers unfortunately kicked in two doors and around ten blokes gave him some
stick, so he says. I could pick many holes in that story unmask her as plain lie,
but my intention for this post is something different.

Shortly afterwards commentators from the so called "Free Media" and alternative
right voiced their opinion, that the Antifa applied Nazi and SA (SA = Sturmabtei-
lung = assault division ) methods to punch someone with an undesired political
opinion. Generally the SA is viewed as gang of primitive, brutal thugs, admittedly
by myself too until yesterday, when i saw an interesting video by Rustag Netzwerk,
the guy behind that channel is excellent and knows his stuff. He explains by showing
various documents, that the SA was founded as counterpart to communist bullies,
which makes sense since communists always had a knack for violence. So instead of
shouting "The Antifa behaves like the SA " the term like "communists back in the
day " would be more appropriate".

It is amazing, the further back the Nationalsocialists era lies, the more crazy the
people in this country get about them and hardly a single day passes by without
a Nazi-comparison. In this respect that beforementioned video (see below) does
a great job to set this part of history straight and perhaps it is a stepstone to un-
cover the greatest lie of them all.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Skip The ESC, Get On The Tiger

Next Saturday once again the European Song Contest takes place in Israel. As
usual i scanned the leading market contenders for a betting opportunity, though
came up blank. Fav is an androgyne Dutch crooner, whose caterwauling didn't
enter my ears fluidly, but rather tiresome. From then on things went from bad to
worse to unbearable and after ten contenders i quit. In general the music in this
contest seems to be of minor interest and the hullabaloo surrounding it of more
importance as proven by the Australian contribution, so i decided to spend my
money more wisely ... - on golf.

Tiger Woods arrived back on the scene with a bang by winning the Masters in
Augusta a couple of days ago and being in flying form i expect him to follow
up at the PGA Championships starting already tomorrow in Farmingdale, NY.

Tiger to win @ 13 *** Flopped

Thursday, May 9, 2019

EDEKA And The Degredation Of The White Man

Perhaps you have heard of the infamous Gillette - commercial depicting men more
or less as horny, burping, farting and grunting Neandertals. Their response came
promptly and Gillette sales dropped sharply since , what happens when you insult
your sole clientele - i of course do not touch their products either.

Now German supermarket giant EDEKA came up with a similar disgusting spot in-
cubated by their agency Jung von Matt. This 78 second opus shows a father perfor-
ming something like an rub up on his daughter, being too clumsy to handle a blender,
hurting his daughter while combing her hair, surprising his son during a wank job,
trying in vain to have a conversation with the daughter, falling asleep instead of
reading something for the toddler, throwing a basketball in his daughters face, being
ugly, not able to feed his child and eating like a pig. To top it off a girls voice says
from the off "Thanks mom, that you are not daddy" - oh dear, oh dear.

So what to make of it. We must remember a functioning family is the strongest bastion
against communism, which shall be established by the power elites worldwide by ab-
olishing borders and mixing cultures and races under one bankers government.
This is called the New World Order and not only the mainstream media, most adverti-
sing agencies are full of left/green wimps promoting that development by trying to
drive a wedge between the father and his family. When succeesful the mother need to
hand over her child to a kindergarten, where loads of indoctrination are awaiting her.

No doubt for a good and healthy development, a child needs a father. He not only
teaches kids how to ride a bicycle and attends football games or fun parks with them,
but (hopefully) personifies a certain manliness, kids should become acquainted with
instead of just a rather one-dimensional female education, which could easily confuse
a youngsters mind over time.

EDEKA must have known, that such a vicious spot brings plenty of bad publicity, thus
the loss of many customers like myself - they published him regardless. One can
suppose, they did it, because they are full in line with an agenda of the German gov't
, who (nothing is unthinkable in this country) will reimburse them. A government with
members from whom nobody is a parent, but a transgender (yes, Ursula von der Leyen
too) not giving a bloody wit about the peoples wellbeing and thus pushing now for wide
spread vaccinatons containing aluminium, mercury or cells from a aborted foetus.

I don't know, where this in many ways sick society will end up, but i still can decide
where to shop and so i scratched EDEKA .

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Me, The Racist And Antisemite

I am an aficionado of music as long i can think, though i always turned a deaf ear
on for instance rap and techno - guess that makes me a music hater.

I always liked animals, though in my youth i stepped on a sea urchin, what was
a painful experience and i had no sympathy for sea urchins since - guess that will
put me in the drawer of animal haters.

On my travels i always got along nicely with locals, though somehow never deve-
loped any interest for India, believing me and Indians won't click - guess that is a
deeply racist behaviour.

There is a plethora of reasons to dislike Khazar Jews.  Not all, not all, not all, but
most carry greed in their DNA instead of empathy and insatiable hunger for money
and power. With their Talmud and Protocols of the Elders of Zion they follow
guidelines asking to call gentiles as cattle, demanding to pull them over the table
and lie to them. I see no reason to comment friendly about them, which is made
easier since i do not believe the official stories of WW II, Hitler and the Hc. This
attitude is part of my personal liberty no matter how many organisations name me
with the nonsense word "Antisemite", which was especially designed to silence
folks like myself.

I suppose you get my point. In the hysterical discussion about racism, people tend
to generalize. If villagers meanwhile have a short fuse, because they have been over-
run by strangers with a completely different culture and insult them, they are imme-
diately dubbed as racists without having any comprehension for their situation.
Under certain given circumstances each and every human being will become a racist
, it is a law of nature, so mellow out everyone.

The bottom line is, the terms "Racist" and "Antisemite" are not swearwords.