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Thursday, September 26, 2013

The March Of The Lemmings - Election Wrap-Up

The SPD / Greens and The Left parties have a majority of votes, but Peer Steinbrück (SPD) stands by his word to decline a collaboration with the Left party and forfeites the opportunity to become chancellor - fair enough. So my bets whistled west, however it is a lot worse, that we have to deal for four more years now with Angela Merkel (CDU) and her neoliberal politics meaning happy days for big enterprises, the money glitterati and the markets, whoever they are, and extended lines before soup kitchens. She was mostly elected by women and elderly people, who completely ignored the shortcomings of the last four years and follow her blindly like lemmings, because of her friendly demeanor. We all know, how these critters eventually come to grief. For me it was a certainty, that the AfD would jump over the 5% mark to enter the parliament after strong internet support. The first projection had them at 4.9 % !!! and they ended up at 4.7%. Assumed the elections were not fixed ( i am suspicious by nature and really not shure about it ) a great chance was wasted to steer politics to a in my humble opinion right direction, because they offered a real alternative to those spineless nodders in the parliament. However the good news is, that Bernd Lucke keeps on pushing - his time will certainly come, because the Euros crisis will sooner or later fall on our feet. I dearly hope CDU and SPD voters, who sniffed at the AfD and tried to defame them as right-wingers will get hurt most. This video shows Nigel Farage (foto) having an argy-bargy with Martin Schulz, president of the EU parliament. Farage is the British pendant to Bernd Lucke and meanwhile famous for his speeches as he is as Bernd not mincing matters - something we will never experience from A.Merkel. That bloke Martin Schulz used to be an book dealer, before he became mayor of the provincial town of Würselen, where he ruined the finances with a waterpark. Usually parties send politicians to Brussels to get rid of them and how he made it to the top i don't know, but his staff comprises a head clerk, an assistant head clerk, a number of assistants and advisers, four spokesmen, translators, a speechwriter, a commodity pool operator, a valet and a chauffeur - all in all 38 people. This illustrates, what a money devouring buraeucratic monster the EU in Brussels is and i certainly don't want to be governed by them - period. As i write coalition talks are still underway and i don't care with whom Angela Merkel goes to bed.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

22.09.13 German General Election 2

Here is a question : Assumed you run a business, which one of the German politicians would you hire ? None  ...? Thought so, since the homo politicus nowadays prefers to hang out in talk shows and waste tax payers money instead of doing proper work. However there is a glimmer of hope with the newly founded AfD, headed by the straight talking Bernd Lucke ( foto ). The established parties and survey researchers ( Forsa) try to play them down as having proximity to right wingers and it is really annoying, that in this country one has to be political correct or he gets branded as being right or whatever - a view Udo Ulfkotte shares in his excellent book " Raus aus dem Euro, rein in den Knast ". I consider myself a moderate lefty and adress problems, where i think it is necessary and firmly believe the Euro as well as a unrestricted immigration policy mean flirting with disaster and have to be altered, thus it is advised to vote for the AfD. Bets as follows : - SPD / Grüne und Die Linke to form the next government @ 13 with Bwin ( market meanwhile suspended )***Lost - P€€r Steinbrück to become the next chancellor @ 7 and the AfD to join the parliament @ 3.20, both with Bet3000.***Lost

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Daily Dose Of Poison

Until recently i used dental care products containing flouride. Not any longer since i have learned that it is not a proven caries prophylaxis, but highly toxic causing a plethora of diseases. Once it was added to drinking water, then prohibited. Now we find it in toothpaste or mouthwash, where it contaminates the people - i wouldn't touch that stuff again with a bargepole. And while i gather momentum i want to mention seeds giant Monsanto. I read in a marginalia, that Monsanto has won a lawsuit in France and are now allowed to cultivate their gene manipulated corn MON 810 there. I don't bother mentioning all the different pestizides they engineered into the seeds, but i think it is safe to assume, that the food eventually landing on our plates is not the healthiest. In 2010 a desastrous earthquake hit Haiti. Afterwards the altruistic folks of Monsanto delivered 475 tons of seeds to the battered country. However the Haitians smelled a rat and made short work with the rubbish - 60000 sacks went up in smoke.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Can this be fun ?

For those, who are afraid of missing out the latest trend here he is - Stand up paddling ! Personally i would feel like a shmuck doing it, but then again i don't have a lot of muscles to display and shun a sun tan. What i relish though is to mock about modern times dudes following every nuisance.